My love-A fan Fiction Episode 4


Thanq guys…so without wasting much time am going to start the episode..
Recap: sona decides to leave the job but she is convinced by Raghuwar Dixit..devakshi’s fight

Sona: what do u think of urself?? U might be handsome dashing but any person without manners is zero for me
Dev: what rubbish?
Sona: I don’t want to talk to u…gud bye
Dev: as if I am dying to talk to u
Sona and dev again move in opposite directions
Elena collides with sona
Elena: ohho sona where were u? I was searching for u like an idiot..
Sona: y what happened?
Suddenly they here an announcement
Raghuwar: may I have ur attention plz ladies and gentlemen..u all know that this party was organized for my son Dev Dixit…I want to make an announcement..My son dev will be working for my company and soon he will become the head of Dixit communication …My younger son Varun dixit has already joined the company….I am very proud of my sons
Every one clap and Elena is shocked to know that varun was son of Raghuwar Dixit
Elena(in her mind): oh noo!! I was very rude…I have to apologize
Elena: sona wait a minute I will be back
Sona: but where r u going?
Elena searches for varun and finally finds him attending some guests
Elena: Hey?
Varun hears her voice and becomes happy..he turns back
Varun: u called me?
Elena: yes actually I am sorry..I was very rude..I thought u were flirting and purposely irritating me
Varun: hey that’s ok!! U were thinking so becoz generally guys do the same with beautiful girls
She smiles
Elena: soo
Varun: soo?
Elena forwards her hand
Elena: friends??
Varun is shocked and happy at the same time
Varun: yes friends..but whats ur name?
Elena: ohh sorry.I did not tell my name? Iam Elena
Varun: nice name..
Elena: thnq
They smile and she leaves..varun is on cloud nine

Here sona is busy talking and gossiping with her new collegues…she senses someone standing beside her in black dress..she thinks that the man might be a waiter and asks for juice..she does not get any she turns and finds Dev standing and staring her angrily
Sona: ohh noo!!not again…
Dev is about to speak but she interrupts
Sona: am sorry mr.dixit…it was my mistake again…I did not see u..i did not do that purposely
Saying this she is about to leave when her dress gets stuck to a table but she thinks that dev did that…she turns angrily and is shocked to see that this time too she misunderstood does not speak a word and leaves silently
Sona: strange..he left without uttering a single word
Here varun happily dances and reminisces Elena and moment when he saw Elena and smiles..
Varun(in his mind): ohh noo…I was smiling unknowingly…Varun..whats wrong with u?..U fell in love..seriously..ur love story started…
Party was over and sona was about to leave when raghuwar call her
Raghuwar: Miss sonakshi…I hope u sorted out the misunderstanding between u and dev?
Sona: sir..
Raghuwar: if not solve it soon..becoz from tomorrow u and dev will be working together
Sona: but sir..he can directly work with u..i mean y as an employee
Raghuwar: he wants to learn the work..
Sona: but sir I don’t think he would like to work with me
Raghuwar: I will ask him..he will never disobet me
Sona: ok u wish..bye sir
Raghuwar: bye..c u tomorrow
Sona and Elena leave

They reach home and Elena tells sona how she became frnd with varun
Sona: yes varun looks quite mannered when compared to mr rude
Elena: Mr. rude huh? Nick names and all..carry on
Sona: shut up Elena..Do u know one thing..Mr.rude will be working as an employee
Elena: but y?
Sona: he wants to learn the work..
Elena: but hez really so cute
Sona: cute and mr.rude?? u r mad Elena
Elena: observe him…and first of all stop quarrelling
Sona: its too late now..lets sleep
Elena: that was expected from u
Here varun thinks about Elena and is unable to sleep…dev gets ready for his first day to office…sona too prays god for her first day..
The episode ends on their faces

Precap: devakshi’s fight

How was the episode guys?? Plzz cmnt

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  11. Too good dimple.nice epi.i am silent reader of ur write so well.keep writing. Excellent job…

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