My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 38


Sorry guys…I was out of station and even my exams were going on…now I have finished all my exams and posting this episode…I hope u people understand….sorryyyy….here is the next episode

Recap: dev and sona have a cute fight over the surprise that varun planned for elena…finally sona comes to know about the surprise through varun…he asks sona to help…sona helps him and everything is ready

The episode starts with varun and sona reaching bose house
Sona: thank god…we r in time…
Varun: u promised bhaiyya that u will be reaching at sharp 2 right?
Sona: yes..
Varun: I think bhaiyya hasn’t reached yet
Meanwhile dev’s car enters from the gate
Sona: my dev is never late
Varun: haha!!! Yes
Dev gets out of the car….sona too comes out and they hug each other
Dev: I was badly missing u
Sona: I know..that is why I reached on time
Dev: are the arrangements done?
Sona is about to say but varun interrupts
Varun: yes bhaiyya…everything is so perfect…sona bhabhi helped me a lot
Dev: really? Very good…and my sona is always perfect
Sona: so when will u surprise her?
Varun: after shopping…I am waiting to see that shock on her face
Varun dev and sona smile and enter into bose house
Aasha: bejoy…see dev and varun are here…
Sona: maa…u forgot something
Aasha: what?
Sona: me!! 
Aasha: hmm!!! Ok sona beta come in

Everyone get in…Varun and dev take blessings and have their seats
Varun looks for elena….dev and sona watch this and smile..
Sona: maa…where is elena….someone is dying to see her
Dev: yes maa…where is she
Varun shies
Mala: she is in the kitchen
Sona: what?? Did I hear that elena is in kitchen??
Aasha: sona!!!
Sona: haha…ok I am sorry
Varun: as far as I know about her…she does not know cooking!!!
Mala: yes she said that she wants to make something special for u…she is trying since morning
Varun: can is see her?
Sona: relax…I will see
Sona goes in and finds elena humming a song while cooking
Sona: so…what’s cooking
Elena: a special dish
Sona: let me taste 
Elena: nooooo….this is only for varun
Sona: chill..relax…I came to tell u that ur varun is waiting for u
Elena: yes I am coming
Sona leaves … here varun is continuously recieving calls from factory

Varun: (to someone in the phone) yes…I will finish it…can u please manage for today…thanq
Aasha: beta…is everything fine
Varun: yes…
Bejoy: u cancelled ur meetings for coming with us right?
aman: I too think so
Varun: no papa…actually I planned a surprise for elena…so for some arrangements I had to take leave..but plz don’t tell her..
Mala: surprise?? What’s that?
Varun: maa it’s a surprise!!!
Aman: ok ok..
Elena comes there
Elena: so?? Let’s start!!!
Aman: what?
Elena: lunch baba
Aasha: yes..
They all sit and have lunch
Dev: who made this food??
Aasha: I made it beta…didn’t u like that
Dev: maa…how do u cook this…I mean it’s very very tasty
Bejoy: yes my wife has magic in her hands
Dev: I wish sona too had that magic
Sona makes an angry face…
Sona: Mr. Obhodro?? How rude
Everyone laughs…they finish lunch
Varun comes out for attending a call..mhe hangs after speaking and turns back…he finds elena standing with a bowl
Varun: elena….
Elena: have this….i made it for u
Varun: specially for me???
Elena: yes…have this soon…wait I will feed u
She feeds him
Varun: wow….delicious!!!….thanq for this special gift
Elena: is it that good??
Varun: ofcourse
Elena: then let me taste
Varun: nooo….u made this for me right??…only for me…then y should I share it with u

Saying this he finishes the bowl….elena is super happy….she hugs varun
Elena: I am happy that u liked it
Varun: I am happy that u made this just for me
Elena: so what about the surprise??
Varun: yes…once we r done with shopping…then u can see ur surprise
Elena: but what is it?
Varun: a surprise!!!
Saying this varun leaves…Mala finds elena smiling
Mala: did varun liked it?
Elena: noo
Mala: then??? What did he say??
Elena: he loved it maa….
Mala is surprised…as she knew that the dish made by her was not that perfect…as it was her first time…she made many mistakes…she goes to varun
Mala: so how was the special dish??
Varun: superb…I loved it
Mala: r u sure???
Varun: maa… I know that was her first attempt…I agree she made some mistakes…but the taste is not important….that essence of love is what matters to me
Mala: god bless u beta….elena is luckiest to have u in her life
Varun: ohho…u became very senti….its ok…now get ready soon maa
Mala: sure
Mala leaves and varun comes to dev to talk something related to office…here dev and sona are deciding something
Dev: I said blue one….i want u to get dresses in my favorite color
Sona: main tho pehle se hi aapke rang mein rang chuki hoon dev (i am already colored in ur color dev!!!)
Dev and sona look at each other…they r lost in each other’s eyes
Varun: ahem ahem…romantic talks huh!!!!
Dev: um sona…u get ready I am waiting for u
Sona: sure

