Love, Fate and Marraige: 18

next morning…
twinkle gets the same dream…it was a cool morning…she wore a white dress she was running n bumped into someone and the guy was in black trousers he held her in his hands and said i love you…
Twinkle also replied him the same and she stood properly to see his face this time it happenee and she saw him its kunj…

she was delighted…she wakes up when her phone rings…
k:good morning.
t:good morning..kunj..i know it will be you only..
k:i think you are still sleeping
k:you get ready soon i will take you out

t:kunj..but maa..
k:dont worry…i said na from today your life gonna change..
k:now get ready fast..
t:ok ..i will..

As she was about to keep the phone…
t:ha kunj..
k:i love you..
t:hmm…(she smiles).

twinkle wakes up from her bed…she was very happy remembering her dream n about kunjs talk n yesterday night.. is the most beautiful morning in my life n its the best this is all coz of kunj..thanks for giving him to me…

she gets ready to college..n knocks the door as she was locked. Someone opened it ..she comes to hall n see leela there. she had breakfast n was about to leave…
L:twinkle wait..where are you going ??
L:no need your marriage is fixed..
T:but maa..still time is there na..
L:i said go in(shouted in anger)

twinkle cries n runs towards her room…n she locked it..kunj calls her..
k:you ready???
t:ya kunj…but….(sobbing)
k:twinkle why are you crying??
t:maa scolded me not to go out…
k:oh..who told you to come out..

t:kunj you are also supporting her you only told to get ready na…
k:ya but did i tell you to come out..??
t:no but how can i come out..
k:your parents left to office now..right.
t:i dont know..

k:i know come to your balcony..
k:come na.
she comes n see kunj down there
k:come on down

t:what??are you mad??
k:you cant come by door its locked
t:how come u know..?
k:i checked it..your mom told security to not let you out..
t:but kunj i cant jump..

kunj takes a ladder near by…n keeps it on balcony
k:now come down..
k:ab kya problem hai..??
t:i know how to climb up the ladder but i dont know how to climb down…
t:yes kunj..really

he laughs…
t:dont laugh… what to do…??
they try different ways but all in vain
t:now what to do???
k:you jump i will catch you (funnily)

t:kunj be serious
k:k wait you trust me???
t:now does it matter..ofcourse i do..
k:then climb down the ladder…

twinkle goes n gets her bag..she throws it .kunj catches it..she slowly come down by ladder..closing her eyes…

t:kunj I cant
k:come on ya..3 more….thats it…you are almost there…
as she was trembling on the ladder she lost the grip n falls in his arms.
twinle was still closing her eyes..
k:twinke open your eyes…
twinle slowly does ..
t:thankq kunj…

kunj lets her down..they come outside n leaves in his car…
t:you made me jump from my balcony today..i never dared soo
k:what a fate??though we are getting married that to arranged still we have to roam like secret lovers by doing adventures…
t:you didnt do any adventures..i did it..
k:oh..i helped you na
t:ya its only coz of you…k..where are we going? ?

(gorgeous is jackie chans movie, it’s a Chinese but still it’s available in English also.. nice lovestory..)

they reach the theatre…

t:you like jakie chans films..??
k:not all but this one will be nice…dont you like him? ?
t:no..i like him..but didnt see his movies as it will be full of kungfu fights na..
k:ya but its a love story…

they watch the movie together..while coming out it was tooo crowded..twinkle got missed…kunj comes out n notoces that she isn’t with him…here twinkle is also searching for kunj..
kunj was tensed..he again goes inside the theatre..n searches…he was sweating badly due to tension…then twinkle finds kunj and shouts…
kunj sees twinkle n runs towards her…n hugs her…twinkle was confused.
k:are you ok??

t:kunj i am fine..
kunj hugs her tightly…sajna ve plays..
t:kunj lets leave all are looking at us

K: i dont care….
kunj holds her hand protectively And moved out.
In car,
Twinkle gives tissue for kunj seeing him sweating badly
t:are you ok??why are you sweating badly…? ?
k:where did you go?? You know i was tensed…as you…..
t:kunj i am not a kid..

k:but still you aremy responsibility..i cant leave you like that…moreover i care for you
twinkle thinks…
t:(herself)no one cared for me like this before..or even may not be in future..he loves me a lott thankq babaji i am blessed to have him in my life…
she looks at kunj lovingly n as kunj turns towards her. she hugs him.kunj stops the car suddenly..he too hugs her back.

t:no one cared for me like you…
twinkle had tears in eyes
k:you ok??
they compose themselves..he sees her crying
k:no..if i am with you…you shouldnt cry..
t:hmm .

k:promise me that you wont cry again..untill i make you cry..come on..
they smile.
t:i promise kunj..even you know that you wont make me cry…

kunj looks at her eyes…they share an eyelock…sanam re plays in bg…

hope you liked it….
Acc to me love is nothing but emotions….so my ff will be full of emotions
Plz let me know if u don’t like it..

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  1. Marrie

    Finally it’s here
    Just amazing

    1. Roshini125

      Thank you marrie….

  2. SidMin23

    Keep posting fast and your amazing writer

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      Thank you dear… late night u made some time for my ff ??

  3. Amazing & bfully written episode

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      Thank you SS

  4. Thank you soooooooo dear for posting daily???????
    Ur ff is turning amazing day by day ………..

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      Thank you Ria. ..
      You keep on commenting and I will keep on posting….?? kidding

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      Thank you dear

  5. Cheena2001Cp

    Totally loved it Rosh!!!?????
    I didn’t know that Leela and Rt. would be so self centered!!

    1. Roshini125

      Heya… comes CP
      I know u frm the day u joined TU right??
      Happy for ur love and comments….
      I read ur shots also but sorry couldn’t comment….

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  6. Presha

    Loved it

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  7. Ya for u. We can make the site name as daily updates instead of telly updates plss keep going anxposting

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      I am flattered by ur comment Sia…thank you

  8. wow roshini it was superb
    luved it so much
    keep writing
    keep smiling
    post soon

  9. Amazing fantastic fabulous episode
    loved it
    post soon dear

  10. Awesome amazing fantastic episode dear
    loved it
    Post soon dear

  11. Awesome amazing episode dear
    loved it
    Post soon dear

  12. Lovely episode dear…
    Loved it very much
    I am speechless..
    Keep writing..
    And I love emotional episode
    Love u

  13. Ramya

    Awesome one rockstar
    Twinkle first adventure

  14. Ananya_DSK

    Hey!! I really love the way you are developing the plot… The way Twinj are growing closer to each other is so adorable… I’m totally in love with your writing style….

  15. Twinj2000

    Iam not able to log into my acc …so commenting as a guest user
    Well the episode was awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Twinj were ?????
    Loved it ❤️❤️

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