My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 23

Hii guys…now onwards I will be posting on alternate days…and one more thing…I am sorry to say but I am feeling that most of u are feeling bored of my fan fiction…the comments I am receiving these days are decreasing day by day…plz guys inform me so that I will stop it here…I am trying my level best to make the epi longer and interesting one…if u feel that this is boring u can inform me…I will immediately stop writing….anyways here is the next episode

Recap: dev thanks sona for helping him a lot to change himself..sona assures him that she will always be there for him whenever he is need of help…nikitha, sona’s frnd comes there and misunderstands dev as sona’s boyfriend…sona tells dev that she cant see him upset…dev cares for sona when she is in pain and her friends praise dev as he cares her a lot

Dev and sona enjoy the weather…soft music was on and sona’s frnds were dancing…dev and sona think about each other and share soma cute eyelocks…a frnd comes there
Friend: come sona lets dance
Sona: no no
Friend: plz yaar sona…one dance with me
Dev: ms.bose? will u dance with me?
Sona: mr.dixit?
Dev forwards his hand and sona agrees…they go on the dance floor and dance…they look into each other’s eyes while dancing…
Sona: mr.dixit? u wanted to dance with me…or u were saving me from that guy?
Dev: saving? That means I was right…u were not interested to dance with him
Sona: did u get that?
Dev: because I can see in ur eyes…sometimes just with ur eyes and expressions I understand your feelings
Sona: really?
Dev: yes
Sona: when u asked me for dance…were u sure that I will agree?
Dev: obviously
Sona: no…I just thought that dancing with u will be better than dancing with someone whom I don’t even know about
Dev: oh really?
Sona: (stammers) yes…(she lowers her eyes)
Dev: ms.bose…look into my eyes
She look into his eyes
Dev: ms.bose…don’t lie to me…I said just now that I understand ur feelings by just looking at ur eyes…right now u r lying…
sona: umm mr.dixit…actually…I really wanted to dance with u..
Dev: and I wanted the same
Sona is speechless
Dev: do u know ms.bose…I never thought that some one will become that special for me as u are…ur beauty is in ur simplicity ms.bose…and that is what makes u special from others
They both dance for a while
Nikitha: yaar…they both look very cute together
Radha: yeah such a nice couple…but just friends??
Nikitha: noo…they are not friends

The music stops…everyone congratulate them for their dance
They finish their dinner and sona bids bye to all her friends…she leaves while dev waits for her in the car…she gets into the car….elena calls her
Sona: yes Elena!!!
Elena: sona where r u?
Sona: I will reach in half an hour
Elena: thank god u did not reach home
Sona: what do u mean? Where r u?
Elena: sona…I came with varun for ice cream…I said to aunty and uncle that I will be coming home with u…
Sona: Elena…u r impossible…where r u right now?
Elena: yaar I am near ___ street….
Sona: ok don’t worry…where is varun?
Elena: he is with me
Sona: ok ok we r reaching
Sona cuts the call
Dev: ms.bose…is everything fine?
Sona: yes mr.dixit…can u please pick Elena too
Dev: yeah sure…but where is she?
Sona: I will tell u the address…actually she went with varun for having ice cream…she informed that she will be coming with me
Dev: varun?
Sona: yes the love birds r enjoying
Dev: haha…did they confess their love to each other
Sona: yes
Dev: what? When?
Sona tells the whole thing how Elena first confessed her love
Dev: really?? Varun is a clever guy
Sona: yes…don’t worry he will help u too when u will be in the same situation
Dev: ms.bose!!!
Sona: ok ok stop the car…there she is

Dev stops the car…dev and sona meet varun and elena
Varun: bhaiyya…how was the dinner?
Dev: that I will tell u later but what about ur ice cream date?
Varun: bhaiyya…actually I am sorry I didn’t tell u
Dev: its ok…I know everything…congratulations
Varun: thanq bhaiyya
Dev: Elena…do u really love this monkey?
Varun: bhaiyya!!!
Elena: umm …theda hai par mera hai
All smile
Dev: seriously…I am very happy for u
Sona: so when will u inform about ur relationship to family??
Varun: soon…actually tomorrow
Sona: all the best
Dev: ok ok lets go…it is too late now
Varun: ok I will send my car with the driver
Dev: ok

