My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 9

Thnx a lot guys for ur support guys…I am very happy to know that u r liking my story…so without wasting much time here’s the next episode

Recap: dev shouts on sona and she feels bad but later Elena makes her feel good…dev comes to know that raghuwar gave her some work and due to that work she was unable to attend the feels guilty and waits for her outside the cabin but sona ignores him and leaves

The episode starts with sona leaving the office in auto…dev follows her but she leaves…dev becomes upset…he returns to his cabin and thinks about sona
Dev: y did I do this to her…she is so upset… I will apologize to her tomorrow at any cost
Raghuwar comes to dev’s cabin
Raghuwar: dev?? Are u not happy?
Dev: yes papa I am happy
Raghuwar: I am proud of u beta and even sonakshi who too worked hard for this contract…
Dev gives a faint smile
Raghuwar: I think u r feeling tired…do one thing…go home and take rest
Dev nods and leaves
He reaches home and goes to his room and is lost in thoughts
Ishwari notices this…
Varun: maa…did u notice? Bhaiyya was looking sad
Ishwari: yes…don’t know y?
Varun: may be work load?
Ishwari: noo…dev is never bothered about work load…there is some other reason…go and talk to him..
Varun: ok maa…

Varun goes to dev
Varun: hii bhaiyya…how was the day
Dev: gud
Varun: bhaiyya…don’t lie…u look sad…what’s the matter?
Dev explains the whole incident
Varun: soo sad…u did wrong but now you feel sorry right?
Dev: yes I want to apologize to her but she is very angry…she is ignoring me…what to do?
Varun: bhaiyya..its ok…u can apologize tomorrow…but now freshen up and have some food then take rest
Dev: noo varun…I have some work…tomorrow foreign clients will be coming and there’s a meeting too
Varun: ok bhaiyya..take care
Dev smiles

Sona reaches home and does not find Elena..then she calls her
Sona: hey Elena..where r u..u r late today and u didn’t inform me?
Elena: whats the time sona?
Sona: ooops sorry…I came home early…i am feeling lonely Elena…can u come home now
Elena: awww sona…I will be there in half an hour..
Sona cuts the call and starts preparing for the meeting…elena comes home..
Elena: sona?
Sona: yaa…come am in bedroom
Elena: what r u doing? Come…I have ordered pizza..we will have fun today..
Sona finishes her work and both Elena and sona have good time together …
Dev too finishes the presentation and sleeps
Next day..
Dixit house
Dev gets ready for the office and leaves without having breakfast..ishwari feels bad…

Dev reaches the office and asks for sona..but comes to know that sona hasn’t reached
He thinks to wait for her and goes to his cabin..he asks peon to inform her that he is waiting for her in his cabin
Dev gets a call from foreign clients
Client: Dixit communications?
Dev: yes sir
Clients: we r so sorry mr.dixit…we r cancelling our meeting with ur company
Dev: but y sir?
Client: we came to know that ur company has no reputation and working with ur company might ruin our reputation too…we cant take any risk
Dev: but sir..
Client cuts the call
Dev is very angry..he comes to know that some rival company had spread this rumors so that they can get the contract..
Sona reaches the office…peon informs her that dev wants to meet her..
Sona(in her mind) : why does he want to meet me? May be he wants to say sorry…I will teach him lesson now
She goes to dev’s cabin..
Sona: so mr.dixit..why did u call me?..ohh u r sorry now? Right?…what else u can do? How can u be so rude? Learn to respect women first…
Dev: ( in a loud tone) miss bose stop it…I am not at all interested to listen ur u understand?
What do u think of urself huh? Y should I apologise? Leave my cabin,..u can go now
Sona becomes upset and has tears in her eyes…she comes out of the cabin..and finds the staff staring at her…she feels bad…she hears from someone that dev is angry not because of her but because of the clients…she makes a call
Sona: sir I am sonakshi bose from dixit communications…
Client: miss bose…we already informed u that we r not going to work with ur company
Sona: but sir cant u give a single chance to prove that whatever u heard about our company is totally false…just because someone has told that we have no reputation u said no…business doesn’t depend on reputation…it works because of talent..hope u understand
Client: ok miss bose..u have 90 these 90 min u can come and convince that whatever we came to know about ur company is totally false…are u ready?
Sona: yes sir…sure…I am ready..
Client: ok note the address..we will be waiting for u
Sona: I will reach as soon as possible
Sona cuts the call…here dev again feels bad that he insulted sona again…he feels guilty and come out of the cabin to say sorry but finds sona hurriedly leaving the office with her bag…dev thinks that sona left the job..,
Sona reaches the place and meets the clients…she gives the presentation and successfully convinces them that all the things they heard about their company were just rumors..the meeting becomes successful

Client: well done young lady…u r very I assure u that this contract is all urs..
Sona: thanq sir…thnks a lot
Client: ok we have to leave now..gud day miss bose
Sona: bye sir,…gud day
Sona calls raghuwar and explains the whole incident..
Raghuwar: well done sonakshi…u have done really a good job…I thought that we lost that contract..but u r brilliant sonakshi
Sona: sir plzz…I have done my job…
Raghuwar: I am proud of u sonakshi
Sona: thanq sir
She cuts the call
Its lunch time so sona thinks to go home and have lunch and then again reach office to do pending work
She calls Elena who is at home
Sona: Elena..are u at home?
Elena: yes..r u coming?
Sona: yes ..lets have lunch together
Elena: wow sona…u sound very happy,…whats the matter huh?
Sona: I will tell u after coming home
Sona reaches home and tells the whole incident to elenma..they both have lunch together
Sona: oh no its 2 pm..i have to reach office as soon as possible
Elena: office? Again?? When u will reach home?
Sona: I will try to come soon and u study for the exam…ok?
Elena: fine
Sona leaves and reaches the office
She finds the staff congratulating her with flower bouquets…dev too is impressed with her work and gives a flower bouquet but she ignores him
Dev feels bad
Raghuwar: welcome sona…congratulations
Sona: thnq sir
Raghuwar: so there’s a party tomorrow to enjoy this success and u have to come…
Sona: sure sir
Raghuwar: ok u carry on…I have some important work
She too enters her cabin and finds varun there
Varun: ohhoo congratulations madam…great job
Sona: thnq..

Varun: u r happy but someone overthere is feeling guilty for his mistake
Sona: mr.dixit?
Varun: hmm…r u still angry?
Sona: I am not…I don’t care…
Dev hears this and feels bad…
Varun leaves sona’s cabin and finds dev upset
Varun: bhaiyya..dont feel bad
Dev: what should I do? I know I was wrong..but I tried to apologize to her…she is ignoring me
Varun: bhaiyya…girls r very complicated…they don’t accept sorry so easily…u have to do something special
Dev: what? Special? For her?
Varun: ok then forget about it
Dev: ok ok!! What should I do?
Varun tells something in dev’s ears and dev feels happy..
Dev: done
Dev leaves
The episode freezes at dev’s face

Precap: dev apologizes to sona..and forwards his hand to sona for friendship…is this a new start to their love story…stay tuned

How was the epi guys…plz cmnt…

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