Love is a Far Fetched Dream – Chapter 2

Avni Goes to her Room – { It’s Midnight }

She keep on thinking about that Man .
“ I find something weird about him. There is definitely something not OK with that Man. I don’t know what I am thinking but , uuughhh….!! I should sleep Now..! “
She rolls over from side to side but couldn’t sleep . So she decides to look out in the balcony. She could see a beautiful night sky with twinkling star. She Didn’t wanted to sleep but she had to  , because all her friends would be going out to enjoy the next day of their trip . So she went down into the living room so that she could have some water from the kitchen . The way to the kitchen was through the living room. As She starts Going towards the Living room – she was shell shocked . THE MAN was sitting in the living room having a drink.

That Drink looked almost Frozen from where avni stood. She was shocked to see that how can anybody DRINK something FROZEN…?? So she starts approaching closer to THE MAN , and she suddenly trips over something , her hand strikes a Vase and it falls and Breaks Down. The MAN Drops that Glass Full of drink from his Hands and it Breaks down into Pieces on the Ground . HE was equally Shocked as Avni. The Drink turns into a liquid on the floor and avni is again proved wrong..! He Immediately starts collecting Glass Pieces with NAKED hands without any cover on them , Avni says – “ BE CAREFUL , You’ll hurt yourself “

And THE MAN collects the glass pieces like a PRO 😛 Without a scratch on his hands…! Avni gets surprised ..!! She starts helping him in collecting the pieces and Hurts Her hand…!
It starts Bleeding profusely , She is in excruciating Pain… THE Man Holds her hand and starts sucking Blood and tries to stop bleeding by applying Pressure . Within Seconds the PAIN Is GONE…!!

Avni is too close to THE MAN – She could Feel her Breaths and her Heart Pumping ..!!
“ In her head – Ye kaisi Feeling hai ..? “

THE MAN – “ You Told Me not to hurt Myself…!! Khud ko to sambhaal Loo…!! “ She says these lines to avni giving her a Weird look..! He Keeps on staring at her .
“ What are you doing here at midnight…?? “ Can’t you stay in your Room and sleep ..!!
Avni – “ Who Main Paani Peene Ayi Thi…!! “

THE MAN – “ Hows the pain..? “
Avni – “ (Shocked – in her head – ye ek dum se kaise thik ho gyi { How did it disappear , NO SCAR..!! } ) “ Haan , Ab thik hai..? “
She says – “ What have you done to me…? Where is the Wound ..?”
THE MAN – “ It was a small Cut , so it disappeared..! “
Avni  – “ I’ve seen myself , it was Bleeding “

THE MAN – “ Stop arguing with me ok ….!!”
Avni – Gets scared ..
The MAN “ Now , what do you want..? “
Avni – “ Water..”
THE MAN – pours water into a glass from the jug and Gives it to Avni …
Avni – Coughs and spills all the water….

“ Itna Thandaa Paani… OMG , …!! “
{ It’s Too Cold …! }
The Man – “ He gets nervous ..! “ Hands over the Jug to Avni and Walks away…..
Avni Now Pours water From the SAME JUG into the Glass – and the temperature of water is Normal Now…!!
“ How the hell it could happen …!! Usne bhi to yahi se paani diya tha ..! Ab to thik hai…”
“ oh My god , LAgta hai mera gala kharabb ho chuka hai .. Mai Pagal Ho chuki hun…!! Ye chal kya raha haii..? “

She Drinks water – and Moves Upstairs. Goes to her room and falls asleep.

Avni Wakes Up… And SCREEEAAAMSSS>……..!!!!
She sees THE MAN standing in front of Her..!
He Covers Avni’s mouth by his hands and stops her from screaming.
“ Just Listen to me first , then you can scream as per your wish …! “
“ I’ve been sent by my dad . He sent me to ask you to come downstairs and Meet Him ..!! “
He Removes his hands from her mouth and Tries to calm her down…!!
Avni – “ GET OUT OF MY ROOM….!! “
Without saying anything he goes out of Avni’s Room…!!

Avni “ in her head – Isko to main baad mein dekhti hoon , First let me get ready….! “
She Goes for bath , Changes and Comes down..
She Meets the Landlord – Mr. Harish .
Harish Introduces Avni to his son – Neil – “THE MAN “

Sonam { Avni’s Friend } asks Harish – “ Uncle Hotel – Invincible Kaha Hain..? We want to go there. But we don’t know the way to that Hotel “
Harish – “ No Problem dear , Neil Will Drop you all …! HE Is free Today ..”
Neil – “ No Dad .. “

Harish – In his heavy Voice – “ Neil – They are our Guests…!! Inko chhod ke aao..! Aur koi Argument nahi…! “
Neil – ( Angry ) Goes out , takes his Car and asks Everyone to come inside .
3 Friends sit Behind at the Back seat of the Car.. Only 1 Seat Remains in Front { With Neil }
And that Seat is for One and Only – Avni…!!!
What Happens Next –


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  1. I don’t know bt I have a strong feeling that niel is a vampire. Nd I don’t know why I feel so

    1. Sideep66

      This suspense will be over in the upcoming story . 🙂

  2. Nikitansx

    Oh God. Is Neil a ghost? Im scared, im not reading this anymore

  3. Hey is tis story inspired frm “TWILIGHT SERIES’ Ohhh god I love that, superb keep going..

    1. Sideep66

      Thanku so much dear… 🙂

  4. Yes i was totally love it…it was nice cncpt so u will be write …n i will reads …n plz plz updt sn

    1. Sideep66

      Thanks for appreciating dear 🙂 ill post Next Part soon.

  5. Sideep66

    I’ll update Next Part soon guyz , sorry for delay.. 🙁

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