My love-A fan Fiction Episode 5

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Recap: devakshi to work as a team…varun falls in love with Elena and Elena varun become frnds..

Sona gets ready for office while Elena is still sleeping
Sona: ohh miss kumbhkarn..get up..I am getting late…and u too..r u not going to college…see its 10 already
Elena suddenly wakes up
Elena: what 10?? Oh noo sona I am late…I think I will miss my class today..
Sona: don’t worry attend other classes hurry up..
Elena: ok
Sona: ok bye..breakfast is ready..I am leaving
Elena: gud day sona all the best byeee

Sona leaves and reaches bus stop..but bus is late..

Dixit house:
Dev wakes up and gets ready for office..he comes to have breakfast
Raghuwar: beta r u ready for the first day..
Dev: am nervous dad
Raghuwar: no beta, today no difficult tasks..u just have to team up with Miss Sonakshi and discuss the work
Dev gets shocked
Dev: u just now said that no difficult task and now u r saying I have to work with miss bose..noo dad..she is so rude and she always fights with me…I don’t want to spoil my first day dad..
Raghuwar: don’t see the negatives dev..she is very talented..she is a gem…See in her eyes..u can see the no more excuses..finish ur breakfast and come to the office ok?
Dev(makes faces): ok dad
Ishwari and varun smile while dev leaves after taking blessings from ishwari
Varun: mom my marriage will be done only after bhaiyya’s marriage right?
Ishwari: yes y?
Varun: who made dis rule? I mean bhaiyya doesn’t like any girl then should I wait for him
Ishwari: yes u have to (laughs)
Varun: ma but that’s unfair..what if I love a girl and want to marry her?
Ishwari: seriously do u love any one
Varun: (hesitantly) no maa am just asking
Ishwari: Dev is not like others..he wont accept anything easily..girl or change whatever it may be..but don’t worry he will definitely find a girl who will change his life and make his life colorful..I hope he finds her soon
Varun: (in his mind) u r right ma..a girl can change a boy very life has changed and has become very colorful..
Ishwari: office??
Varun: oh yes maa…bye

Varun too leaves..while going to office he finds Elena near bus stop
Varun: hii
Elena: hii varun
Varun feels happy after hearing his name from her
Varun: u here?
Elena: Yes I was late and the bus is late too…today I will definitely miss my class…actually I have missed it already
Varun: so now?
Elena: Its ok..i will wait for the bus
Varun: noo I will drop u
Elena: noo that’s ok..
Varun: noo we r frnds right?
Elena: yes
Varun: so obey ur frnd’s command
Elena: haha ok sir
They sit in the car
Varun: soo u said u missed ur class…when is ur next class?
Elena:After 30 mins
Varun: so lets have a coffee together?
Elena: hmmm!!! Ok
Varun: perfect..thnq

Here dev reaches the office and waits for sona who is late…finally she comes
Dev: welcome miss bose…so early huh??(sarcastically)
Sona: my bus was late
Dev: stop giving excuses
Sona: oh hello…mr dixit..i am not here to answer u..if sir(dev’s dad ) would have asked me then I was supposed to answer..u r just an employee like me right?
Dev: That’s why I was not ready to work with u..u r very rude..dont know what talent is hidden..i don’t see that?
Sona: how can u see..only talented people can notice that talent…don’t hard..may be u can see it
Sona leaves and goes to meet Raghuwar dixit…here dev stares her angrily
Dev: which spark… what spark…now I have to see that spark
Dev follows her
Sona: gud morning Sir,may I come in?
Raghuwar: yes miss sonakshi come in..have ur seat
Just then dev comes
Dev: may I come in sir?
Raghuwar: yes dev come in…so these are the them and give the report before lunch
While raghuwar is talking dev continuously tries to see that spark in her eyes and stares her while sona observes this and feels uncomfortable..
Raghuwar: ok u can go now..
Sona and dev come out of the cabin…sona angrily stares dev while dev still tries to see that spark
Sona: what is dis mr dixit? Why r u staring me?
Dev: I was searching that spark
Sona: r u mad? U r impossible mr.dixit
Sona leaves
Dev: (in his mind) what impossible?? I will prove that am talented too but y did she shout at me? (cute na?)
A person comes to dev and says that sonakshi mam is calling him
Dev: this is unfair..she is acting as if I work under her

At coffee shop
Elena: so mr office today?
Varun: actually I don’t have much work today..( in his mind) I don’t want to leave u
Elena: did u say something?
Varun: did u hear something?
Elena: no leave that…I must say ur brother MR Dev Dixt is handsome
Varun: (bhaiyya is handsome and me?) yes
Elena: u r handsome too
Varun(yippieee): really?
Elena: yes
Varun: thnq and u r pretty too
Elena: so we have come to praise each other?
Varun: haha noo…so tell me something about u
Elena: what should I say..after my parents..the one who was there with me was sona..shez my best frnd..i share everything with her..but
Varun: but??
Elena: but ur brother always fights with her
Varun: yes but they look cute while fighting
Elena: u too think so?
Varun: yes..they look gud with each other
Elena: wow same pinch( she pinches him hard)
Varun: aahhh!!!
Elena: that hurting u( she gently rubs)
Varun(plz don’t do heart..its just beating so fast…omg whats dis feeling)
Elena: are u okay?? U were in pain and now u r smiling?
Varun: no nothing..
Elena: ok bye I must leave
Varun: ok bye see u
Elena leaves and varun gets a call from office..he finds that he is very late
Dev comes to sona
Sona: so u r going to waste ur time? Or u will be working?
Dev: y r u speaking in this if u r teacher and iam ur student?
Sona: oh plz mr.dixit ..dont waste the time..we have to work together and complete this work as soon as possible..we have less time
Dev: ok ok stop speaking and start working
They work together and have arguments while working
Meanwhile raghuwar sees them
Raghuwar: why do I feel happy when I see them together..this couple is made for each other..
The episode endsss

Precap: sona and dev finish the work successfully but start fighting again…

Sooo guys did u like the episode..i have written such a long episode becoz I was unable to write it yesterday…need ur support guys

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