Love, Fate and Marraige: 16

Next morning..…at taneja mansion
Kunj arrives and leela was surprised by his sudden visit.
K:namaste aunty…namaste uncle
(That is how we greet in south India☺☺)
Rt:kunj still you are calling us aunty n uncle now you are jamai of this house.
L:ha puttar
K:ho sorry sorry…ma..
R:any work here??

L:come lets have breakfast together n talk.
K:ma…where is twinkle?
L:you sit kunj she will come.

Kunj messages twinkle
k:good morning. …
T:good morning…
k:had your breakfast?
T:not yet….
K:shall we have together
T:i think no i am leaving to college now
k:if i plan it gonna happn…miss taneja…
T:acha lets see… don’t be over confident Mr. Sarna
K:i am just confident…now watch

She comes down and was shockrd to see kunj there..…he smiles seeing her..she comes n sits next to leela.They finish their breakfast .RT was going to office n asked leela to come by noon.

R:kunj you stay n talk to twinkle.
He leaves…
K:ma if you dont mind can i take twinkle outside??
Twinkle was shocked…
L:but puttar…we cant allow you to roam before marriage as it is not out tradition…(over cultured and traditional family dude??)
K:ma its common these days to date before marriage
L:but dont feel bad kunj we cant encourage such things ….

As kunj was about to talk twinkle signed him not to..kunj leaves…
Twinkle comes to room n takes her college bag n leaves.

At college canteen…
C:why looking sad!!though your chinki is with you
T:you know what happened at home..
C:now what??
T:kunj came home n asked to take me out but maa refused
C:oh..i think he felt bad.

T:ya very much.
C:but your hubby is ziddi no1..he will get what he wants for sure…
T:wtha chinki what are you saying?
C:look there…
Chinki points backwards..twinkle turns n sees kunj coming towards them…
T:what is he doing here?
C:wait n watch..mere jiju ka heroism…

Kunj comes…
K:hi girls ..
C:hi jiju…whats the matter… you
K:actually i thought of taking twinkle outside but maa didnt give permission.
C:ya ya i came to know now.
T:plz sit down
K:i am not going to sit but you are coming with me now..
K:ye come lets go outside..
T:but maa…

K:she wont get to know..
T:kunj classes…
C:how many questions yaar…you are talking as if you never bunked the classes. You go and enjoy i will manage…
K:come na twinkle….

Twinkle is still thinking keep on thinking i will leave now…(he starts to move) i am cming…
Chinki n kunj smile. .

Twinj leave the campus in his car

T:where are we going??
K:youu tell…where you wanna go??
T:i have no idea…but is this a way of yourr dating…?
K: oh sorry lets start our journey by doing journey i mean lets go for a long drive..what you say??
K:you love drives…

T:ya whenever i feel stressed i just go on a drive alone…with good music
K:if you dont mind can i ask you something….
T:ya wht not!!! That’s the purpose of our dating na..
K:you love to be alone…why so…?
Twinkle kept silent…she had tears kunj notices it and stops the car..
K:you ok??

As she was about to wipe her tears kunj holds her hand..he cups her face n wipes her tears softly….
Sajna ve plays…
Twinkle looks at kunj lovingly…they have an emotional eyelock…as kunj was approaching her to hug her….they hear horns of other cars behind…they come back into their sense…n twinkle moves away…they felt awkward for a while.Kunj starts the car……After a while they start talking and get to know eachother very well. Infact they started liking eachother.

T:kunj its getting late…. can you drop me back??

They get back to clg…chinki was waiting for them…twinkle steps out of the car and comes near kunjs window.
K:sorry to ask you this again…but you didnt answer me..
T:it will take time i dont want to spoil your mood…next time i will
K:ok i will wait…n sorry for such a bad date.
T:no no thats ok…
K:will you give me one more chance…??

Twinkle acts like thinking….as he was so desperate to know her answer.
T:oh sure…..only if you wont be this bad…
Kunj looks seriously and both laugh out
K:ya i will be the best.
T:better luck next time…
K:k bye..

Kunj waves bye to chinki from far..twinkle goes to chinki….She tells everything to her.
T:for the first time i am feeling like princess coz of kunj…
C:dont will be happy with him.
T:ya now i am trusting him…
C:i know he is perfect for you..
T:ha do you think i need to tell about my past family conditions as he asked why i like to be alone..
C:no one understands wife in this way tell him if he asks once again..
T:k now shall we go…??

They leave…

Sorry for such a boring episode….I am really sorry hope next epi will entertain you….

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