My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 33


Hello….this is Akanksha aka dimple back with next episode…thanq so much for ur valuable comments…keep supporting…lets start the episode
Recap: sona and dev suffer from cold and they get well by talking to each other….they go to temple to decide the date for engagement….they fix next Monday for engagement….sona and dev decide to reach office soon
Dev: if the pooja is done then tell me…sona and I need to go to office
Raghuwar: very good…so focused….finish the work soon…so that u can spend some time together
Varun: papa….they will be together in the office…so of course they will be spending time together right bhaiyya??
Varun smiles…and dev gives an angry look

Sona: sir…actually there is a lot of pending work
Raghuwar: sir?? U can call me papa
Bejoy: yes sona beta…now we all r a family
Ishwari: and I am ur maa
Sona: yes maa and papa
Aasha: very gud…
Dev: maa…can we go?
Aasha: beta…take this prashad and then u can go
Dev: sure maa….hope u don’t mind me calling that
Aasha: ofcourse not…beta
Everyone smile

Varun: lets go…I need to reach factory soon
Dev: ok….
dev touches elders feet and then sona bids bye to everyone and leaves….varun too says bye to Elena…and leaves
Raghuwar: we r lucky that our children are very responsible…
Ishwari: after marriage then will become even more responsible!!!…
Dev and sona sit in the car…dev is attending a call
Dev: yeah sona and I will reach there soon…tell them to wait for just 10 minutes
Person on the call: sona?? U mean sonakshi mam??
Dev: yes I mean ms.bose
Person: ok sir

Dev cuts the call and smiles seeing sona
Sona: ms bose?? Again??
Dev: actually sonakshi….in the office it might look weird right??
Sona: dev!!! We r going to get married….nothing is wrong!!! And if u don’t call me sonakshi then see I will also call u mr.dixit
Dev: ok ok sorry
Sona: hmm!!! I think we have a meeting today?
Dev: yes sona…I think we must divide our work….u handle other work while I will be attending the meeting
Sona: sure
They reach the office…
Dev: sonakshi…we will have lunch together!!!
Sona: sure..all the best dev!!!
The staff watches all this and gives a confused look
Guy 1: what was that?? Sonakshi?? Did sir say sonakshi??
Guy 2: I think something happened in these two days!!!

Guy 1: yes…whatever it may be they look good together
dev attends the meeting till lunch and sona too works…they get tired…
At lunch time sona falls asleep…dev enters her cabin and finds her sleeping
He silently sits near her and stares her
Dev: ms.bose…oh sorry… sonakshi….u look so cute while sleeping…I know u r very tired…
The peon knocks and dev signals him to lower his voice
Peon (whispers): sir I brought the lunch?? Would u like to have it now?
Dev: keep it here…and don’t make noise…madam is sleeping
Peon: sure sir….thanq

Peon leaves….wind blows and sona’s hair strand falls over her forehead…dev tucks the hair strand behind her ear….
Dev: thanq for coming into my life sonakshi…thanq for making my life beautiful…..i am lucky to have u…I love u
Sona: (in sleep) I love u too mr.dixit
Dev smiles and his phone rings…sona wakes up
Dev: oh no!!! sorry sona…
Sona: what sorry….attend the call dev

Dev: yes…hello?
Ishwari: dev beta? Did u have lunch?
Dev: no maa…
Ishwari: then go and have it
Dev: yes maa
Ishwari: ask sona too to have lunch
Dev: yes maa
Ishwari: ok…take care…bye
Dev smiles and cuts the call
Sona: maa??
Dev: yes
Sona: what was she saying?

