My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 31


On the cloud nine right now…thnq so much guys….lovely response for love confession track…but guys…I actually wanted to end it…and start a new ff soon….think over it as the love has already blossomed between them and I don’t want to exaggerate it….it might become boring…hope u understand….i am glad that u people liked my ff and supported me a lot…this was my first ff and such a great response for it is like a dream…

Recap: dev proposes sona…sona says yes…their cute moments

The episode starts with dev and sona’s chats
Dev: so sonakshi…now what?
Sona: ice cream
Dev: r u crazy?? Ice cream?? Its raining there…
Sona: I don’t care…I said that I want ice cream and usually boy friends don’t say no to girl friend’s wish!!!
Dev: is it so??
Sona: yes…so come lets go and have some ice cream
Dev: ok ok…
They have some ice cream…
Dev: so tell me what more an ideal boy friend does for his girl friend?
Sona: actually I don’t know…I wanted to have ice cream so I said so…and how would I know u r my first boy friend dev
Dev smiles
Sona: ok now…lets go home…its too late…I didn’t even inform maa baba
Dev: so soon…ms.bose…nooo
Sona: its sonakshi for u…and yes we need to go now
Dev: but promise me that we will meet tomorrow
Sona: ok promise
Dev and sona sit in the car…dev wontedly drives the car slowly
Sona: if we go by this speed then we will certainly reach home tomorrow
Dev: no problem…u promised that u will be meeting tomorrow right?? It will be easier
Sona: very funny…
Dev: ok ok…we will reach soon

They reach sona’s house
Sona: ok bye dev
Dev: let me take a picture of urs
Sona: picture?? Now??
Dev: of course now
Sona: what?? Nooo…look at me…how can u take a picture of mine…I mean in this dress…
Dev: so what?
Sona: dev…I will send u a good picture
Dev: sonakshi….i said many times.,..u r always beautiful…u don’t need to get ready….i love the way u r…so natural and simple…now smile and let me take a picture
He takes the picture
Sona: happy??
Dev: yes…but tell me one thing will u come to office tomorrow?
Sona: yes
Dev: so…u tell to ur parents that u already found a groom for u
Sona: and u found a bride for u
Dev: the most beautiful bride on this earth
Sona smiles…
Dev: bye sonakshi
Sona: bye dev

Sona goes inside but suddenly Elena calls sona
Elena: sona?? Where r u?
Sona: I am coming…just wait
Elena: where is dev?
Sona: he is about to go
Elena: stop him sona….now..plzzzz
Sona: but y?
Elena cuts the call…sona is tensed…she walks towards dev
Dev: so u don’t want to go…then y did u say bye
Sona: devvv
Dev: soankshi…what happened?
Sona: dev..elena called me and said to come soon and to stop u
Dev: stop me?? Y?
Sona: I don’t know…plz come with me
Dev: sure…u relax…everything will be fine

Dev and sona stand near the door..they knock the door…but no one responds….they push the door…everything is so dark…they turn on the lights and are shocked
Everyone: surprise…
Sona: maa baba…sir auntyji???
Dev: varun…what’s happening here??
Elena: look at them…I think we disturbed these love birds…right varun?
Varun: absolutely right!!!
Aasha: sona…where were u beta??
Ishwari:…where were u?
Sona: maa…
Elena: wait I will tell…actually dev and sona went for a romantic long drive…right??
Dev and sona shy
Bejoy: beta…hume dulha pasand hai (we like the groom)
Raghuwar: aur hume dulhan pasand hai (and we like the bride)
Sona hugs aasha and bejoy…while dev hugs ishwari and raghuwar
Raghuwar: so…are u happy??
Dev: yes papa

Sona touches ishwari and raghuwar’s feet…
Aman: Elena varun…dev and sona…both will be getting married on the same day….
Mala: yes…and both sona and Elena will be living in the same house….
Everyone smile…and dixits leave sona’s place
Sona: maa baba….sorry….
Aasha: sorry?? For what?
Sona: u wanted to find a groom for me…but I myself found him
Bejoy and aasha laugh
Elena: yaar sona….u r such a stupid….it was a plan so that u and dev realize that u r made for each other
Sona is shocked
Sona: oh my god…that means u knew that I was in love with dev??
Aasha: yes…
They explain the whole incident
Bejoy: dev’s parents always wanted to make u their daughter in law
Sona shies
Aasha: ok now go and sleep….its too late…
Aman: bejoy…tomorrow we will go to the temple and fix a date for engagement
Mala: sona and Elena…take rest
They go to beds
Dev reaches home and goes to his room…he is about to sleep but he takes the phone and stares sona’s picture
Dev: today I will not be able to sleep
He gets a message
Sona: so dixit is watching my picture?
Dev: how did u know?
Sona: I am smart…and I know u very well….stop staring my picture and sleep…its too late
Dev: I cannot
Sona: same problem
Dev: that means u too??
Sona: yes…but dev…u have to sleep…its not good for health
Dev: ok sonakshi…good night
Sona: good night
They keep their phones aside and sneeze together( they were drenched in rain and had ice cream too)…and smile

The episode ends

Guys…plz tell me ur decision…do u really want me to continue with this ff or should I start a new one….

