My love-A fan Fiction Episode 6

Thnq for the support guys…am happy that u r liking my story…sorry for late update…so here is ther next episode..
Recap: sona and dev are made to work in team and are supposed to finish the work before lunch..elena and varun spend time in café

Dixit communications:
Dev: no no it cant be like dis..u r doing wrong..
Sona: ohh am sry..that was really wrong
Dev: ok so I am done..I finished my task
Sona: excuse me? We finished it together
Dev: u were making mistakes.
Sona: so what? U too did some mistakes
Dev: ok ok come lets submit these papers
Sona: yeah
Sona gets a phone call…its her classmate…she takes the call and talks for 5 min…meanwhile dev leaves her and submits the papers to Raghuwar…
Dev: may I come in sir
Raghuwar: yes come in
Dev: sir..i am done with my work
Sona suddenly knocks
Raghuwar: yes sonakshi come in
Dev: sorry we are done with the work
Sona: better!!
Raghuwar: well done
Dev and Sona: thnq sir
Raghuwar: can have ur lunch now
Dev and sona leave the cabin
Sona: soo u finished that alone?
Dev: noo I said that we finished it together
Sona: don’t try to act oversmart ok?
Dev: very rude? U r talking to dev dixit
Sona: so what? If u respect me I will respect u
Sona leaves for lunch
Dev: Miss attitude..
Just then varun comes there
Dev: varun…where were u since morning?
Varun: actually bhaiyya ..I..I was
Dev: what heppend? Is everything fine?
Varun: Bhaiyya am in love!!!
Dev: what?
Varun: yes bhaiyya
Dev: who is she?
Varun: miss sonakshi’s frnd Elena
Dev: miss.attitude’s frnd??
Varun: miss attitude? Whoz she?
Dev: I mean MISS BOSE’S FRND??
Varun: yes bhaiyya…she is very cute,lovely,pretty,beautiful and and
Dev: ok ok… so u met her today?
Varun: yes bhaiyya I had coffee with her
Dev:just a coffee? It took half day for a coffee?
Varun: no bhaiyya..iu know about delhi’s traffic right?
Dev: ohh ok go to papa him
Varun: yeah ok bhaiyya
Dev: I will be waiting for u..we will have lunch together
Varun: ok bhaiyya
Varun meets raghuwar
Raghuwar: where were you varun?
Varun: papa am sorry sir I was late because..
Raghuwar: ok ok after lunch meet me..i have to discuss something about tomorrows meeting
Varun: ok sir
Varun feels relaxed..he heads to join Dev for lunch and meets sona
Sona: hii Mr.varun dixit
Varun: hey u can call me by my name
Sona: sure?
Varun: yes can I call u sonakshi?
Sona: of course
Varun: so how was ur first day?
Sona: it was good but ur brother always irritates me
Varun: sonakshi he is good but he does not mingle with everybody so easily..thats the problem
Sona: whatever..But I must say u r so sweet than ur brother
Dev hears this and gives angry look..sona leaves
Dev: so u r sweet? And what am i?
Varun: noo bhaiyya..its not like that..u just try to mingle with her..she is very sweet..if u both stop fighting and just try to become frnds then..
Dev: what? Frndship with her?
Varun: yes bhaiyya
Dev: forget it and lets have lunch now
They have lunch together and dev comes to his cabin… remembers something..and suddenly collides with sona who has come to meet dev…he holds her and they share an eyelock
Sona: mr.dixit?
Dev: yes miss.bose?
Sona: plz leave me
Dev: y?
Sona: mr.dixit? wht do u mean by y?
Dev breaks the eyelock and says sorry
Sona: its ok
Dev: u here?
Sona: yes I forgot my purse let me take it
Dev: sure
She leaves..
Dev(in his mind): what was I doing? I was lost in her eyes..noo dev..focus on ur work
Sona: ( in her mind): y was he staring me that way..and why didn’t I scold or shout on him..what r u thinking sona…leave him..focus on ur work
At conference room
Raghuwar: soo we r here to discuss a very important thing..tomorrow some clients will be coming and we have to grab that contract by our presentations..and I think Dev and sonakshi will do it better..what do u say?
Dev: ok sir I am ready
Sona: yes sir
Raghuwar: am ready with that presentation..tomorrow we will meet @ 2 for presentation ok?
Dev Sona: Ok sir
They come out of the conference room
Dev: we will make a rough presentation now
Sona: ok common lets go to my cabin
Both dev and sona discuss about presentation thnat too without fighting for atleast once..its too late..raghuwar finds them discussing and knocks
Dev: sir? U here..
Raghuwar: are u done?
Sona: no sir draft is done but we have lot more to do
Raghuwar: I can understand we have very less time
Dev: hmm..i think u must leave miss.bose
Sona: noo we will finish the work
Raghuwar: no sonakshi dev is right its too late..u do one thing..tomorrow u can meet and discuss about the presentation with dev at home
Sona: at home?
Dev: yes that’s a gud idea..we will directle come to meeting from home
Sona: ok..i will be there at 10 am
Raghuwar: u can drop sonakshi to home
Dev: ok sir
Sona: but?
Dev: lets go
Sona and dev sit in the car
Sona: I would have gone my self
Dev: oh miss.attitude…delhi is not safe for girls at this hour
Sona: iam very one can harm me
Dev: yes..u know what this profession doesn’t suits u..u must try being a lady don..
Sona: haw? What? Lady don? Mr.dixit this is too much
Dev: yes miss.bose u always fight with me so I thought..
Sona: stop the car
Dev: but y
Sona: becoz we reached home
Dev: oh ok miss bose c u tomorrow
Sona: ok
They leave

The episode endsss

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