My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 8

Hiii guys..thanq for ur support…so here is the next episode for u..

Recap: sona comes to dixit house to prepare for the meeting …sona falls on dev as she gets scared after seeing a lizard…nikki watches all this and tells it to varun and ishwari..

So the episode starts with dev and sona moving to study room
Dev: miss bose now happy?
Sona: yes thnq
Dev: u r soo funny miss bose..
Sona: whats so funny mr.dixit??
Dev: a six feet tall person is standing in front of u and u r not scared of him…but a 6 inch lizard is bothering u…isn’t it funny??
Sona: mr.dixit lets focus on the presentation
Dev: ( in his mind) miss attitude…
They keep working and someone knocks the door…its nikki
Nikki: bhabhi are u busy?
Dev is shocked
Dev: what bhabhi?

Nikki: ( bhaiyya himself don’t know that sona bhabhi is the one who can make him complete) sryy sonakshi dee r u busy?
Dev: yes nikki..we r working together
Nikki: I asked bhabhi..sryy sonakshi dee..y r u answering?
Dev: ok fine
Sona ( smiles) : yes nikki I am busy right now
Nikki: ok fine I will meet u after lunch ok?
Sona: ok but y?
Nikki: actually today am going to my frnd’s place so I thought u will help me to choose my dress
Varun and dev bhaiyya’s choice is bad soo
Sona smiles while dev gives an angry look to nikki
Dev: nikki…stop it now
Nikki: sorry bhaiyya
Dev: its ok
Sona: ok while going I will meet u and help u in selecting ur dress ok?
Nikki: ok..thnq sona dee
Nikki leaves and they continue to work…
They finish the work and its lunch time…sona goes to nikki’s room while dev gets ready for office
Sona knocks the door

Nikki: sona dee..i was just thinking about u…plz help me
Sona: black…black suits u best..
Nikki: oh wow..nice taste dee…thnq so much..
Dev calls sona
Sona: ok bye mr.obodhro is calling me..i have to go..u enjoy
Nikki: mr.obodhro? whats that?
Sona: nothing ok bye
Sona leaves while nikki thinks what is the meaning of obhodro..she takes her phone and searches in internet…she finds the meaning
Nikki: perfect name for bhaiyya..he is very rude at times but he is sweet sona dee calls him mr.rude huh?
Dev touches ishwari’s feet while going and sona says bye to her..both sit in the car
They reach office where Raghuwar meets them
Raghuwar: so r u ready?
Dev: yes sir
Sona: yes sir..are we late?
Raghuwar: no..clients are yet to come…ok dev u go to conference room and check whether everything is perfect or not
Dev: yes sir
Dev leaves

Raghuwar: sonakshi… I want you to prepare the contract file for today’s meeting
Sona: but sir….before meeting??
Raghuwar: I am sure that u and dev have made a good presentation and the contract will be ours…but the problem is tomorrow we have another meeting with foreign clients and that contract is very important for our company…so there is very less time…u have to be prepared for the other meeting too..if u make this contract papers ready today itself before the completion of our meeting…then this will make a good impression and will save time too
Sona: ok sir…I will do it
Raghuwar: very good…dev will give the presentation alone..u carry on with ur work
Sona: sure sir
The clients come and the meeting starts…here dev waits for sona as he doesn’t know that raghuwar has given her another task…she doesn’t come….so dev starts the presentation
The meeting is over and clients are happy and give the contract to them…sona comes with the papers and gives them to raghuwar
Clients: that’s impressive…u r ready with the papers too
Raghuwar: yes, we thought not to waste the time for papers and focus more on the deal
Clients: ok…now we will leave
Clients leave and raghuwar gets a phone a call…he goes to answer the call…meanwhile dev comes out of the conference room and finds sona smiling
Dev: u r smiling here…where were u…u act as if u r very concerned about the work…but u r very careless…talented?……what talent u have…may be bunking the meeting is ur talent….how irresponsible..don’t know y dad trusts u..u r unfit for the job
Sona doesn’t speak a word…she leaves the place with tears
Dev also heads to leave but finds raghuwar there
Raghuwar: well done dev….u have done a great job…not only u sona too
Dev: stop supporting her papa…she did not come to the meeting…she is so careless…she is unfit for the job
Raghuwar: she is not careless…I asked her to be prepared with the contract papers that’s y she did not attend the meeting…she is very focused…she finished the work within 15 minutes..and u call her careless and unfit
Dev realizes his mistake and feels guilty
Dev: sorry papa…i thought she did that purposely
Raghuwar: apologize her…go
Here sona becomes upset…suddenly she gets a phone call..its Elena
Elena: sona?
Sona: hmm
Elena: sona r u okay?
Sona: yes am fine
Elena: don’t lie sona…I know u r upset..u r feeling low right?
Sona tells the whole incident to Elena and cries
Elena: seriously sona…I thought u r very strong..u r effected by some other’s words? Am I speaking to sonakshi bose? Because the sona whom I know is never like this…she never cares for the one who doesn’t understand her..right?
Sona wipes her tears
Sona: yes.. y am I crying I don’t care..i work for mr.raghuwar dixit..he is happy with my why should I bother about other employees
Elena: that’s like my sona…ok take care..and finish the lunch soon
Sona: yeah..bye
Elena: bye
Sona feels gud after speaking to Elena
Here dev comes to sona’s cabin to apologize
Dev knocks the door
Sona doesn’t say anything and comes out of the cabin and heads to raghuwar’s cabin ignoring dev
Dev feels bad
Dev: miss bose is very angry…I had hurt her a lot with my words
Sona enters raghuwar’s cabin
Sona: sir can I go home early and prepare for tomorrow’s meeting?
Raghuwar: ok as u wish..u can go
Sona: thnq sir
Sona leaves..
Dev waits for her outside the cabin but she ignores him and leaves
The episode ends at devakshi’s faces

Precap: dev again shouts at sona..this time sona impresses dev too with her work

So how was the episode guys?? Plz cmnt…

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