My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 28

Hii guys…I am sorry for the late update…I was sick so that’s y I could not update…hope u understand…todays episode will be longer one…I hope u will love it
Recap: sona and Elena come to dixit house…devakshi sweet moments…dev praises sona infront of nikki…
The episode starts
Dev sona varun elena and dev’s parents are sitting and having good time…suddenly aman and mala come there with asha and bejoy
Aman: Elena beta?
Elena is so happy… she hugs her parents….the scene is very emotional one
Aman: how r u beta?
Mala: I missed u a lot beta
Elena: thanq for coming maa baba…I was missing u too
Bejoy: he called me and said he cannot wait any longer and boarded the first flight this morning
Aasha: now u can meet ur son in law
Varun comes there and touches their feet….everyone is happy…raghuwar and aman hug each other
Aman: such a good family, daughter is very lucky
Ishwari: no we r lucky
Mala: when did this happen?
Elena: maa…I will tell everything later
Everyone smile
Raghuwar: so as u all r here…let me call panditji…we will fix the date today
Aman: so soon?
Ishwari: as u wish
Mala: let them decide
Varun and Elena do not speak anything but suddenly they say…as u wish
Everyone laughs
Ishwari: so lets do one thing we will go to temple tomorrow and decide the date there…ok?
Everyone agree
Bejoy: now sona also should get married soon
Aasha: what do u say sona
Sona does not speak anything…while dev looks at her
Bejoy: I know…u don’t have any problem…we will start finding a groom today onwards
Aasha: yes…
Sona: but baba?
Elena: what baba…nothing…uncle u start finding a hero for her…
Bejoy: plz beta don’t say no…I want to see u settled
Aasha: yeah…don’t say no
Sona is worried…dev too
Sona: as u wish
She leaves
Dev goes behind her and Elena too
Sona: I cant say no to my parents…but I don’t want to get married to anyone…
Dev: ms.bose?? r u crying?
Sona: no…I think something has gone into my eyes
Dev: y do u lie to me…u think that I cannot understand ur pain?
Sona: u cannot understand anything
Dev: I know u don’t want to get married soon
Sona: no use of all this…I cant say no to my parents…
Dev: that means u will get married and leave me?
Sona: I don’t know
Sona leaves and Elena hears their conversation….she is happy
Dev: why am I feeling bad with the thought that she is going away from me…I cannot see tears in her eyes…I cannot do anything…I am helpless
Dev goes to his room and sits on the bed and recalls everything about sona
Sona : baba…I need to go now…I have little work
Aasha: but suddenly?
Elena: yaar today is Sunday
Sona: plz don’t stop me…I am sorry
Sona leaves teary eyed….while all others are smiling that their idea worked
Here comes the twist
______________Flash back is shown_____________________
Varun and Elena are on a call (remember when dev and varun were talking something about love and varun said that he was waiting for a call from Elena)
Varun: I think bhaiyya is in love with sonakshi
Elena: really…I think they both dev and sona love each other but don’t know about this thing
Varun: we have to do something that they realize their love for each other
Elena: yes u r right….but what can we do?
Elena turns back and is shocked to see aasha and bejoy
Elena: varun I will call u later
Elena: aunty uncle…u here
Asha: is that true…do they really love each other?
Elena: (stammers) aunty…I don’t know…I was just
Bejoy: Elena don’t lie…if u think that dev babu and sona love each other then tell us…we will help them
Aasha: yes Elena….we do not have any problem with their relationship
Elena: aunty uncle….i think that they both love each other but they too don’t know about this….varun once said that varun’s parents like sona very much….actually they want dev and sona to marry each other
Asha: is that true?
Elena: uncle…I have an idea…we will talk to varun’s parents also
Bejoy: but what will they think about us?
Elena: I am sure uncle…they like sona very much
Aasha: ok lets talk to them
They call raghuwar
Raghuwar: yes mr.bose…tell me…u have called at this hour…is everything fine?
Bejoy: actually I want to talk to u about an important matter…I know this is not the right time…but it was very important…I am sorry to disturb u
Raghuwar: if it is that important then tell me….no problem
Bejoy: in a phone call?
Raghuwar: ok video call will be best option…if u don’t mind
Bejoy: ok thanq very much…just a minute
At sona’s house asha bejoy and Elena are on video call with raghuwar ishwari and varun
Raghuwar: now tell me mr.bose…whats the matter
Bejoy: actually Elena said that dev and sona are…I mean they think that
Raghuwar: dev and sona love each other
Aasha: that means u too think that its true
Raghuwar: I wish it was true….i would be very happy to get sona as dev’s wife
Varun: papa…if I say that what u wished is going to be true then?
Ishwari: really?
Elena: yes aunty…they really love each other
Raghuwar: but they didn’t say anything or spoke to me about this?
