Love, Fate and Marraige: 17

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After that twinkle will come back home where leela will be waiting for her.
T:hi ma…
She heads towards room
L:twinkle wait!!!(angrily)
T:yes ma…what happened??

Leela comes near n slaps twinkle.twinkle eyes were full of tears
T:ma..what happened?(cringly)
L:where were you??
T:ma..i..i..waa college.
L:dont lie when you learnt this..i saw you with kunj outside in car…i have warned you not to go na.
T:ma…actually kunj forced me..
L:stop it now you are blaming him..

Leela drags twinkle to her room and warns her not to come out n locks the door.
Twinkle cries badly…

T:baabaji…what i did??though i didnt do any mistake they will scold me..i dont know what wrong i did…god plz i beg you no other girl should get such worse parents they wont love me..they think me as their symbol of prestige..i am a girl….I too have feelings na..

She cries….n she was unable to console herself…so she called chinki…it was 10pm

C:what happened twinki…i am already on bed.. ..didnt you go to sleep??
T:chinki…vo..vo..(she was sobbing)
C:twinki are you fine….what happened??

Twinkle narrates…chinki feels bad.she thought of going to twinki but it was toooo late…she tries to console her but twinkle felt very bad n was unable to controll her pain. sleep dont worry lets talk about it in college…its quite late so plz sleep n relax..
C:gud nite..
T:hm….gud night.

Chinki immediately calls kunj n tells everything to him..kunj felt very bad for her…

K:chinki you dont worry tomorrow she will be fine…i will take her out.
C:what?..jiju this much happened still you are daring to do so..
K:you sleep i will take care..

Kunj thinks
K:ye kaisa log hai…how can they treat her like this she is soo sweet..n lovely but kunj its all your fault…you did it so you have to rectify it.

He tries to sleep but couldn’t he wakes up n leaves out from his room.

Twinkle was crying in her bad she couldnt sleep…she moves towards her balcony..n stands there…
Kunj comes up climbing her balcony…at the same time..he stood behind her n called her

Twinkle turns..…
She run towards him n hugs him…it was emotional n passionate one..literally first hug of them.twinkle was still crying..kunj carases her hair.

K:you ok twinkle…??
K:i am sorry.
K:coz of me all these happened na..
T:ha…how come you know..??
K:actually vo..vo chinki told me..
K:ya..ok leave it plz excuse me..
T:its ok its not your mistake it is common one for me..
They were still hugging..and talking all these kunj felt bad n understood her condition in her house…

K:just some more days twinkle i will keep you happy forever once you get married to me.
Twinkle was touched by his words.
As kunj breaks hug n cups her face..and eyes her lovingly….
T:kunj can i hug you for some more time??
Kunj nods n hugs her tightly..this time it was sooo romantic n loving hug.
Twinkle felt relaxed n her heart became lite..all her pain was washed away for once.

K:my legs are paining as i am standing from past half an hour like this…
T:oh sorry…sorryy..
K:i dont mind being with you like this whole day but it’s night na…my legs are paining so..can we sit?
Twinkle laughs at his words.
They break d hug.
Twinkle moves towards her room n sits near her bed on floor…kunj comes in and sits next to her on floor he holds her..twinkle hugs him n keeps her head on shoulder…kunj carasess her hair.
The side hug while sitting and silence filled the gap.
He breaks the silence…
K:can i ask you somthing..??
K:i need answer for my question…why you like to be alone…??
Twinkle remains silent.
K:this night i am here to remove your pain tell me.
T:no reason kunj. It’s just circumstances that took place from my childhood they were busy with works n i was always left alone..i didnt get any love from them..n small small happiness all children would i grow up as i am a girl they treated me like their symbol of prestige

She cries while saying this..kunj felt bad n hugs her tight.
T:i dont know how to enjoy…my life so I will be happy with small small things like music my fashion designs, drives n all the above my chinki…she is everything to me..
K:k…. from now on even i am with you..twinkle..treat me as your friend….
T:k…but kunj its late better leave…
K:oh..ya..k bye..

As he was leaving. Twinkle calls him
He turns..twinkle forwards her hand.
(he shoook handswit her)
K: that’s it ???
K:this is for your friend..what for your hubby…??
T:kunj…(she blushed)

Kunj was holding her hand he pulls her towards him n hugs her…
K:twinkle can i tell you something…
T:yes kunj
K:from now on twinkle i am with you…n…… you…
Twinkle was happy to here it.
kunj felt tensed with his sudden confession
T:k you leave now.
Twinkle tries to change the matter making him tensed.
K:dont you wanna say anything
She acts as if she isn’t aware of his tension.
K:i said i love you..
T:i know.
K:then whats your opinion….oh sorry i know you need time sorry sorry but i will wait to hear reply from you.But from tomorrow your life gonna change
Twinkle smiles….kunj leaves…

Precap: secret date…with fun

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    No pool Roshini PlZzzz don’t stop it’s amazing dear ?????????❤❤❤
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  3. It was amazing just loved it n not boring at all… So plz plz do post n don’t stop writing.

  4. Baby

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  5. amazing love it ?
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  15. awesome episode
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  16. Ananya_DSK

    Hey buddy!! This was absolutely amazing…
    How could Leela be so conservative in today’s times? Poor Twinkle…. But Kunj is so wonderfully understanding… Absolutely loved it!

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