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Hello guys…thanq so much for being considerate….I know I am late…as u all know that these days there were heavy rains…due to that my exams were postponed…now..i am done with my exams…I have written very well…all this is because of ur warm wishes…coming to the episode…I am happy that u people likes the previous episode…sorry I didn’t reply them…but I read them….keep supporting guys…thnq once again

Recap: devakshi’s date
The episode starts with sona looking at the pendant gifted by dev
Sona: how pretty!!! Thanq mr.obhodro…this gift means a lot to me
Elena comes there
Elena: gift!!! Oh yes,…what was the gift sona??
Sona: it was a wrist watch…dev loves watches a lot…he has a hige collection of watches
Elena: this pendant…wow so beautiful…
Sona: dev gifted this pendant on our first date
Elena: oh…so how was ur first date sona??
Sona: it was just like a dream!!! A perfect one

Elena: did dev like ur new look??
Sona nods in yes
Elena: what did he say?? Did he tell u how beautiful u were looking!!
Sona: no
Elena: no?? What do u mean by no!
Sona: dev never praises me with words…I understand his words through his eyes…through his actions….when he saw me in that dress…he was just staring…his eyes were on me….that look…oh my god…I wished the time stops there…at that moment
Elena: sona u and dev are just made for each other!!! Ur bond is so strong…I am happy for u that u finally found ur prince charming!!!

Saying this elena leaves….sona smiles and looks through the window
Here dev reaches home…he goes to his room…while removing his watch…he thinks about sona!!!
Dev: thanq so much for ur gift
He receives a text message from sona
Sona: stop looking at the watch…its too late…go and sleep now
Dev: how do u know that I was looking at the watch??
Sona: because I am too looking at the pendant gifted by u!!!
Dev and sona smile
Dev: so!!! Now u too take rest…
Sona: bye dev

They fall asleep
Its morning

Sona wakes up early in the morning and gets ready…
Aasha: sona beta…u woke up early?? 
Sona: maa…dev’s parents asked me and elena to come home..
Aasha: oh yes…very good…where is elena?? 
Sona: she is getting ready…
Aasha: ok…ask her to get ready soon
Aasha leaves…sona takes her phone and clicks a picture of hers…she sends it to dev!!!
Dev is asleep…he wakes up with sona’s message…he smiles
Dev: lucky day!!! Since I have seen ur face after waking up!!! Good morning sonakshi!
Sona: so!!! U forgot
Dev: what??

Sona: nothing…bye
Dev smiles…as he knew what sona is talking about!! He gets ready while sona is angry
Sona: he forgot?? How could he??
Elena: what?? What did he forget??
Sona: nothing…come let’s go
Elena and sona leave bose house…they take an auto…elena gets varun’s call
Varun: elena?? Where r u?? I am waiting for u!!
Elena: offo…just wait for 10 minutes…I am coming..
Varun: come soon
Elena: yes!!! Bye

Varun: bye
Elena hangs the call…sona is upset as dev forgot that sona is coming dixit house and dev is least interested
They reach dixit house 
Ishwari comes and welcomes them…they take her blessings…
Ishwari: come…sit here…my daughters are looking very beautiful..
Sona and elena smile
Dev gets ready and hides behind the wall…he sees sona and smiles…
Dev: sona…now let me see how desperate u r to meet me
Sona looks for dev here and there…but cannot find him…he looks at the wall where dev is standing…but dev manages to hide
Sona: y am I feeling as if dev is watching me??
Elena: sona?? R u there???
Sona: hmm yes!!!
Ishwari: beta…how r the arrangements going on??
Elena: very well maa!!!
Ishwari: very good…now only 3 days are left!!!
Sona and elena smile….Varun comes there!!!
Ishwari: varun?? U r going somewhere??
Varun: yes mAa…to factory!
Ishwari: beta…wait for some time!! After selecting the rings u and elena can go together…she will go to her dance  class and u can go to factory
Varun: ok maa!!
Ishwari: hmm sona beta!!! U can come with me

Sona: yes maa
Dev is watching her
Dev: where is maa going?? Hmm I think I must select a good place to hide…
He silently follows them…sona looks everywhere for dev
Sona (in her mind) : where r u dev!!! I think iu r secretly watching me from somewhere!!!
Ishwari: sona!!! What happened??
Sona: umm maa…dev?
Ishwari: haha!!! He is in his room…may be asleep
Sona: (in her mind) kumbhkaran!!! How much time does he need for sleeping!!!
Dev laughs seeing her expressions
Dev: thank god!!! Maa doesn’t know that I am awake…
Ishwari takes her to her room and opens the cupboard…she takes a box from it…she then gives the box to sona

Sona: maa!!
Ishwari: open it 
Sona opens it and finds kangan (bangles) in it
Sona: maa…these are very beautiful
Ishwari: my mother in law gifted me these bangles in my marriage….I have given two of them to elena and now the other two belong to u…
Sona: thanq maa!!! 
She touches ishwari’s feet
Ishwari: beta…u r my daughter…ur place is in my heart,…
Saying this she hugs her
Sona: maa…I am very happy to get a mother like u…I promise u…I will always try to follow all the rituals after marriage and make u a proud mother in law
Ishwari: I know beta!!! 
Dev who is watching them is very happy…as sona loves his mother as he does
Ishwari: Acha now u and elena wait for me…I am just coming ok??
Sona: yes maa
Sona comes downstairs
Sona: how can he sleep peacefully…I will go to his room and wake him up…nooo…I think it’s not good…ufff…I am dying to see him… and he is sleeping…very bad
 Dev listens and smiles…he follows her…she slips and is about to fall when dev holds her…they share an eyelock…sona first smiles but later composes herself and gives an angry look to dev
Sona: don’t talk to me…I don’t want to see ur face
Dev: oh really??? Then y did u say that u r dying to see me??
Sona: u heard everything??

Dev: yes
Sona: and u were sleeping right?? How can u do that?? U were watching me…I know
Dev: I wanted to see whether u r really that desperate to meet me or not…
Sona: so u were testing me??
Dev: and u passed the test!!!
Sona: move away…I need to go

Dev: no!!!
Sona: I said move
Dev: I said no
Sona tries to walk away but dev doesn’t move…she somehow walks away…but the next moment dev pulls her and pins to the wall behind the stair case…
Sona: what is this??
Dev: ur reward for passing in the test
Sona: I don’t need
Dev: u girls are very strange…just a minute ago u wanted to meet me and were looking for me everywhere…but when I am standing in front of u…u want me to go away
Sona: u were sleeping right?? Then go and sleep…let me go now
Dev: are u should I leave
Sona is silent and dev is about to go but sona pulls him holding his collar…
Sona: where r u going??
Dev: so now u don’t want me to go
Sona: no

Dev smiles
Sona: u promised that u will never leave me
Dev: I remember
Sona and dev look each other…
Elena and varun come there
Varun: elena!! I think we must go somewhere else…
Elena: yes…these love birds are very busy
Dev and sona compose themselves and shy…while varun and elena laugh

The episode ends 

Here I end the episode guys…Plz do drop in ur views on the episode…hope u like it

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