Love, Fate and Marraige: 15

Hi everyone….I know I am too late this time but what to do…sem exams time!!!!
I can’t promise to post regularly but it will be little short episodes plzz adjust frnds …. Happy with ur comments…

Short recap:
Twinkel is hindered of parents love and she finds her love in uv in college, he also proposes her but twinkle thinks a lot to agree even though she loved him but before she could confess his realities will cone out leaving twinkle heartbroken and uv leaves to abroad.
Then comes kunj into twinkles life and before also he followed her as her secret admirer as romeo. Chinki knows it but twinkle us she him till unaware of it. Their parents fix their marraige according to wish of both families.
(Better read the previous parts it will be well potrayed)

Chapter 15:

Leela comes to room and asks chinki to get ready soon and come down as guests were coming…chinki nods…Twinkle gets ready.

Sarna family comes..they are welcomed grandly by taneja families. All formalities were done for them. Kunj wore white suit with black neck tie and shoes…asusual hot!!?
The ceremony starts and kunj was so desperate to see twinkle and there finally she comes in a black netted saree with rose ribbon work on it and with matching accessories.
She was looking hot in black…kunj was mesmerized..for once…it was selected by him only but still he was lost in her.She comes n sits beside him…he gives out his killer smile.
Leela gives a ring to twinkle…she puts it to kunj..usha gives ring to he was putting it to twinkle she told….

U:kunj specially gave an order and brought this ring for his wife…
Everyone laughs..twinkle smiles..
He made her wear the ring…as she saw the ring she was shocked and happy too…(y shock wil be revealed in next )

All claps…couple takes blessings of all…photos were taken..and all left to have food.

Twinj were left alone to have food…they were silent for a longtime..finally kunj breaks it.
K:may i tell you something…
K:you are looking awesome

T:can i ask you one thing?
K:(thinks)if u ask i will give my life to you?,(to her)ya..
T:why you selected this ring??

K:why? don’t you like it??
T:no…no.. i like it a lot infact i loved it..but where did you got the design??
K:actually i got the design from my friend….she is a jewellery designer.
T:she is ria kapoor right??
K:ya…you know her??

Once twinkle met her with leela for some jewelery design at that time she likes it(same ring) n asked for it but unfortunately the design goes missing n twinkle was unable to get it but she liked the design very much..she thought it was her bad luck…..
Fb ends..

K:so are you happy now fr getting it back…
T:ya very much..i am even more happy that I got it from you….
She pauses n rememberd what she told n kunj smiles…
T:i mean…we are getting married soon.. but…i dont knw much about you …soo…
K:soo…shall we date if you dont mind..??
K:still 45 days is left for marriage before that we can know each other

They both smile…

Precap: twinj date….shock….

Thank you for all ur support and love…
Urs lovingly

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