Dev: to finish lunch soon
Sona: ok…so what were u doing in my cabin??
Dev: nothing
Sona: don’t lie dev…
Dev: ok…y should I lie…I came here to have lunch with my beautiful girl friend…but she was asleep…and she was looking so cute while sleeping….i didn’t wanted to disturb her…but she woke up by my call….sorry to disturb u sonakshi
Sona: dev!!! Y r u being so formal…its ok….and taking a nap in office hours is bad….dont u know??
Dev: oh is it??
Sona: yes….come let’s have lunch…I am very hungry
Dev: ok let’s start
They have lunch together

Here varun is busy with his work in factory
Varun: ok ….now…u people have lunch…I will manage
Employee: no sir…its ok….once the work is finished…we will have lunch
Varun: r u serious…u people r working since morning… aren’t u tired?? Go and have lunch and its my order…understand??
Employee: ok sir
He leaves…varun goes to his cabin
Varun: I think I must relax now….i will call Elena…she might be waiting for my call
He calls her….
Elena: hello
Varun: u were waiting for my call right??

Elena: no not at all…
Varun: Elena…stop lying!!!…u picked the call in one ring…that means u were expecting my call
Elena: y do u ask the question when u already know the answer!!!
Varun: ok baba…tell me…whats going on?
Elena: I was badly missing u….but u r ever busy with ur work…u don’t even have time to speak to me
Varun: Elena…I am sorry yaar….i promise I will spend good time with u tomorrow
Elena: shotti??
Varun: what’s that??
Elena: I mean really??
Varun: yes

They speak to each other for some time and then varun gets busy in his work
Here dev and sona also finish the lunch
Sona: how was the meeting dev??
Dev: good…I think we will grab that contract
Sona: expected
Dev: sonakshi…I think we must spend some together so that we will know about each other
Sona: u know everything about me
Dev: no…I just want to know more…everything about u
Sona: ok…but y so suddenly??

Dev: suddenly!!!! Don’t I have a right to know about u anytime and anywhere??
Sona: ok ok…we will think about it later…now u go and finish ur work soon
Dev: ok
Dev leaves and sona also gets busy with her work
Its 5 pm…
Sona: thank god…I am done with my work
She suddenly gets a call from aasha
Sona: yes maa
Aasha: sona beta…r u busy?

Sona: no maa tell me
Aasha: actually I want u to come home…now…
Sona: now?? Y??
Aasha: I have called a designer for the outfit that u will be wearing on ur engagement
Sona: maa…
Aasha: sona…plz….see u know right…we have very less time for preparation
Sona: ok maaa

Sona cuts the call
Sona: oh noo!!! I thought that if dev too has finished his work then we will have some talks….but I think today it is not possible
She comes out of her cabin….dev is busy in a meeting
Sona to peon: I think dev sir is busy today
Peon: yes ma’am….the client has arrived suddenly and dev sir had to arrange this meeting
Sona: how much time will it take?
Peon: sorry ma’am…I have no idea….it may take much time…as raghuwar sir is on leave
Sona: oh no!!!
Peon: ma’am… any problem??

Sona: will u do me a favor??
Peon: sure ma’am
Sona: inform dev sir that I am leaving office soon as I have some important work at home…ask him to call me when he is free
Peon: ok ma’am

Sona leaves and takes an auto…she reaches home…
Aasha: sona…go freshen up and then give ur measurements to her
Sona: ok maa
Sona goes to her room and suddenly Elena comes there and hugs her
Sona: Elena?
Elena: thank god…u r back…I was feeling so lonely since morning
Sona: y?? is varun busy today??
Elena: yes sona…
Sona: its ok….and what about ur dress??
Elena: yaar sona…I ordered a pink lehenga
Sona: ohh that’s good
Elena: sona….come soon and select ur lehenga…I will wait for u
Sona freshens up and goes to give her measurements
Aasha: sona beta…select any color

Sona: umm…red one
Asha: very good…so sunita (designer) my daughters must look angels in the lehenga…alright?
Designer: sure
She takes the measurements and leaves
Sona is thinking about dev
Sona: dev…finish ur work soon and call me…I am missing u a lot
The episode ends

Precap: dev is annoyed as sona left without meeting him

So how was the episode guys?? I know it is little boring…but trust me…next episode will be good

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  11. superb

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    Noooooo…. it wasnt boring its superb?

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