My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 7

Hii guys…I am back with another episode…by the way thanx a lot…I am feeling very happy and trying harder to make the episode interesting…hope u will like it

Recap: sona and dev complete the work and are given another task and it is decided that sona will visit Dixit house to complete the presentation…varun tells dev that he loves Elena

Sona reaches home and finds Elena staring her
Sona: what?
Elena: hmmm??
Sona: what ? why r u staring me?
Elena: soo mr.rude has become mr sweet
Sona: what do u mean?
Elena: he dropped u home..not bad…huh?
Sona: stop it was too late so sir asked him to drop me..thats it
Elena: ur boss is very sweet sona..may be he is trying to make u his daughter in law..what do u say?
Sona: are u mad? He is just impressed with my work
Elena: ohh..but
Sona: stop questioning me and come lets have dinner
Suddenly power goes off and sona scolds the electric department officials badly
Elena: stop..lady don
Sona: what did u say?
Elena: lady don..
Sona: u also think that the name lady don suits me?
Elena: I too think so? Who else thinks the same
Sona: mr.obhodro!!!
Elena: oh wow..nick names and all….not bad…huh?
Sona: shut up lets have dinner…

Dixit house
Dev comes home after dropping sona home and he finds every one waiting for him at dining table
Dev: maa, I am very hungry
Ishwari: yaa come beta..we were waiting for u
Varun: haa bhaiyya..come lets start our dinner
Raghuwar: u and sonakshi are doing well at office I think u have sorted all your fights
Dev: (hesitantly) yes papa
Ishwari: beta…how was ur day?
Dev: it was gud maa
Varun: no one asks me??
Ishwari: ohho..varun beta how was ur day??
Dev: noo maa ask him how was his half day? ( naughtily)
Varun: bhaiyya!!!
Ishwari: what’s cooking between the brothers??
Dev: noo maa…nothing …actually he met his close frnd today…very special frnd..right varun??
Varun:yes bhaiyya..but leave that..we will finish our diner first
Dev smiles

After dinner varun and dev spend time in garden
Varun: bhaiyya..what if maa comes to know that I love someone
Dev: what happens? Nothing..she will feel relaxed that she wont have to find a bride for u
Varun: really?
Dev: yes..go and tell everything to maa..and first confess ur feelings to Elena
Varun: how do u know her name?
Dev: I know everything
Varun: noo bhaiyya..tell me
Dev: actually after dinner when I was coming to u..
Fb is shown
Varun: Elena…pretty name and pretty face..i have become mad after falling in love with u…I am smiling without any reason…how to propose u…wait I will practice it now..elena..i love u…nooo..elena will u be my life partner..oh noo
I cant express my feelings..let it be.. I will practice it later
FB ends
Varun: bhaiyyaaa…nooo..y did u hear that’
Dev: u were talking to urself but very loudly
Varun: that’s not fair bhaiyya
Dev: ok am sryy..tell me one thing..really people do such stupid things in love?
Varun: yes bhaiyya…people become mad after falling in love..i hope u will know this soon
Dev: soon?? What do u mean?
Varun: yes bhaiyya..My sixth sense says that u will find ur partner soon
Dev: u r mad..go and sleep..start dreaming about ur love story not mine
Dev leaves..
Varun: that day is not so far when u will be dreaming about ur love bhaiyya
Next day
Sona wakes up and gets ready to reach dixit house as soon as possible..elena too hurries up..they bid bye and leave
Sona: u have to reach on time sona..hurry up
She takes an auto and reaches dixit house…she knocks the door and someone suddenly hugs her and calls her bhabhi…sona is confused
The girl is nikki. Dev’s sister
Nikki: welcome bhabhi
Sona: what bhabhi? I am not ur bhabhi
Nikki: oh common bhabhi …I think u did not recognize me…I am nikki…dev and varun’s sister…and u r dev bhai’s fiancé right?
Sona: noo…I am an employee in ur father’s company…that’s all
Nikki: noo wait let me ask maa…maaa!!!!
Ishwari comes there and finds sona
Ishwari: gud morning sona beta
Sona: namaste auntyji
Nikki: maa she is my bhabhi right?
Ishwari: nikki? She is dev’s collegue in office
Nikkii: but u said that today a special guest is going to who can it be other than bhaiyya’s bride?
Ishwari: stop nikki…if dev hears this he will not leave you…yes sona is special guest but not dev’s bride

U first of all stop watching movies…u always imagine things
Nikki: sorry..every one was so excited for u so I thought u r my sorry
Sona: hmm its ok..
Nikki: so frnds?
Sona: yes friends
Ishwari: sona beta..u had ur breakfast? Come join us
Sona: auntyji I had my breakfast at the way where is mr.dixit
Ishwari: he is in his room..go and meet him
Sona: ok auntyji
Sona heads to dev’s room…she knocks the door…dev says come in as he thinks that it might be varun..sona comes in and finds dev changing shirt..she turns back
Dev: u? what r u doing here?
Sona: we decided to meet @ 10 right?
Dev: oh yes..but y did u come in?
Sona: u urself said to come in..and are u done?
Dev: yes..sorry
Sona: its ok
Dev: but y am I saying sorry its my room
Sona: u called me here to fight?
Dev: ok ok lets start

Dev and sona start working..suddenly dev gets a phone call..he comes out of the room to attend the call…sona finds a lizard on the wall and gets scared..she runs from there and falls on dev who comes in after attending the phone call…both dev and sona fall on the ground…sona closes her eyes in fear and hugs dev tightly…later she opens her eyes and finds herself on stares her..she says sorry..i am scared of lizards…dev silently stares her..she gets up and says sorry again
Dev: its ok miss bose..come lets continue..
Sona: no..we will sit somewhere else
Dev: but y?
Sona: lizard!!!
Dev: ok we will sit in the study room ok?
Sona: ok thnx
They leave dev’s room and go to study room
Nikki watches everything silently..and thinks
Nikki: ohhoo..romantic scenes huh? I know she is my bhabhi..they both look cute with each other..awww
Nikki goes to kitchen and finds even varun there..she tells the whole story to ishwari and varun
Ishwari: r u serious? I knew it..they are made for each other
Varun: soo love story has been started
They all smile and the episode ends

Precap: dev scolds sona and sona becomes upset

How was the episode guys?? Did u like it?? Plz cmnt

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  1. it’s so so sweet

  2. Asmita...

    So many wow scenes….. i read it with a broad smile on my face… ???

    1. Dimple

      so u liked it…am happy

  3. Cute episode dimple

  4. What an episode dimple…!!!!!!!!its mindblowing.seriously u nailed it.eagerly waiting for next.plz post soon…..plz plz

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      yes i will post it soon

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    Nice! 🙂

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    Aww so cute epi : )

  7. So sweet love it

  8. Amazing and cute episode……very very impressed….thnk u

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    Superb…. I have big smile on my face ?…. Post next one soon ??

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    Just brilliant episode……
    So many good scenes…..
    Hope the love story of devakshi keeps moving…..

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      yes of course

  12. Wow.. really nice epi.. I am waiting 4 next..

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  13. Wow I’m reading this fan fiction for the first time and it’s actually really good !!! I loved it ❤️ I’ve read a few fan fictions on this website but they haven’t really been worth praise but wow it looks like you put a lot of thought and effort in this keep it up ???❤️❤️??

    1. Dimple

      anything for devakshi <3

  14. really Very nice cute & sweeeeet epi
    … Waiting for the next part

    1. Dimple

      i am happy that u liked it

  15. Wow too sweet ^_^
    Superb fan fiction, Dimple
    I loved it!!!
    U r just Amazing!!! ^_^

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