Dev drives the car…varun sits with dev in the front seat…elena and sona in back seat
Varun: bhaiyya…so how was the dinner?
Elena: yeah sona…I also wanted to ask the same thing
Sona: it was good
Dev: just good ms bose?
Sona: I mean very good
Varun: bhaiyya….i think u guys had fun
Dev and sona think about the moments they spent together and smile
Elena: sona…stop smiling and tell me everything
Dev looks at sona through the mirror and sona smiles
They reach home…all the four get out of the car…
Elena: ok then bye…
Varun: u can go after 10 minutes..let me say atleast gud night properly
Sona: ok ok we will wait…u both carry on
Saying this she turns the other side…dev holds sona’s hand
Sona: mr.dixit?
Dev: ms.bose…was the dinner just good?
Sona: I didn’t mean that
Dev: I am sorry ms.bose..i wanted to make today’s evening the most memorable one in ur life..but I think I failed
Sona keeps her hand on dev’s hand
Sona: mr.dixit…ofcourse this was the most memorable evening…u said that u can read my mind through my eyes…so didn’t u read my eyes in the resturant
Dev remembers every moment he spent with sona in the resturant
Dev: thanq ms.bose…it was memorable evening for me too
Sona and dev stare each other

Elena: ahem ahem…we r done with our talks but r still talking to each other through eyes
Sona: Elena!!! Stop it..lets go
Elena: bye varun
Varun: bye
Sona and dev stare each other…then sona and Elena leave
Sona and elena reach home…and find asha and bejoy waiting for them
Sona: maa…baba…what r u doing?
Asha: beta….see the time…its 12:30…
Sona: I am sorry maa….i will not repeat this again
Bejoy: beta…can I ask u something?
Sona: I know baba…u r going to ask that do I love someone…right?
Bejoy: beta..
Sona: maa…baba…I am still single…away from relationships…if I find someone I will definitely inform u
Bejoy: we r not against ur relationship…we r just telling u that we r a family so u can share everything with us
Sona: baba…u don’t need to tell this…I always share everything with u
Elena: I want to share something
Asha: what?
Elena: aunty…I love someone
Bejoy: who is that?
Elena: varun…varun dixit…brother of dev dixit…
Asha: sona….i think u know about it
Sona: yes maa….and he is really a very nice guy…u can meet him once
Elena: yes aunty…uncle…I want u to meet him first
Bejoy: ok..ask him to come at 5 pm tomorrow…
Elena: thanq uncle…u r the best
Asha: yes…now u can go and sleep…sona r u going to office tomorrow?
Sona: yes maa..
Asha: ok gud night
They all go to sleep
Dev is in his bed room and thinks about sona
The episode ends

Precap: varun tells about Elena to ishwari and raghuwar…he meets asha and bejoy…meanwhile cute moments of devakshi

I hope u like it.,…in case u find the epi boring…plz let me know


  1. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    Hey dear… dont get upset… u r writing superb FF… sirry for not commenTNG in some episodes but plz do continue writing…

  2. 4nshika


    |Registered Member

    no no… don’t close it you are going really well…i loved everything u had in ff till now…keep gng!
    you might be running out of comments but comments and readers both will come have patience 🙂

  3. Ishii

    At last you are here. Was desperately waiting for this one.
    Gary, DevAKshi dance. 😍
    Looking forward for the next update.

  4. Benish

    No ur ff is not boring infact I just love it… just the thing is that the gap of time between episodes are breaking our intrest
    Just try to minimize the gap plzzz

  5. Naina

    Hy dimple somethings are not worth speaking and trust me i personally like ur ff alot its really good but sometimes i can’t comment bcz of network and u know the site wasn’t working properly from the previous days that’s why but plz dont stop i really love ur ff

  6. Sgatik

    Hey Akanksha, ur ff is best one. Dont get disappointed due to less comment. Please continue this. Coming to today’s episode it was too awesone and lovely. Eagerly waiting for next.

  7. Angel20


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    Your ff is awesome yaar, my tests were going on that’s why could not comment! Don’t worry about comments yaar, vo to ate jate rehte hai😜 I love your ff and everyday wait for it, but u disappoint me by not posting regularly😢😖 anyways love you and don’t dare to end such a wonderful ff OK??

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