My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 27

Hii guys…thanq so much for ur support….so without much delay I am going to start the next epi
Recap: elena’s father says that he will be coming soon to delhi to fix marriage date of Elena and varun…Elena and sona come to dixit house to meet varun’s family….sona looks for dev
The episode starts with sona continuously checking her phone for dev’s message
Ishwari: sona beta…r u ok?
Sona: aunty I need some water
Ishwari: just wait I will get it
Sona: no no..aunty I will take it myself
Ishwari: ok…
Sona goes to kitchen for water
Sona: where is mr.dixit…is he in office?…but today is Sunday…he is not even replying to my message!!! What to do??
She drinks some water and comes back
Ishwari: come Elena…I will show u one thing…come with me
Elena: sure maa
Elena ishwari and varun go to ishwari’s room…while raghuwar is answering a call

A courier boy comes
Courier boy: mam…here is a letter for dixit?? Is he at home?
Sona: just a minute…I am a guest here…let me confirm!!
Sona goes to raghuwar who is answering a phone call
Sona: sir…there is a courier for mr.dixit
Raghuwar: for me?
Sona: sir I mean it is for dev
Raghuwar: ohh can u plz take it and give it to dev….he is in his room
Sona: sure sir
Sona: (in her mind) so he is at home…so rude…can’t he answer my text…is he that busy?
Courier boy: excuse me mam?
Sona: oh I am sorry…give it to me…I will hand over it to dixit
Corier boy: mam…sign here
Sona signs and takes the courier and goes towards dev’s room
Here ishwari gives that bangles to Elena
Ishwari: this is for my daughter in law
Elena: thanq so much maa…this is the best gift ever
Ishwari: god bless u
Varun: maa…let me show the house to Elena
Ishwari: ok ok u can go
Elena: thanq aunty
Elena and varun leave the room

Here sona is walking towards dev’s room
Sona: how will he react when I will be infront of him…may be he doesnot want to talk to me…that is why he ignored my message…I can hear my heart beat….no sona…u have just come here to hand over his courier…so give it to him and leave
She knocks the door…but it wasn’t locked so the door gets opened
Dev was wearing his shirt….sona sees this and turns back
Dev: ms.bose??
Sona: ah am sorry…mr.dixit…u carry on…I will come later
Dev: no wait!!!
Sona: excuse me?
Dev: I mean…I am done…u can face me
Sona: ok…this is for u
She forwards that letter
Dev: what is it?
Sona: I don’t know…a courier for u…that’s it
Dev: ok thanq
Sona: ok
She is about to leave but slips due to carpet and is about to fall…but dev saves her…they share an eye lock
Dev: are u fine?
Sona: yes dev…ah I mean mr.dixit
Dev: I am sorry ms.bose
Sona: y?
Dev: I didn’t reply to ur message…I was late today…so…I am sorry
Sona: its ok
Dev: thanq
Dev and sona stare each other when Elena and varun come to dev’s room…they are shocked to see them that way
Varun: ahem ahem….sorry to disturb u but maa may come
Dev and sona come into senses
Dev: no nothing like that….she was about to fall and I was just helping her
Varun: y r u explaining me bhaiyya?
Sona: Elena…how is ur in laws’ house? Do u like it?
Elena: yaar…its so amazing
Varun: come Elena…I will show the backyard
Elena: sure
They leave
Dev: plz sit ms.bose…would u like to have some coffee
Sona: no thanks
Dev: r u still angry?
Sona: no mr.dixit!!! its ok…u might be busy
Dev: hmm!!!
Sona: mr.dixit?
Dev: yes ms.bose
Sona: yesterday I asked u to list out some qualities that u want in ur life partner…where is the answer?
Dev: ms.bose…is it that important…?
Sona: yes…u have to
Dev: I don’t know…she must be a good person…and
Sona: what is this…first close ur eyes…take a deep breath and then tell me with a fresh mind
Dev: ms.bose??
Sona: hmm!!! I knew it…u cannot do this simple thing!!!
Dev: I will definitely think about it
Sona: dixit…love is a feeling…its not a mathematical problem…to think and answer….u will never understand
Dev: so make me understand!!!
Sona: no…the right girl will make u understand
Dev: ms.bose…
Sona: u have to wait
Dev: ok ok

Ishwari comes there
Ishwari: dev and sona…both of u come with me
Dev: maa…what happened
Ishwari: I have made some snacks…come and have them
Dev: sure maa
Ishwari: sona…where Is Elena?
Sona: she is in the backyard with varun
Ishwari: ok I will call them…u go and join nikki
Sona and dev leave
Nikki: sona dee….how r u?
Sona: I am gud….how r ur studies going on
Nikki: dee….plz don’t talk about studies…its just boring…did u watch the new movie xyz?
Sona: (smiles) noo
Nikki: that was an awesome movie sona dee…u must watch it…what a love story….the heroine was just like u
Sona: like me?
Nikki: yes she was so beautiful…simple…awesome
Dev: is only one in this world…no one can be same as ms.bose
Sona and nikki are surprised
Nikki: bhaiyya??
Dev: I mean that ms.bose…umm….i have to call someone its urgent…excuse me
Nikki: sona dee…bhaiyya never praises a girl…not even me….u r something special to him
Sona: no no nothing
Nikki: ok…tell me one thing…did u ever see him talking to a girl and smiling?
Sona: no
Nikki: did u see him talking about any girl?
Sona: no
Nikki: I have seen bhaiyya talking to u and smiling…he notices every detail in u…trust me sona dee…u r damn special to him
Sona: may be…we r good frnds
Nikki: but dee
Sona leaves
Dev: dev…u speak whatever u get in ur mind….what will nikki think about u??
Sona: mr.dixit?? what are u doing here?
Dev: nothing lets go
Sona: what did u say just now?
Dev: when?
Sona: don’t try to act smart….u know what am I asking about!!!
Dev: ms.bose…I only said that which I felt was right….but I shouldn’t have said that in front of nikki
Sona: thanq mr.dixit
Dev: for what?
Sona: compliment…I think that was a compliment…right?
Dev: that was not a compliment…I was just telling the truth…I have already said that…..ur simplicity is ur beauty miss.bose
Sona smiles
Everyone gather near the drawing room and have some snacks
Ishwari: Elena….when is ur family coming to delhi?
Elena: baba said that he will be coming in two days
Raghuwar: great…once ur family comes…we will go ahead for marriage rituals
Varun and Elena smile
The episode ends

Precap: love realization soon….

Stay tuned guys,…much awaited love realization of devakshi


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    Nice episode….. Im sooo excited to read the next episode…. Pls update it soon….
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