My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 19


Hiii guys…dis is dimple…thanq very much for ur support…and sorry guys…I had no time yesterday…so lets start the next episode
Recap: neil leves india…sona is worried about neil…varun Elena cute moments
The episode starts with sona waking up with a call
Sona: hello?
Person: mam…all the arrangements are done…would u like to check once?
Sona: yes…I will be reaching in 45 minutes
Sona cuts the call and hurries up
Sona: Elena…wake up yaar..we need to hurry up…its 8 now
Elena: what?? 8??
Sona: yes…hurry up
Elena: ok …I will get ready in 15 min..
They get ready and reach the new house…they check everything….they decorate the house well…
Elena: I think this is enough…right?
Sona: yes…now the house is ready…so whats the time now??
Elena: yaar…its 9:40
Sona: hurry up…the train will be at 10…lets go
They reach the railway station…bose family arrives on time…the family members hug each other
Here I will be writing dialogues in hindi…plz don’t mind (samjha karo…kuch baathein hindi mein hi achi lagthi hain)
Sona: baba…maine aap logon ko bohot miss kiya..aapke bina kuch bhi acha nahi lagtha tha…aapki bohot yaad aathi thi
Bejoy: hamaare liye bhi yes aasaan nahi tha beta…ab hum aagaye hai na..dekh phir kabhi chod ke nahi jaayenge
Aasha: haan haan…sasural bhi chale jaana sona ke saath…kyun?
Bejoy: haa..zarurat pade tho chala jaaunga
Sona: sach baba..!!
Elena: mujhe bhool gaye na?
Bejoy: tujhe kaise bhoolenge…tu toh hamaari choti beti hai…kaisi ho Elena?
Aasha: kitni dubli ho gayi hai…khana khathi ho ya sirf dieting?
Elena: ab sona ke haath ka khana khaungi toh aisi hi rahungi…aap ka khana mil jaye tho 2 days mein moti ho jaungi…kyun sona?
Sona: Elena ki bachchi…tujhe toh main
Bejoy: are are station pe hi shuru ho gaye…ghar chalo
Aasha: haan..chalo
They all leave from the station and reach new house

Bejoy: very nice beta…u decorated the house well
Sona: thanq baba
Elena: ahem ahem…I too helped her
Asha: yeah..beautiful…thanq beta
Sona: maa…come lets go in…I will show u the house
Meanwhile at dev’s house
Dev is getting ready for office
Ishwari: beta..r u going to the office?
Dev: yes maa..where is varun?
Ishwari: he already left for the office
Dev: so soon?…y?
Ishwari: he said that he has an important meeting at 5…to reach on time he has to finish the work he went early
Dev: meeting?
Ishwari: yes..dont u know?
Dev thinks that he might have planned to meet Elena and made an excuse
Dev: oh yes maa…I forgot,…there is an important meeting today at 5
Ishwari: ok..come soon..have ur breakfast and then go
Dev: ok maa..i am coming
Dev finishes his breakfast and leaves for office
He reaches office and enters into sona’s cabin
Dev: gud morning ms.bose
he remembers that sona is on leave
Dev: am I mad..she informed me already..and I am searching for her
Dev goes to his cabin…
He does some work in the cabin…later he misses sona and thinks to call her
Dev: she might be busy…I will speak only for 2 minutes
He calls her
Dev:hello ms.bose
Sona: hii mr.dixit
Dev: r u busy
Sona: tell me…any official work?
Dev: no..i called u because…umm..actually..
Sona: mr.dixit?
Dev: yes…I wanted to ask whether ur family reached safely?
Sona: yes mr.dixit
Dev: ok
Sona: ok
Dev: ok
Sona: ok then…bye
Dev: (sadly) bye
She cuts the call and is enjoying
Dev is sad as he is missing her at office
Varun comes there and understands that he is missing sona
Varun: bhaiyya..

