My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 40 (part 1)


Hiii guys…I am happy that u liked the previous episode a lot….so here I am back with the next episode….hope u people will like it…
Recap: elena is on cloud nine after receiving the surprise…Varun and elena share some cute moments…dev and sona plan a date…sona dresses herself in a western outfit for the first time and is waiting to meet dev…the same is with dev
The episode starts with dev continuously looking at his watch…
Dev: no… now I cannot wait…this time is going too slow….
He is about to go when he remembers about the pendant
Dev: oh no…I forgot…where’s that pendant…
He searches it everywhere but cannot find it

Dev: where did I leave that pendant….
He suddenly remembers that he has kept it in the car itself…he runs towards the car‎
Here Sona is also waiting for dev…
Sona: more 15 minutes…very bad…what should I do now…so boring…
She starts opening her gallery in phone and sees the pictures of hers and dev
Sona: mr.obhodro was always handsome even when he was angry…
She smiles seeing the pictures

Meanwhile elena and varun come out of the dance class
Elena: ok children now u can go…it might rain so take care…
The children leave
Varun: so elena happy???
Elena: very happy…I love u
Varun: love u too
Elena: so shall we go now??

Varun: so soon???
Elena: varun….today I spent most of my time with u…thanq for this lovely day‎
Varun: I want u to spend every moment with me
Elena: that is difficult
Varun: y?
Elena: u need to go to the office right??
Varun: if u will ask then I will be forever with u
Elena: really???
Varun: yes
Elena: ok ok now u can go…it might rain
Varun: just now u were telling me to be with u…and again u r sending me away!!!
Elena: stop kidding yaar!!! Goo
Varun: ok ok…let me drop u home
Elena: no…I will take an auto…now no more questions!!! 
Varun: ok ok…take care…bye

Elena taken an auto and reaches home…Varun too reaches home and finds dev searching something
Varun: bhaiyya?? What r u doing here
Dev: I was searching something important
Varun: but what?
Dev: Um actually…I don’t think it is here…may it is in my room
Varun: bhaiyya!!!
They come in
Nikki: maa…see this beautiful pendant
Ishwari: it’s very beautiful…where did u buy this?
Nikki: no maa…I didn’t buy…I found it in bhaiyya’s car!!
Dev: nikki!!! That’s mine
Nikki: bhaiyya…what will u do with that pendant??

Dev: nothing…give it to me
Nikki: Ohh I see…it is for sona bhabhi right???
Dev: maa…tell her to give it to me
Varun: bhaiyya…that means u were searching this pendant??
Ishwari: beta…nikki…give it to him
Nikki: first tell me…is it for sona bhabhi??
Varun: obviously yaar nikki!!! 
Dev: yes…now give it back

Nikki: ok one more last question!! Where r u going now??
Varun: yes…bhaiyya…any special meeting!!?
Dev: yes 
Nikki: bhaiyya…I know u r going on a date with sona bhabhi!!!
Dev: when u already know…then y do u ask
Varun: ofoo huh!!!
Nikki: ok bhaiyya…take it
Dev finally gets that pendant!!! 
Dev: maa I will be back soon…bye
Ishwari: come soon…have fun
Saying this ishwari leaves while varun and nikki still tease dev!!!
Varun: bhaiyya!!!
Nikki: u bought a gift for bhabhi,….how romantic
Dev smiles seeing the pendant‎
Varun: see nikki…bhaiyya is blushing‎

Dev: now stop it let me go
Varun: have a good time bhaiyya
Nikki: take care of urself bhaiyya
Dev leaves and sits in the car…he sees the time
Dev: oh Noo I am late…that too by 15 minutes….
He rushes to sona’s place

Here elena reaches home and starts telling everybody about the surprise…sona listens her less interest as she is waiting for dev…
Sona: (in her mind) where is dev?? He was asking me to be in time and now he himself is late…I will not spare him…
Suddenly the door bell rings….sona thinks that it is dev and rushes towards door…but when she comes out she finds no one
Sona: who’s that??
Aasha: sona!!! Why r u shouting…the children might be playing!! 
Elena: I think sona I waiting for dev…

Sona: hmm!! 
Elena: tell me one thing…u dressed up urself so well!!! Are u going on a date with dev??
Sona nods in yes
Elena: oh wow!!! And what is that??
She points towards the gift
Sona: this one…it is a gift
Elena: gift?? For dev??
Sona: yes
Elena: what is it??
Sona hears the car sound and rushes towards balcony…she finds dev…and becomes happy…she sees herself in the mirror
Sona: wow…u r looking perfect…now see dev…I will just surprise u with my new look
She bids bye to everyone
Elena: but what is the gift??
Sona: I will tell u afterwards…bye
Sona leaves

Here ends the first part….i will post the next part tomorrow…as I have a lot of work to do…until then get ready for devakshi’s date

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