My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 36


Hiii guys…again sorry…there was no internet connection these days so I was unable to post the episode….i promise no delays further….i will post the episode regularly….i know many of u wait for my epis…this time no waitings….i will be posting the episodes regularly…and this episode will be smaller one because I want to post it as soon as possible…please forgive me for this and tomorrow definitely I will post the longer one….hope u forgave me??….so let us start the epi

Recap: dev and sona meet each other after a long wait….ishwari is happy that dev and sona are made for each other…so are sona’s parents…aasha asks dev and varun to come along with them to buy engagement ring…sona and dev talk to each other on phone and fall asleep

The episode starts with sona sleeping peacefully….elena comes and wakes her up
Elena: sona…wake up…otherwise u will be late for office
Sona: offo…elena….what’s the time
Elena: 9
Sona wakes up with a jerk
Sona: Oh god….i am late….cant u wake me up early in the morning
Elena: Seriously sona?? U…that too waking up early….these things have no connection together
Sona: stop making fun of me….
Elena leaves and sona checks her phone…she finds dev’s message
Dev: happy morning…hope ur phone is with u mrs.dixit!!!
Sona texts back
Sona: not bad….Mrs.dixit huh??
Dev reads the message and smiles
Dev: yes madam…very soon we will be getting married…anyways now get ready soon…I want to see u in the office at 10…do u get that??
Sona: so rude…mr.obhodro!!!
Dev: here I am making u mrs.dixit and u are still addressing me as obhodro…that’s not fair…actually I want to see u talk to u…and I cant wait for the moment when we r together…
Sona: ok don’t worry…mrs.dixit will soon reach the office…bye mr.dixit
Dev smiles
Here Ishwari is performing morning puja…she prays the god
Ishwari: oh god…I am very happy that everything is going good…dev and varun are getting married soon….i wish everything will be perfect in their lives…
Dev comes there

Dev: maa…what were u praying??
Ishwari: I was asking god to make my sons’ lives perfect
Dev: what did he say?
Ishwari: stop making fun of me….
Dev: haha!!! Ok maa sorry
Ishwari: you woke up early??
Dev: just like that…maa….i forgot to tell u one thing…sona’s parents want me and varun to come along with them so that we can buy engagement rings
Ishwari: ohh yes….only 5 more days left for engagement…when r u going?
Dev: I didn’t inform varun…we will decide it later
Ishwari: what do u mean by later…do it now….well varun is in his room….go and ask him
Dev: ok maa…don’t worry…I am going
Dev goes to varun’s room and ishwari goes to raghuwar
Ishwari: sona’s family are going to buy engagement rings….i think we must also buy…very few days r left
Raghuwar: yes…we will do it tomorrow….i will ask thakur ji (gold smith) to bring good designs of rings for both Elena and sona
Ishwari: ok…then I will ask sona and Elena to come home tomorrow
Raghuwar: ok…now arrange breakfast…I need to go soon
Ishwari: y so soon??
Raghuwar: yes…I have to finish the work…again due to engagement the work will be stopped
Ishwari: ok

In varun’s room
Dev: when will u be free today?
Varun: umm…after lunch bhaiyya
Dev: perfect…I will also finish my work soon and then we will go to bose house
Varun: for engagement rings right?
Dev: yes…Elena told u right??
Varun: yes bhaiyya
Dev: ok…so what were u doing?
Varun: actually I wanted to spend time with Elena….but i am unable to meet her…she is feeling bored at home
Dev: u said that she wanted to start a dance school right?
Varun: yes bhaiyya
Dev: so y don’t u help her to start dance school?? She will be busy with that…and don’t feel bore too
Varun: good idea bhaiyya….i will ask her if is she interested or not
Dev: hmm ok…u talk to her…it will be a nice gift to her
Varun: love u bhaiyya
Dev leaves and varun calls Elena
Varun: hey Elena…I have a surprise for u
Elena: wow!! Surprise….i love surprises
Varun: guess what!!!
Elena: what??
Varun: Elena….i said guess
Elena: so u will be meeting me today
Varun: is that really a surprise to u??
Elena: yes of course…meeting u is the biggest gift
Varun: (smiles) but madam…I have something which u never expected
Elena: u have another girlfriend??
Varun: stop it yaar…it is related to u
Elena: varun!!!! Tell me what is it!!!
Varun: I said that it is a surprise…so u have to guess until I meet u
Elena: when will u meet me?
Varun: we r coming to bose house at lunch time…then I will be meeting u
Elena: but until then how should I wait…its impossible
Varun: u have to wait…bye sweet heart
Varun hangs the call and Elena keeps thinking
Sona gets ready and checks the time
Sona: oh noooo….now I have to wait for auto and will be late for the office
Aasha: sona…chew food…y r u in such a hurry…its ok sometimes u can be late
Sona: no ma…I promised dev
Aasha: oh so u r in a hurry to meet dev not for office
Sona: maa…
Dev calls sona

Dev: sona…inform at ur house that I and varun will be coming at lunch time
Sona: ok
Dev: I am waiting sona…come soon
Sona: I will try…I may be late
Dev hangs the call
Sona: how rude…
Aasha: what happened?
Sona: maa…mr.obhodro was saying that he will reach home at lunch
Aasha: sona…he is dev not obhodro…stop calling him that
Sona: ok ok maaa…now let me go…I am already late
Aasha: bye
Sona bids bye and comes out hurriedly…she finds a car waiting at the gate
Sona: who is that fellow?? How can someone park a car here?? Bad manners
She tries to see who the driver is….but before she could say something dev comes out of the car…grabs her hand and makes her sit in the car….sona is hell shocked
Dev: I know u r shocked…but what to do…I was dying to meet u
Sona doesn’t speak a word
Dev: oh hello!!!
Sona: dev…what was it?? Where is ur car??
Dev: actually it is varun’s car…he wanted mine so we exchanged
Sona: y were u waiting…I mean u can meet me at home too
Dev: no….i wanted to see this shocked face
Sona: hmm!!! U r impossible dev
Dev: thanq…and now please smile…I did these efforts just to see ur smiling face
Sona smiles
Dev: that’s like my sona
Sona: I cant believe this…I mean u r the same obhodro type person…now u have become so romantic
Dev: ur love has changed me sona…I always want to be the same…I mean the same romantic person…but only when I am with u
Sona: don’t u dare be romantic with any other person
Dev: ohh possessive!!!
Sona: yes
They smile and reach the office

Precap: varun surprises Elena…..devakshi moments!!!!

Sorry guys…..plz forgive me….i promise next one will be longer

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