My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 37


Hii guys…thanq so much for forgiving me…love u all….so as I promised…here I post the next episode
Recap: sona and dev cute surprises…varun’s plan to surprise elena
The episode starts with dev and sona entering the office….raghuwar comes there
Dev and sona together: good morning sir
Raghuwar: gud morning…no problem u can call me papa
Dev: ok papa
Raghuwar: so finish ur work soon…so that u can leave by lunch time
Dev: yes papa
Raghuwar: sona…u too finish ur work soon
Sona: ok sir…sorry papa

Raghuwar: so now go ahead…good day
Raghuwar leaves
Dev: sonakshi…varun has planned something for Elena
Sona: planned what??
Dev: a surprise
Sona: dev…what’s the surprise??
Dev: that’s a surprise sona…how can I reveal about it??
Sona: fine.,…don’t reveal…I am leaving
Dev: keep guessing
Dev smiles as sona leaves
Dev: sona…u look so cute when u r angry
Sona turns back as if she heard something
Sona: what did u say??
Dev: nothing

Sona: ok
Dev: ok
Sona turns her face and leaves while dev smiles
Sona: fine…I will somehow try to know what the surprise is!!!
Dev and sona are busy in their work
Dixit house
Ishwari: varun….u r too late
Varun: maa…I am in a meeting now….i will work from home today
Ishwari: ok finish it soon
Varun: ok maa

Varun finishes his conference and goes to ishwari
Varun: I am done with my meeting….now I have an important work
Ishwari: u said that u will be working from home?
Varun: yes maa…I finished office work…now I am going out for some other work
Ishwari: where?
Varun tells ishwari that he is going to help Elena in starting a dance school
Ishwari: very good idea beta….elena will be happy
Varun: really maa??
Ishwari: yes y not….u have become responsible now…good
Varun: thnq maa….now let me go bye
Ishwari: don’t forget u have to reach bose house at lunch time
Varun: ok maa
Varun leaves…here Elena is guessing about the surprise
Mala is busy speaking on phone

Mala: yes….i need perfect decoration…do one thing …give ur office address,…I will note it down….elena give me a pen
Elena is lost somewhere…mala calls her several times but she doesn’t respond
Mala: oh god…this girl never helps me
Aasha: mala…any problem
Mala: this Elena is always in thoughts…I asked her a pen but she is not even listening my words
Aasha: let it be…I will give u
Mala: let it be…he said that he will text the address
Aasha: Elena…elena beta!!!
Aasha shakes Elena…Elena comes to senses

Mala: madam…where r u?
Elena: maa….what happened
Mala: oh my god…Elena…what were u thinking about??
Elena: maa…varun said that he will surprise me today…I was just thinking what could it be
Mala: let him surprise u…and please spend some time on house hold work from ur busy schedule
Aasha: mala….stop it…Elena beta….come we will make some sweets in the kitchen…will u help me??
Elena: sure aunty
Elena leaves and mala hits her hear

Mala: this girl is impossible
Here varun goes to a person
Person: sir this place is perfect for dance tutorial
Varun: are u sure??
Person: yes sir 100% sure
Varun: ok make this place clean…I need everything perfect…that too in time…do u get that??
Person: yes sir…payment??
Varun: once everything is done I will pay the advance!!!
Person: ok sir
The person leaves
Varun: the place is fixed now….there are many things more to do….decorations and all….how can I do all these in such less time….i think I need someone’s help….yes sona bhabhi will be perfect
Varun calls sona
Varun: hello bhabhi…are u busy??
Sona: no devarji!! Tell me what can I do for u??
Varun: actually bhabhi I need ur help
Sona: for that surprise right?

Varun: bhaiyya told u right?
Sona: your bhaiyya said nothing…he just said that it’s a surprise for Elena…that’s it
Varun: relax bhabhi…I will tell u
Sona: fine tell me…whats the surprise??

Varun: Elena said that she is very much interested in starting a dance school….so I thought to help her in it…that’s it
Sona: help like what??
Varun: help by gifting her a place where she can start a dance tutorial
Sona: wow devarji….impressive…so how can I help u?
Varun: bhabhi now only the place is ready…decorations for inauguration is pending
Sona: ok text me the address…I will reach there and help u
Varun: thanq so much bhabhi…u r the best
Sona: thanq

Varun hangs the call
Sona: yes…finally I got to know about the surprise….though dev didn’t reveal about it…but varun…he is always in my favor…I think I need to leave now
Sona goes to dev’s cabin
Sona: may I come in dixit??
Dev looks at sona…keeps his files aside and smiles
Dev: yes mrs.sonakshi dev dixit

Sona shows fake anger
Sona: hmm!!! Do u know one thing.,…boy friends don’t hide anything from girl friends
Dev: what did I hide??
Sona: leave about that….i came here to tell u that I am leaving now
Dev: y?? where r u going???

Sona: varun needs my help
Dev: that means now u know about the surprise!!
Sona: yes….he never hides anything from me
Dev: it was a surprise sona…that’s y I didn’t tell anything about it
Sona: relax dev…I was just kidding….i know u never hide anything from me
Dev: hmm!!! A good girl friend never leaves boy friend alone…don’t u know that
Sona comes close to dev and says in his ears
Sona: I am leaving for a while and u have to meet me at sharp 2 o clock…do u get that dixit
Sona goes away and dev smiles…now dev comes close to sona
Sona: what???
Dev: nothing…y r taking a step back…
Sona: dev…let me go
Dev pins her to the wall and says in her ears
Dev: I will miss u…sonakshi
Sona pushes him away…Dev smiles

Sona: u scared me dev!!! Ok bye…I will miss u too
Dev: let me drop u
Sona: dev…finish ur work first….i will manage
Dev: no I will ask driver to drop u
Sona: ok
Dev calls the driver and sona leaves

Dev continues to work while sona reaches the place where she finds varun scolding the workers
Varun: do it properly…and see this color is not that good….change it soon…we have no time
Sona: varun…relax…y r u being so rude to them?
Varun: bhabhi….see…everyone is working with turtle speed….how will we finish the decoration in such less time?
Sona: I am here….dont worry
Varun: yes bhabhi!!!
Sona gets to work…she orders soma light colors that too favorite ones of Elena and decorates the place well….varun looks for other arrangements
Finally they finish the work in time
Sona: varun….how is it??

Varun: awesome bhabhi!!! Thanq so much
Sona: see the time is still 1:30
Varun: yes bhabhi…thanq for helping me….if u were not there then I would have never finished it
Sona: now stop thanking me
Varun: ok bhabhi…I think we need to leave now…it will take 20 min to reach bose house
Sona: ok first inform mala aunty and aman uncle too
Varun: I already informed them and aasha aunty and bejoy uncle too
Sona: so everything is ready now
Varun: yes
Sona: so lets go
Sona is about to go but her phone rings…its dev
Dev: sona…I will reach home at sharp 2…don’t forget about ur promise….u said that u will meet at 2
Sona: don’t worry…I will reach home soon
Dev: ok bye…

Dev hangs the call
Sona and varun leave the place and sit in the car
Varun: bhabhi…I hope elena will like the surprise
Sona: yes….definitely…its such a perfect gift for her
Varun: hmm!!!
The episode ends

Precap: Elena is surprised…shopping time and fun moments!!!

So how was the epi guys??? I kept my word…so make my work meaningful by dropping ur cmnts!!!!

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