My love-A fan Fiction Episode 3


Really very happy and thankful to u guys….
Recap: sona and dev fight in café…in the shopping mall dev and sona finally choose their dresses
So lets start the episode

Shopping mall:
Sona sees herself in the mirror after trying the dress…dev chooses a shirt and is on the way to cash counter…suddenly sona turns round and is about to fall when Dev holds her…the share an eyelock…then sona gains her senses
Sona: u…?
Dev: u…what r u doing here?
Sona: oh sorry mr.rude I did not know that this shopping mall is ur property..
Dev: stop calling me mr.rude..
Sona: Mr.rude Mr.rude Mr.rude…now what will u do?
Dev: such an ill-mannered girl…What else can I expect from u?
Sona: How dare u…Ur parents did not teach u how to behave
Dev: u know what? Ur just impossible…let me go now…I cant waste my time in arguments
Sona: As if I am interesting in arguing with u..huh!!
They move in opposite directions
Elena is attending a fone call when Varun accidentally falls on Elena
They too share an eyelock …elena shouts on Varun
Varun: sorryy I did not do that purposely..
Elena: Shut up I know guys like u… ok ?stop making excuses
Varun: am sorry mam I swear..It was just an accident..
Elena leaves angrily and varun stares her
Varun(In his mind): What a pretty girl…She looks damn cute..
Dev comes to him and asks him to accompany him
Dev: come lets go
Varun: bhaiyya I am not done yet..let me take some gifts for maa and papa
Dev: noo lets go…
Varun: Bhaiyya …

They leave the place…while going they spot Elena and sona…Varun stares Elena and Dev angrily moves from there
Sona tells the entire incident and scolds Dev
Dev and varun reach home
Raghuwar sees Dev angry
Raghuwar: Dev, u look so disturbed..any problem?
Dev: Papa Indian girls are so ill-mannered…Today a girl behaved very rudely..she was fighting like Jhansi ki rani lakshmi bai…she was addressing me as Mr.rude..I was…
Raghuwar: Relax dev may be she was in a bad mood..leave it..not all girls are like that…Today I met a girl and u wont believe she was such a talented girl…very pretty.. smart and sophisticated..I will introduce her to u..she is coming to the party tonight
Dev: all girls are the same papa
He leaves the place
Raghuwar: (in his mind) I am sure Dev u will like her
Ishwari: will u introduce her to me?
Raghuwar: yes definitely
They smile
Finally its evening…sona and Elena get ready for the party and both look amazing…
They reach Dixit house in a taxi
Suddenly an employee who has taken sona’s interview calls her and introduces her to staff
Elena clicks selfies and suddenly collides with someone..yes he is varun..varun stares her as she looks beautiful..
Varun: u r looking very pretty miss??
Elena: I said what r u doing here?
Varun: I was following u 😛
Elena: shut up
Elena leaves from there…here sona is talking with the staff
Girl 1: did u meet sir’s son? Mr.Dev Dixit
Sona: noo

Girl 2: yaar he is so cute and handsome
Sona: Really??
Girl 1: see there he comes
Sona gets shocked to see Mr rude
Sona(in her mind): you r gone sona..u were fighting with sir’s he will see me and fight with me and then sir will know about our fights and he will fire me..sona u r stuck…
Sona decides to talk to Mr.Raghuwar dixit..she finds him attending the guests..he too notices her and calls her
Raghuwar: soo here u are young lady..are you enjoying the party?
Sona: sir I need to talk to u about..
Raghuwar: ishwari ..see shez the girl about whom I was talking..soankshi Bose
Sona: Namaste mam
Ishwari: namaste beta..u r looking so pretty..god bless u
Sona: thnq mam..sir I wanted to say that
Raghuwar: what happnd?
Sona: Sir Iam not going to work in ur company..I know u are shocked..but (she tells the entire incident to them) I know u will fire me but I am so sorry I did not know that he is ur son
Raghuwar and ishwari laugh
Raghuwar: are u serious ? u wanted to leave the job just for that reason?? I hired u becoz of ur can u think that I will fire u for that simple reason…you may have some problems.. try to

Sort them out and plz don’t leave ur job for such simple reason
Ishwari: see dev has come…dev come here
Dev finds sona there and becomes angry
Raghuwar: meet this lady..Sonakshi bose…she has been hired u remember I was talking about her?
Dev: ohh but papa u said the girl was very good and mannered but dis girl is soo rude..I cant believe it was her?/
Sona: Oh hello mr. rude I mean mr.dixit..mind ur tongue..i said sorry for that incident…
Dev: u were not at all sorry
Raghuwar and ishwari leave them
Raghuwar: they look good with each other
Ishwari: yes but when will they stop fighting..
The episode ends at devakshi’s angry faces

Precap: Varun falls in love with Elena and sona once again calls dev a waiter..

So did u like the episode??? I need ur support guys;;;

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