My love-A fan Fiction Episode 2


Really very happy to know that u have liked my story..thnq very much..keep supporting guys…..
Recap: Sona grabs a job in Dixit communications by impressing Dev’s father ..and is invited to dev’s welcome dev reaches India ..
So the episode starts…

Dev and family sit in the car
Varun: Bhaiyya, I missed u a lot..but I don’t think u missed me…
Dev: no yaar..I really missed u a lot…
Varun : then y didn’t u call me when u were in London…
Ishwari: Don’t irritate him..he has come just now
Raghuwar: so when will you overtake our business?
Dev: Papa let me first learn to work..I will work as an employee first..when u become fully satisfied with my work then I will obey whatever you order me…
Raghuwar: Iam proud of u beta…
All smile..they reach home…
Ishwari: go beta fresh up and join us for lunch..
Dev agrees..and varun follows Dev to his room
Varun:Bhaiyya …can I check ur fone?
Dev: yeah but y?
Varun: to know whether u have any girlfrnd!!
Dev: I went London to study not to make girl frnds okay?
Varun: what?? U are impossible bhaiyya!!!
Dev: what do u mean?
Varun: u r the same..u did not change since childhood…
Dev: u have become very naughty these days huh?
They share a light moment…

Here Elena and sona meet near the college..they hug each other..
Elena: wow sona am so happy for u
Sona: thanq… Can we do one thing?
Elena: plz don’t cancel the celebration sona..
Sona; am not cancelling the celebration am just postponing it…Sryy
Elena: But y?
Sona: see it’s so hot now…I have been invited for a party By my boss and I was thinking that we can go for shopping at 4
Elena: seriously sona…Ok then lets go home ..
They reach home
Dixit Villa
Dev: Ma I was dying for the food made by u maa
Ishwari: Today even I am satisfied…
Varun: bhaiyya today papa has arranged a party for u..may be u will find someone special today evening..what do u say??
Dev: I have to focus on my career now…I cant waste my time for all these nonsense
Varun: U r so boring bhaiyya..
Ishwari: now stop talking and finish ur lunch
He makes a puppy face and everyone smile
Its evening now…here sona and Elena are getting ready for shopping..
Sona: common lets go..we have to return as soon as possible
Elena:yeah lets go
Here varun too invites dev for shopping..and dev agrees
They reach the place and decide to have coffee first…even Elena and sona enter the café
Dev and vaun …Elena and sona enter the same café
Elena spots her clsmate there and begins to talk while sona reads a magazine..Dev gets a fone call and while talking he stands beside sona..she assumes that the man is a waiter ‘
Sona: waiter..Two coffee plz
Dev gets angry
Dev: sry??
Sona: I said two coffee plzz..

She notices that the man is not a waiter and apologises
Sona: sorryy I thought u were…am really sorryyy…Plz don’t mind..actually I did not see u…am sorryy
Dev gets annoyed
Dev: what do u mean? U thought I was a waiter…plz keep ur eyes open while talking to others..I thought Indian girls are quite mannered but u..u r so ill mannered..
Sona: O hello…stop it..I said sryy …I did not do that purposely..I don’t need my character certificate from u..Mr.rude..
Dev: What?? Mr.Rude?? O madam plz mind ur tongue…what do u think of urself??
Sona: U know what..u don’t deserve my sorry..go to hell..
Elena finds sona fighting with someone and stops her…varun too takes dev away from her…both dev and sona leave the place angrily
Elena makes her calm and lifts her mood …and they go for shopping…similarly dev is also cooled by varun’s words and they go for shopping
At shopping mall:
Sona tries different outfits but she is not satisfied…suddenly she spots a beautiful Blue gown
She shows the gown to Elena…
Sona: Elena? Hows this?
Elena: u will look damn pretty yaar…
Sona smiles.
Here dev also searches for shirts and tries many but does not like even one..
The sales men become tired due to dev…
Sales man 1: yaar dis person has tried more than 50 shirts but has not selected even one
Salesman 2: yeah I am totally exhausted…
Sona hears dis and tries to see that peson but fails
She ignores and focuses on the dress
At last dev likes a dress and goes to varun
Varun: wah bhaiyya,…ur choice is very nice..nice shirt huh!!!
Dev smiles…
The episode freezes at Devakshi’s smiling faces

Precap: Sona falls into Dev’s arms and devakshi share an eyelock…

Sooo how was the episode guys???did u like it?? Plzz cmnt….

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  1. Hehe, fight in first meet..funny

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  5. When i am reading ur fic i felt smiling myself without my knowledge….very nice episode soon update next episode…..

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    Amazing epi please update soon nice precap
    I like ur writting style carry on

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