My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 40 (part 2)


Hiii guys….i am back….i know u r very eager about devakshi’s first date….so here I post the next part
Recap: dev finally reaches bose house and sona also sees dev’s car
The episode starts with dev reaching bose house…he looks himself in the car’s front mirror and sets his hair
Dev: wow…u r looking handsome dev…now I shouldn’t waste much time…as we r already late
He looks towards the balcony for sona
Dev: I think I must call her..

He takes his phone and is about to call her…but sona herself comes….dev watches her coming and is lost…he just can’t blink his eyes….she comes smiling..
Sona: ( in her mind) look at him….how is he staring!!!! 
She comes towards him and stands while dev is still lost…she snaps her fingers…but he holds her hand
Dev: let me see u!!! Please don’t stop me
Sona: dev!!!
Dev: shh 
Sona smiles but dev is just looking her….she shows him time and even makes wierd faces but he is just staring her…
Sona: common dev!!! I am feeling shy…stop it
Dev: shy?? Of what me??
Sona looks down but dev cups her face 

Dev: just look into my eyes!!!
Sona looks into his eyes and both are lost….dev’s phone rings and he breaks the eyelock…
Dev: who is that now!!!
He picks the call…
Person: sir!!! We have reserved ur table and all arrangements are done
Dev: ok…we will reach soon
He hangs the call….both dev and sona laugh
Sona: shall we go
Dev: yes
Both dev and sona sit in the car…dev while driving smiles and the same is with sona…they look at each other at the same time and again smile
Sona: (in her mind) y am I simply smiling…shying…I don’t know what’s happening with me!!! My heart is just beating rapidly… strange…today is the most loveliest day of my life….i don’t want to lose u…dev…never!!!
Dev: sona?? Is everything ok?

Sona: dev…Plz never leave me….i just want to be with u ever and ever….promise me that u will never leave me!!!
Dev: sona!!!
Sona: plz
Dev stops the car
Dev: ok sweet heart!!! I promise I will never leave u….how can u think in that way….can the body survive without soul….sona u r my soul…we will always be together…dont worry…
Sona holds his hand…she is teary eyed
Dev: heyy….whats this?
Sona: I never thought that someone will become so important in my life that I will prefer to die rather than being away from him
Dev keeps his finger on her lips
Dev: shut up yaar sona…Plz don’t talk about dying….and stop crying
Dev wipes her tears and sona hugs him!!!
Dev: offoo…very emotional….we r going on a date…stop crying….or else people will think that I made u to come with me forcibly…
Sona wipes her tears and smiles
Dev: better….i want this sona!!!

Sona: come let’s go
Dev drives and they reach the restaurant…dev comes out and opens the car door for sona…they go in…sona finds the restaurant deserted 
Sona: what’s this?? We r alone here
Dev: yes…this is our table…how is the decoration??
Sona: beautiful!!!
Dev: nothing when compared with ur beauty!!!
Sona: really??
Dev: yes…
He again adores her…
Sona: dev!!!
Dev: yes

Sona: u booked whole restaurant for today???
Dev: yes…
Sona: y??
Dev: because whenever I come close to u…u always complain that someone will see…so now no problem…no one will see us
Sona: dev!!! 
Dev comes close to sona…
Sona: but still there is someone who can see us
Dev: who is that??
Sona points towards the camera
Dev: oh God these security cameras!!!!

Dev angrily looks and sona laughs!!!
Sona: hmm wait!!! I have something for u
Dev: what??
Sona: close ur eyes first!!
Dev: ok
Dev closes his eyes
Sona: forward ur hand
Dev forwards his hand…she places the gift in his hand
Dev: what’s this??
Sona: see it!!
Dev opens the gift and finds a beautiful watch
Dev: is it for me??
Sona nods in yes
Dev: thanq so much.
Sona: u liked it???

Dev: I love it….thanq
Sona smiles…
Dev: I think now I too have to gift for u
Sona: what???
Dev comes close to her 
Sona: dev!!
Dev: shh‎…close ur eyes!!!
Sona: y??

Dev : I said close ur eyes…
She closes her eyes and dev ‎ comes and stands behind her and makes her wear the pendant…sona opens her eyes…and is surprised
Dev: how is it??
Sona: beautiful!!!
Dev: what we’re u thinking when I came closer to u?? 
He asks naughtily but she pushes him away…the music starts‎…dev forwards his hand!!
Dev: so will u dance with me?
Sona: ofcourse!!

They dance for a while and share some cute moments…u can imagine that scene when dev gifted a saree to sona!!! Their moments when they were alone in the house…
Dev: sona….falling in love with u was the most beautiful thing that had ever happened to me…now I can’t wait…I can’t live without u…being away from u is very difficult…
Sona: dev…just a few days we will be engaged and then we will be married…
Dev: I know…but these few days…they will be like years for me
Sona: don’t worry dev…I am always with u…see ur watch…that will always make u remember me…it will remind u that I am always with u…I always love u
Dev: this is the second best gift of my life after u
Sona smiles…they dance for a while

Sona: let’s have something
Dev: sure sweet heart!!!
They have dinner!!!….after that they leave the restaurant and come out….its raining heavily!!!
Sona: dev!!! How can we go??
Dev: come get into the car…soon
They sit inside the car…due to heavy rains the road is completely blocked…devakshi sit in the car and wait for the rain to stop
Dev: I think rain doesn’t want u to go home
Sona: so that’s y we r on the road

Dev: sona!! Oh no,…I forgot to tell u!!!
Sona: what??
Dev: tomorrow u have to come home!!!
Sona: tomorrow?
Dev: yes…to select ur engagement ring
Sona: hmm office???
Dev: afterwards,!!!
Sona: let’s see…
They wait for an hour and the rain stops….
Sona: I think we must leave…its too late
Dev: ok…
They drive home and sona’s phone rings
Sona: hello baba…we r reaching soon
Bejoy: ask dev to drive safe…the roads are blocked with water…take care beta
Sona: yes baba
She hangs the call

They reach home…
Dev: be on time…I will be waiting for u…
Sona: dev!!! Sometimes u look like a head master of a school who asks his students to be on time…
Dev makes faces…sona laughs
Sona: ok baba sorry…I will reach on time…happy??
Dev: no
Sona: now what??
Dev gives an angry look and turns the other side
Sona comes and hugs him from back
Sona: now happy???
Dev: yes…so happy…
Sona: ok ok now go…Gud nyt

Dev: bye
Sona and dev leave to thei respective homes
The episode ends

So guys…that was the episode…hope u liked it…please drop in ur cmnts
The next episode will be posted after 2 days as I have exams…sorry guys

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