Dev: varun…thank god…I was bored…atleast u have come
Varun: I know bhaiyya…u r missing someone..right?
Dev: missing?? No not at all…I am not missing ms.bose
Varun: but I didn’t say that u r missing sonakshi
Dev: uhmm..did I say ms.bose?…stop it yaar varun
Varun (smiles) : bhaiyya..,come lets have some coffee
Dev: yeah sure
They have coffee together
Dev: varun…u have some important meeting at 5…right?
Varun: maa told this to u…right?
Dev: yes…I think u will be meeting Elena today
Varun: yes bhaiyya…we decided to go for shopping
Dev: so tell her about ur feelings
Varun: today? Noo…I will confess after one month
Dev: one month y?
Varun: bhaiyya…I am scared…what if she rejects
Dev: aree first confess…then think of her reaction
Varun: no bhaiyya…if I confess and later she rejects..then I will lose a gud frnd too
Dev: hmm!!..i don’t think she will reject u
Varun: really?
Dev: yes…check whether she cares for u or not
Varun: care?
Dev: yes…if someone cares for u without expecting anything from u then that is called love
Varun: bhaiyya??? U r talking about love…I cant believe this
Dev: y what happened?
Varun: bhaiyya…u have changed a lot…
Dev: change?
Varun: yes bhaiyya..i never saw u smiling alone before..but u started smiling now…u started to enjoy ur life now…u started sharing ur thoughts..expressing ur views
Dev: shut up varun..concentrate on ur love
Varun: ok ok bhaiyya…u don’t believe me right? Ask anyone who knows u since childhood
Dev: we will do it go to ur cabin and check the files as u have to meet Elena at 5
Varun: ok bhaiyya…bye

Varun leaves and Dev is in thoughts
Dev: was varun right? Did I change myself? I must ask maa
He suddenly gets a call from some clients and gets busy in the work…at lunch time he sees the time
Dev: what the hell…its just 2 now…the day is too long…I think I must call ms.bose once
He calls sona..but she doesn’t pick the call as she is watching a movie with the family
Dev gets tensed
Dev: I hope everything is fine…but y is she not picking my call…ms.bose lift the phone
He calls her several times…sona comes to the bedroom and finds her phone on the bed…she checks the phone and is shocked to see 18 missed calls of dev…dev again calls her…sona picks the call
Dev: ms.bose…is everything fine…r u ok?…y didn’t u pick the call…speak something
Sona: mr.dixit…relax…I am fine…I was watching movie and my phone was in bed room so I didn’t pick the call…whats the matter
Dev: actually I wanted to ask u whether u finished ur lunch or not
Sona: just for that u have called me 18…u r impossible
Dev: I was feeling alone here..everyday we have coffee together..we fight and argue with each other…but today as u r not here…I am feeling bored
Sona: so that means u r missing me
Dev: uhmm…ok ms.bose..i have some work..bye
He cuts the call…sona smiles
Sona: mr.dixit is such an impossible person
Dev: what will she think of u dev…what was the need to call her…huh!!!!
Dev gets busy in some work after having lunch
he searches some files but does not find them
Dev: shall I call ms.bose…may be she knows where the files are…but what will she think of me?..but now I have a reason to call her..
He calls sona
Sona: yes mr.dixit…any problem?
Dev: actually I was searching for some file
Sona: oh that green color file?
Dev: yes…where is it?
Sona: it is in my cabin
Dev: ok wait..hold on…I will search
Sona: wait wait wait
Dev: what happened…?
Sona: Sorry mr.dixit…that file is with me
Dev: hmm!!! So now I need that file
Sona: its ok mr.dixit I will get that now
Dev: no ms.bose…I will come to ur house and take that file..if u don’t mind
Sona: no not a problem…but I was thinking that to trouble u
Dev: no ms.bose…no problem…I can meet ur family too
Sona: ok mr.dixit..i will text u the address
Dev: ok ms.bose
Dev cuts the call and hurries to sona’s house
The episode ends

Precap: dev meets sona’s family…dev asks sona for dinner…sona is shocked

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