Varun: yeah…because they too don’t know about this…papa…we must make them realize
Ishwari: yes
Asha: we can do one thing… I have a plan
Their plan is muted
_________________Flash back ends _______________________
Bejoy: so I think aasha ur plan is working
Raghuwar: yes
Ishwari: but she is crying
Aasha: I know…I am not feeling good to see her teary eyed…but when she will know that she is going to get away from dev she will realize her love for him
Varun: and bhaiyya will realize it too
Bejoy: Elena…u heard their convo right?
Elena: yes…dev was very sad
Ishwari: I know…he must be in his room thinking about sona
Dev is in his room
He is thinking about sona…then someone comes…dev is very happy to see her
Dev: y did u leave…ms.bose?
Sona: u were thinking about me right?
Dev: no
Sona: don’t lie dev
Dev: u called me dev?
Sona: yes dev…first tell me…u were thinking about me or not
Dev: yes…plz ms.bose…don’t ever cry…I cant see tears in ur eyes
Sona: y cant u see tears in my eyes?
Dev: I don’t know…I feel the pain when u cry….i cannot tolerate the fact that u will be going away from me
Sona: y?
Dev: I too don’t know
Sona: do u love me?
Dev: what?
Sona disappears
Dev: what was that….ms.bose? where r u?…i was just talking to u….was I dreaming? Ohh god…what is happening??
Dev is upset again…he is constantly remembering the moments with sona
Dev: stop it dev…
He goes to wash his face…he again finds sona giving him towel
Dev: not again…y ms.bose…go away
Sona: really…ok then
She is about to leave
Dev: no….plz don’t go…tell me what is happening to me?
Sona: ask ur heart
Dev: its just a part ms.bose…not a human being…
Sona disappears again
Dev: answer me plz…..
Here sona is in her room and is thinking about dev
Sona: no…I don’t want to go away from u…I just want to be with u….but I cannot say no to my parents….what to do
Dev: u do u want to be with me?
Sona: because u r the only one after my family and Elena who will make me fell better…u understand my feelings…u make me feel safe…I remember the day when u fought with the goons just for me….
Dev: is that the only reason?
Sona: I don’t know any reason…I just know that I don’t want to leave u
Dev: but I know
Sona: what?
Dev: that u love me
Sona: what??
Dev disappears
Sona: was I dreaming….thank god I was dreaming…but y was I dreaming with my eyes open….that too I was dreaming about mr.dixit…I think I am thinking too much….may be its work stress….i must go and freshen up
She goes and freshens up…
Sona: I think I must go out and have some fresh air…then I will be feeling good
She looks for an outfit
Dev: ms.bose…try this…u will look very pretty
Sona: really?
Dev: yes…this color suits u well
Sona smiles and forwards her hand but finds no one
Sona: ohh noooo….day dreaming??? Again??
Here dev also thinks to go out
Sona: dev….wear this…remember u wore this on that party when we both danced with each other
Dev: how can I forget the moments spent with u…I remember
Sona: so take it
Dev forwards his hand and then finds no one
Dev: ms.bose is chasing me everywhere??? Y is it so….i think I have to leave this place
He comes out of his room
A maid comes and gives him coffee….dev is able to see sona everywhere…
Maid: sir…mam sent this for u
Dev: y are u calling me sir…who is mam?
Maid: u r sir…and mam is mam
Dev: come lets have coffee together
Maid: (surprised) sir…r u ok?
Dev: what happened ms.bose…y r u behaving so weirdly?
Maid: sir…I am not ms.bose….just wait I will call mam
Dev comes to senses…he hits his head
Dev: oh no…I was behaving so weird…I will leave
He comes out and asks driver to come with him…now the driver also looks like sona to dev
He sits in the car
Driver: sir…where r we going?
Dev: what r u doing here…do u know how to drive a car?
Driver: sir…ofcourse…its my job
Dev: what?? U do a part time job as a driver?
Driver: sir…I am a full time worker here…
Dev: ms.bose…stop all this…I am not in a mood of joking
Driver: sir…I am not ms.bose….i am driver
Dev comes into senses
Dev: oh noo…I am sorry…I was thinking…ok ok take me to a park so that I can get some fresh air
Driver: sure sir
Here sona sits in an auto and finds dev as driver
Sona: what is it?? Y r u driving an auto?
Auto driver: because its my job
Sona: u r such a big business man…and u r driving an auto?? Are u out of ur mind
Auto driver (surprised) : I am a business man…and I don’t know about it…oh madam…shall I take the auto to mental hospital?
Sona: mr.dixit?? how can u talk to me like this?
Auto driver: mr.dixit…who is he? Mam if want to waste my time…then sorry I am not interested … u can take another auto
Sona comes to senses….
Sona: I am sorry bhaiyya…take me somewhere where I can get some fresh air….
Auto driver: ok mam
Sona: (in her mind) I think I am very stressed with my work…but y am I seeing mr.dixit everywhere…no this time I will not get fooled
The episode ends at devakshi’s confused faces

Precap: dev and sona meet at a park but sona ignores dev

That was today’s episode guys…hope u will like it…plz cmnt

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