Love is a Far Fetched Dream – Chapter 1


Avni is too afraid to cross the Road , She shouts and screams as she is caught in the Middle of the Road . Her 3 Friends already Crossed the Road . She is 2 minds – To Go , or Not to Go.
She Closes her eyes , takes a deep Breath , And Runs as fast as she could to the other end of the road. She Finally realises that she has Crossed the Road , Her heart beat reaching 150 per minute…!!

Her Vision Gets Blurred , As she is About to Fall on the Ground – Something Extremely Cold Saves her ..!! You all Might be wondering what it could be..?

She Is perplexed as she was about to fall on the ground , How is she still standing . She feels a gush of wind blows by her and she could witness someone running away with a Black Jacket. That whole incidence shocks her..!! Her Friends try to talk to her and they calm her down. She asks her friends , why had she not fallen on the ground. 3 of them replied that she was about to fall , but someone in black jacket saved her .

She was curious to know about who that person was .!! She further enquired about him  if anybody has seen him ..? They replied that his back was turned towards them so they couldn’t figure out , who he was..!!

She walks towards the Parking where their car was , and she sat in the car quietly . Something was still bothering her . She Could feel something too cold touching her. But she tries not to think too much about it. As her friends drove away , she fell asleep in the car. They were 4 friends including Avni going on a Trip to Lonavla. They had their Lunch in the afternoon , after which they had to cross the road to reach the Parking Lot where their car was parked. It all happened during
that time. They had booked an apartment in Lonavla where they will be staying together for 7 days . Then they had to return to Delhi where all were studying together. They finally reached their destination spot and Avni Woke Up from her dream . She had a sigh of relief when she finally woke , and said
“Thank God that was just a dream “

Every one asked – “ What happened ..?”
She said “Nothing “ She wanted to explain to someone but couldn’t , she held her thoughts back and got out of the Car. Everyone entered the apartment and first thing they did , was – Chosing their Perfect rooms for themselves. Avni chose Her blue colored room , with blue curtains and windows – where she could breathe some fresh air.
She went out into the garden . where she looked at some amazing birds on the trees , One of the old tree’s Branches were right above Avni’s Head . Suddenly
she heard some noise and one of the Branches was about to fall on her head and she SCREEEAMED …..!!!

Someone smashed that Log of wood away from her when it was just about to hit her head ….!! She was Terrified , as she Opened her eyes , she saw that same man in Black leather jacket walking towards their Apartment’s Entry Gate .
“ Excuse Me… “ – Avni called him
He Turned towards Avni …

“ Who are You…? “
He Replied – “ Landlord’s Son “
He was the son of the Landlord , whose Apartment they had taken on rent for 7 days .
“ My Dad will be coming here tomorrow , and I’ll be staying in the Room Above…. “
Avni – “ Did You Save Me…? “
He Replied – “ NO…. “

Avni was so sure that he saved her twice . As he turned his back towards Avni and started walking away –
“ Mujhe aapse haath milana hai …!! “ – { I want to shake hands with you } – Avni Uttered….
He replied “ I Have No Interest …..!!  “

Avni – ( In her head – OMG , What had I Done ..!! Ye to besharmi ki hadd paar kardi Maine ..!! “
He Walks Away towards the apartment and disappears.
Avni – “ Why I wanted to shake hands with , Even I don’t know . How could I say such words to somebody like that..? “


Why did avni wanted to shake hands with him…? – Do Reply in Comments Below.
Need Your Love and Support Guys . Stay tuned to this page for Next part.

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