My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 34

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Recap: dev and sona work in the office the whole day….sona finishes her work soon and thinks to spend time with dev…but aasha calls her home and sona leaves without informing dev as he was busy

The episode starts with sona missing dev…she stands near the window…Elena comes there
Elena: sona?? What happened??
Sona: nothing….i came home without informing dev…he might worry about me
Elena: nobody knows that u left??
Sona: I informed our office boy and asked him to inform dev too
Elena: it’s ok…whenever dev becomes free…u call him
Sona: hmm!!!
Elena: now smile sona….i can’t see u in this mood!!!
Sona smiles
Elena: good…that’s what suits u

Here dev finishes his meeting and goes to sona’s cabin…but does not find her
Dev: where is sonakshi?? Did she leave??…how can she go without informing me?? Very bad
Dev angrily slams the door of her cabin…seeing this the peon comes to him
Peon: sir….sonakshi ma’am…
Dev: where is she??
Peon: sir…she left…she told me to inform u
Dev: but y did she leave without informing me?
Peon: sir…ma’am said that she has an important work so she had to leave…u were busy in that meeting so she left and told me to inform u…she even asked u to call her when u finish the meeting
Dev: ok ok…I will call her…u can go
Peon leaves and dev gets a call from raghuwar
Raghuwar: hello dev?
Dev: yes papa…
Raghuwar: how was the meeting beta….did u manage??
Dev: yes papa…don’t worry….they promised that the contract will be ours
Raghuwar: well done….so r u coming home??
Dev: papa…
Raghuwar: actually ishwari wants u to come soon as she wants u to select a sherwani for ur engagement
Dev: now??
Ishwari snatches phone
Ishwari: yes now!!! Any problem??
Dev: no maa….i will be reaching home soon…don’t worry
Ishwari: very good!!!
Dev cuts the call
Dev: sonakshi…I am sorry…I can’t meet u right now
Dev reaches home…he forgets his mobile in the car…he goes inside leaving that mobile
Bose house

Here sona is waiting for dev’s call
Sona: dev might have done with his meeting now…its too late…I think I must call him and say sorry
She calls dev but no one picks the call as it is inside the car
Sona: y is he not picking my call….is he still busy in meeting??
She calls to office
Peon: hello?
Sona: hello….this is sonakshi!!!
Peon: yes ma’am
Sona: is mr.dixit still busy in meeting?
Peon: no ma’am…he left 30 minutes ago
Sona: what??
Peon: yes ma’am…I told him about u
Sona: what did he say?
Peon: nothing
Sona: ok…

She cuts the call
Sona: dev left the office and didn’t even tell me…strange…he is not answering my call too
Bejoy comes to sona
Bejoy: sona beta…r u busy?
Sona: no baba…tell me
Bejoy: beta…u will be soon going to ur in laws place…I just wanted to spend time with u
Sona: baba…u don’t need to ask permission
Bejoy: u have grown up sona….u understand ur responsibilities…but when u were very small….when u were admitted in the school…u cried a lot as u didn’t wanted to be away from us….then later u got used of it…whenever u used to return after the school…at that time ur face always glowed with happiness
Sona: yes…because I used to wait whole day just to reach home and play with u
Bejoy: yes…as the days passed u finished ur schooling and then decided to pursue higher studies…u decided to move to delhi….i was never against of ur decision but at the same time I didn’t wanted to be away from u….when u and elena both left kolkota and moved to delhi I was very sad….i missed u a lot…then aasha and I moved to delhi just to be with u
Sona: yes baba…I too missed u a lot
Bejoy: now in a few days u will again be away from me
Sona: baba…
Bejoy: I will miss u a lot beta
Sona: I will miss u too
Bejoy: always keep smiling beta
Sona: yes baba…and stop being emotional….i know u r crying
Bejoy wipes his tears and sona hugs him..she too cries
Sona: baba…plz baba…stop crying…I will never leave u
Aasha comes there
Aasha: so dev babu will leave his house and become a ghar jamai??
Sona: maa…
Aasha: bejoy…don’t worry…sona will always be happy with dev
Sona: yes baba
Bejoy: but I will miss u beta
Sona: its ok baba…we will have a video call whenever we miss each other
Aasha: yes…that’s a good idea
Bejoy smiles and they have a family hug
Dixit house

Dev freshens up and joins the family members to select a sherwani
Varun: bhaiyya…tell me which color will look good??
Dev: any color!!!
Varun: bhaiyya…
Ishwari: I think this cream one will be good
Raghuwar: yes….it will look good
Varun: is it so?
He sends the sherwani picture to elena
Varun texts elena
Varun: how is it??
Elena: perfect…just made for u
Varun: thanq
Varun to ishwari: maa….its final….i will wear this cream one
Dev: I think some special person had approved it
Ishwari: yes…I think elena liked it…right varun??
Varun: maa…
Dev: ok now let me select one
Dev suddenly remembers about his phone…he searches…but doesn’t find it
Dev: where is my phone?
Ishwari: it might be in ur room
Dev: I think I have to search for it
Dev rushes to his room and searches it but doesn’t find
Dev: I think I left the phone at office…no I spoke with papa….then….oh no….my phone is in my car
Dev hurriedly comes to drawing room
Ishwari: did u find it?
Dev: may be it is in my car
Ishwari: come soon and select ur sherwani

Dev gets his phone and checks it
Dev: oh no….many missed calls from sonakshi!!!
Dev calls her but sona doesn’t pick the call as she is spending time with family
Dev: y is she not answering my call???
Dev returns to drawing room…he becomes sad
Varun: bhaiyya…select it soon
Dev: maa…select any one for me
Ishwari: will u too ask sona for approval?
Dev: maa…i know whatever u select for me will just be so perfect…I will never require any approval
Ishwari becomes happy
She selects a cream and red sherwani….dev goes to his room
Here sona is spending good time with family…she just forgets that her phone is in silent mode
Dev calls her many times
Dev: sonakshi….pick up the phoneeee
Dev becomes restless….
He decides to meet sona and talk to her at any cost…as he misses her badly
Here sona is happy to spend some time with family and dev is restless
The episode ends

Precap: devakshi moments….

So how was the episode…yes it is short one…plz cmnt!!!

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  1. Manya

    Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!they both were too eager to meet each other

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    Awesome… Restless lovers.. But too good yaar.. I mean its different.. Lets c how they make up for eachothrr..???????.. Update the next one soon..

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    Awesome one dear..mmuuaahh..

  4. awwwww it was sooo nice … sad for devakshi’s coz they didn’t met ….

  5. Super ???????

  6. Really sweet. U show the beautiful bonding of a bride’s family very nicely. N DevAkshi eager to meet each other. Waiting for the next

  7. Vinya

    Awwwwww…… Soooooo shweeet….. Devakshi moments have always been my fav……Nice episode……

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  16. I love it….
    But , update it soon

  17. Lavern Antronica

    I can relate to loving fiction that deals with true stories and historical details! I too cannot get into fantasy or Jane Austen, at all. That is super sad, Kim!! I know you can listen right here on this page. I ve directed some of my non-podcast friends here to take a listen. Hope it works!

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