My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 39


Heyy…thnq for ur precious cmnts yaar…I didn’t have time to reply them…but I have read them…thnq so much….most of u wanted more devakshi scenes…so here I am with my next episode…hope u will like it
Recap: varun is ready with his surprise for elena…elena makes a dish specially for varun…though it was not that tasty but varun makes her happy telling that he loved it as it had the essence of love..devakshi buy gift for each other and hide them to surprise each other

The episode starts
Aasha: so we r done with shopping…right?
Varun: yes
Mala: beta now let’s go home…it might rain heavily
Varun: maa…I want to take elena somewhere…
Aman: sure u can go…but be careful….its going to rain heavily…
Elena comes there…
Varun: come elena let’s go
Elena: where??
Varun: don’t u want to be surprised??
Elena: yes I want to
Mala: elena u can go but come home soon ok?
Elena: bye maa baba
Varun and elena leave…here sona and dev are smiling 
Sona (in her mind) : the time when u confessed ur love was the biggest surprise of my life…though this gift is a small one but my love for u is everlasting…
Dev: (in his mind) I know ur beauty is in ur pure heart…but this gift will just increase ur beauty…hope u will like it
Dev and sona come closer
Dev (in her ears) : will u come with me on a date??
Sona: date??
Dev: 8 in the evening…Plz don’t say no
Sona: suddenly??
Dev: even love happened suddenly..but it was beautiful right…so to make the date beautiful I jave planned it suddenly!!
Sona: let me think first

Dev makes faces‎…sona smiles…dev comes close to her…she gets nervous
Sona: what r u doing?? We r in a public place
Dev: I don’t care
He comes even closer
Sona: maa baba will see…
Dev: I am ur fiance…
Sona: what do u want??
Dev: I want u to come with me 
Sona: ok fine I will come…go away
She pushes him away
Dev: better
Sona: is this a way to convince girl friend??
Dev: I know many ways…should I try them…here…in public place…in front of maa papa!!
Sona: aww…shameless…‎
Dev smiles
Sona: but what should I say to maa and baba??
Dev: I will ask them!!!
Aasha: what will u ask
Sona: Um maa…actually
Bejoy: beta….is everything ok?
sona: dev wants me to
Dev: maa papa I want to take sona to dinner
Aasha: date huh??
Dev and sona shy
Bejoy: haha…u can go
Dev: thanq papa
Bejoy: so now we will leave…
Dev: hmm I will drop u 
Aasha: ok let’s go now…

Everyone leave and they reach bose house…Bejoy aasha mala and aman leave and sona is about to go…dev holds her hand
Dev: where r u going?
Sona: obviously home…
Dev: what’s the time now??
Sona: 4
Dev: after 4 hours I will wait right here…u must be on time
Sona: sure…but I think it might rain
Dev: u r so unromantic!!! Rainy season is the most favourable time for date
Sona: u know very well!!!!
Dev: yes…so u will be on time…is that clear
Sona: yes sir
Dev: ok bye…
Sona: bye
Sona and dev leave to their respective homes
Here varun brings elena to a place by making her eyes closed…
Elena: what is happening here…where r we?
Varun: have patience… u can open ur eyes
She finds a place well decorated and a banner with her name…
Elena: dance school???
Varun: yes…ur dance school
Some children come to her and greet her and address her as ma’am
Varun: these r ur students…u will be teaching them…
Elena is teary eyed….

Elena: u did all this for me??
Varun: ofcourse
Elena: thanq so much varun….i love u
She hugs him tightly and starts crying
Varun: hey??? Stop crying!! It’s ok if u didn’t like this u can tell it to me directly…u don’t need to cry
Elena hits him
Varun: ouch!!! I was kidding elena….i know u always wait for my calls when I am in the office and u feel bored…I thought that by fulfilling ur dream and opening a dance school will keep u busy…now u don’t need to wait for my calls
Elena: what do u mean by I don’t need to wait for ur calls….the time spent in waiting to be with u and to talk with u is the best part of my day…
Varun: ok baba….i am sorry
Elena: thanq very much for making my dream true
Varun: u don’t need to say thanq elena…
Elena: u r such a sweet person…I love u
Varun: I love u too
They notice that the children are smiling by seeing them…they come to senses….elena teaches them dance and varun adores her…
Here Sona is with her family making list of guests for engagement…she gets a call from dev…
Aasha: hmm!!! Dev right??
Sona: hmm maa
Aasha: I was just thinking both of u didn’t talk to each other since 2 hours!!!
Bejoy: yes..i was also thinking the same thing
Sona: maa baba…stop pulling my leg
Bejoy: ok go and speak or else he will get tensed and come here running to see u
Sona laughs and lifts the call
Dev: was the phone in  silent mode?
Sona: no…I was making list of guests…
Dev: hmm!! So are u done with that work?
Sona: yes
Dev: now u have only two hours for getting ready
Sona: yeah I remember…
Dev: good….get ready soon then
Sona: ok…
Dev: bye
Sona: bye

Dev hangs the call
Sona: haha…he called just to remind me about the date…
Sona starts getting ready…she wears a red dress…matching earings….applies eyeliner…lipstick…so on
Dev calls a person
Dev: I need a table for two…
Person: sure sir..
Dev: make good arrangements…we will arrive at 8:30
Person: ok sir
Dev hangs the call…raghuwar comes there
Dev: papa??
Raghuwar: hmm?? Date??
Dev: umm papa..
Raghuwar: it’s ok….how was the shopping!!
Dev: nice papa…maa selected a ring for me
Raghuwar: Ohh good….so did u inform sonakshi about tomorrow
Dev: tomorrow???
Raghuwar: ask sonakshi and elena to come here for selecting their rings
Dev: sure papa
Raghuwar: ok then have a good time…try to know each other well…understanding each other is very important in a relationship…
Dev: yes papa
Raghuwar: come home soon
Raghuwar leaves
Dev starts getting ready…he takes a black suit for himself….he clicks a picture and sends to sona 
Dev (text message) : how is it
Sona: perfect….
Dev smiles 
Dev: what r u wearing??
Sona: u will see
Dev: fine
Sona clicks a picture of herself and thinks to send it
Sona:(in her mind) Noo ….what r u doing sona…u have tried a western outfit for the first time…I think it will be good if dev will see u for real…not in a picture…
Sona texts dev
Sona: ok let me get ready…bye
Dev: bye
Sona smiles and mala comes there
Mala: offo…u r looking very pretty in this red prom dress…this color suits u very well
Sona: thanq aunty…
Mala: I came here to ask about varun’s surprise for elena!!!
Sona: u will know…let elena come…the spark in her eyes will tell u everything
Mala smiles and leaves
Sona: be ready Mr. Dixit….u will be surprised by my new look
Dev gets ready and sees the time
Dev: what the hell?? Half an hour left??? What to do!!
Sona: this time is going very slow…oh time!!! I mean watch…I will gift this watch to dev at the dinner…but for that I need to wait…
Devakshi become restless and wait to see each other…the episode ends…

Precap: devakshi’s date..!!

So guys how was the epi??? I know it was small…but what to do I want to write the next episode with best moments of devakshi….stay tuned!!

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