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  1. Pls continue

    1. Dimple

      Sure…dont worry I will continue

  2. Asmita...

    How dare you ??? You are not even allowed to think to end this ???

    1. Dimple

      Haha…ok I will not end it now…thnq so much for ur support

  3. Awesome episode.

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much

  4. Angel20

    Pls continue! And this episode was awesome!!

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much…yes I will not end it now

  5. Shubham anand

    Its awesome ff pls continue

    1. Dimple

      Sure…thnq so much

  6. U should start a new one otherwise it will become boring

  7. Plz dimple don’t end this ff. It’s amazing.

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much….dont worry…I am not ending it

  8. Awwww… How cute.. Sona s indeed a natural beauty… At least complete 50 in ur 1st attempt na.. And trust me.. Its not boring at all.. Its really sweet.. After Devakshi s story s what all v want.. And ur writing a really gud one..?.. Taking pic of hers and staring at it is my fav part of ur todays epi.. Loved it..??????

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much….i will try to make it interesting so that u enjoy it even more….

  9. Contnew plz

  10. Chithra

    no ma… u should bot have the thought of ending it anymore….. what a creative storybase u took and u r travelling in a very romantic way.. then y r u thinking of stoping it…. i need u to continue ur writing with more and more romantic stuff into it…. i hope u accept my wish….

    1. Dimple

      Sure…thnq so much for ur support….ofcourse I accept ur wish…

  11. Manya

    I think if u hve any different story line not the same like first meeting they will fight then become friends and then they will fall in love ya u can make it more interesting then u can start a new one or u can add some new twists to the same one I am fine with both??and the epi was fabbbbbbbbbbbbbbb???????❤️?post asap

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much…keep supporting…I will continue with this

  12. Plz continue

  13. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT ENDING IT? CONTINUE WITH THIS ?? and by the way great episode???

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much…sure I will continue writing

  14. Please continue it’s my favorite after Break Ke Baad. I love it and many others too .

    1. Dimple

      Thnq thnq so much

  15. Sumaiya Sumi

    Hey dr y r u thinking of ending it…. Atleast complete 50. I’m damn sure it won’t be boring. …. n if u like to start a new one no problem. We will definitely love to read both ur ff

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much….i will continue writing this ff….keep supporting

  16. Madhuri

    Plzz continue. This epi is amazing

    1. Dimple

      Sure….thnq so much

  17. so short thats time plz upload longer one ok thats my rqst for u…bdw this episode was awesome n sweet

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much….actually I was in a dilemma whether to stop it or to continue it…thats y the episode was shorter…next one will be long

  18. Purnima


  19. Aaru

    I want to read your stories, your matter it’s dis ff or some other. U do anything as per your convenience..but don’t stop writing ffs. Coz we enjoy reading your thoughts.

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much….i will definitely not disappoint u…keep supporting

  20. Plss continue this….

  21. Vinya

    This episode was amazing….. and btw DON’T YOU DARE THINK ABOUT ENDING THIS FF…. This was the first ff that I liked so much….I just love the way u bring up ur ideas in ur ff…’s just amazing…. So plssss don’t think of ending ur ff…. Pls continue and if you want and have time then write both ffs…dis one and a new one…. I’ll surely read the new one also…..but pls don’t think of ending this ff….plsssssss…….

    1. Dimple

      Sure….i will not end it now…thnq so much…keep supporting

  22. Bhoomi

    How dare u ???? U r going to end this ?…. Nooooo… Dont stop this ?… its beautiful ?….

    1. Dimple

      Yes…I am not going to end this…thnq so much

  23. Plzz continue it

    1. Dimple


  24. Continue plzzz it’s too good ????

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much…sure…I am not going to end it now

  25. After such amazing episodes you are not allowed to end so soon…….

    1. Dimple

      Haha…I will not end it

  26. Simplesweety1

    Don’t U Dare End It Here! We Want The Wedding Part! And Usse Aage Ka Leap Bhi! Loved It! Update Soon! #Warning! #WeWantTheUpdate!

    1. Dimple

      Sure…I will definitely continue…thnq so much

  27. Noooo…. plzzz dont end this ff…. it was really awesome…… be continue this….. nd plzzz upload next update fast cant wait to read the next episode…..

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much…I will update the next part soon

  28. please dont think for its ending its really amazing show luv to see u guys

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much….i will surely continue

  29. Superb epi…

    1. Dimple

      thanq so much

  30. sorrrrrrry so sorry for not commenting in previous ones as i was out of town so sorry again and btw the episodes were awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. Dimple

      its okay…plz do read the next episode too…i posted it…

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