Dev and varun leave…sona gets ready
She wears a blue anarkali and elena also gets dressed in a pink dress…they both walk towards dev and varun…both get mesmerized by their beauties…sona and elena snap the fingers 
Sona and elena: shall we go??
Varun and dev come to senses and say yes
Everyone leave,..they sit in the car and reach shopping mall
Aasha: dev beta…do select a ring for u 
Aman: varun…u too select one
Dev: maa…I want u to select a ring for me!!!
Aasha: me??
Dev: yes u!!! Because my maa always selects things for me…now u r my maa too…so I want u to select a ring for me
Sona is happy that dev gives much importance to her parents too…she stares dev and dev asks what…she simply smiles and nods saying nothing
Varun is still unable to select a ring
Aman: what happened beta??
Varun: papa…each design is so beautiful that I am unable to select any one
Elena: do u need my help??
Varun: yes
Elena comes and observes each ring …finally she selects two rings…
Elena: ok now select any one
Varun: this one
Elena: see u selected ur ring
Varun: thanq so much
Mala: very good choice elena
Varun: yes…
They get busy in buying some other jewellery
Dev comes out for answering a call…after hanging up the call he finds a beautiful pendant…he goes there 
Dev: excuse me??
Sales girl: yes sir
Dev: see…that lady who is wearing a blue anarkali is my fiance..I want to buy this pendant for her…will it look good 
Sales girl: ofcourse sir…it will be the best one…u have a good choice
Dev: I know ( he says seeing sona)
Sona too finds a wrist watch
Sona: wowww….its so good….i think dev will like it….can u plz pack it….
Sales man: sure mam….
She buys that watch for dev
Dev and sona move towards each other hiding their gifts….the episode ends

Precap: surprise….!!!!!!

So guys this was the episode….i know u r all annoyed by my late post…trust me…I was very busy….plz drop in ur cmnts….and also I wanted to know ur views about the love triangle track in the serial kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi

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  1. Manya

    I forgive u as u were busy ?epi was lovely as always ???and I like the track but not also I am confused like I want to see Dev jealous but I don’t want as Sona with someone else i want Dev to convince Sona to come back in his life but I don’t want Sona to ignore him and give importance to that Rithvik this is what I think ??i know u will say I am stupid ??but what to do this is me?the real me ??and what do u think??

    1. Dimple

      I think the new character is going to make the episode interesting…as we have never dev being jealous :p

  2. Sumi1998

    Wow u r back again
    We understand dear so no worries…….
    As usual it’s nice but less devakshi scenes
    By the way I’m the same Sumaiya Sumi

    1. Dimple

      Thnq…next episode will have cute moments of devakshi…I promise

  3. Lovely episode we missed u and ur ff a lot……..

    1. Dimple

      Thanq so much….i too missed u people

  4. Varsha94

    Cute scenes..loved them.. Actually I was like why weren’t u posting for soo u hav a valid reason soo v can forgive u… Lovely update..?..keep updating…i want to know their expression on seeing each others Surprise..???

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much….u will see it in the coming episode

  5. cute moments..lovely episode

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much

  6. it’s so nice to see you back again and no worries for late posts…and it’s good but less devakshi scenes but gifts at last and surprise precap…so ok…and about show….love triangle idea is good so that dev realise his mistakes and know sona importance and he thinks abt her family also as he always tell of his mom and forgot that she too has a family…and ritvik…happy he a good guy but that makes him hard to break by bose family as dev need to do so much grt to get back her love…and so sad about ritvik sona engagement and marriage fixed news….also heard news that she tell to dev that she loves ritvik….so sad..heart breaking even then breakup..

    1. Dimple

      Thanq so much…and well said…now dev needs to work hard to get his sona back

  7. was awwssm dear not at all angry wid u dear….
    post nxt asap bcz cant wait for surpises

    1. Dimple

      Thanq…I have posted the next episode…it will be published soon

    2. Dimple

      Thanq so much…I have posted the next episode

  8. Aaru

    Superb episode..too cute

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much

  9. Superb and waiting for ur surprise

    1. Dimple

      Haha thnq

  10. Simplesweety1

    Loved It! The Last Gift Wala Scene Was Awesome!

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much yaar

  11. Bhoomi

    Superb yaar…. Very Sweet…?
    Waiting for Surprise?…..
    Its ok…. no need to say sry??

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much

  12. Ur ff is going perfect. Plz post ASAP ?.

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