My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 18


Hiii..guys…I am back with next episode of My love a fan fiction…hope u will like the episode
Recap: neil’s and dev’s last meet…dev tells sona about neil’s sudden decision…sona is shocked..elena and varun make a plan for shopping
The episode starts
Sona: r u sure?? He said that he will never return india?
Dev: yes…I think he is hiding something
Sona: hmm!!!
Dev: anyways..will u come to office on time?

Sona: no tomorrow I will be on leave
Dev: y??
Sona: becoz my parents are shifting to delhi…I will be living with my family
Dev: ohh..ok…have fun
Sona: ok mr.dixit…take care..bye

Dev: bye ms.bose
She cuts the call…sona is worried becoz of neil…
Elena: what happened sona?
Sona: mr.dixit was telling that neil met him…and said he will never return india
Elena: so sad..
Sona: I must call him

Sona calls neil.
Neil: (in his mind) sona…plz…don’t call me…I will not be able to control my emotions..i will lead rest of my life with ur memories..gud bye
Neil cuts the call…he boards the flight and leaves india forever
Sona is worrired
Sona: I think I spoke very rudely with neil…but that is not the reason for his decision…there is something else
Elena: sona…leave him yaar…already he is depressed as u didn’t accept his proposal…may be ur phone call is bothering him…concentrate on ur career
Sona: hmm!!! I am sorry neil…plz forgive me

Dixit house
All are at dinner table (guys always my conversations are at dinner table as that is the only time when the family will be together)
Raghuwar: dev…neil met u right?
Dev: yes papa…but just for saying that he is leaving india..dont know y papa…I feel something is wrong
Raghuwar: yes I too…but what to do…as the time passes everything will be fine
Dev: yes papa
Varun’s phone rings..but he does not pick the call…

Dev: pick the call might be important
Varun: no bhaiyya…its fine
The phone rings again…it is Elena this time…he picks the call
Elena: is it varun?…i am Elena
Varun: yes know
Elena: are u mad?
Varun: hahaha…no mr.sharma
Elena: ok fine…call me later when u will be fine…becoz I don’t speak with mad people
She cuts the call
Varun: arey
Dev understands that the call was of Elena

Dev: Elena?
Varun: no not Elena…why will she call me..
Dev: no I heard u said Elena
Nikki: yes bhaiyya..i too heard elena

Ishwari: y is ur face red…is the food spicy
Dev: no maa..he is blushing
Varun: y will I blush…it was mr.sharma
Dev: oh what was he saying
Varun: he said that…umm..he said he wants to meet me tomorrow
Dev: oohh
Nikki: something is wrong.,..u stammer whenever u lie…so?
Dev: sooo
Varun: so?
Ishwari: stop it…finish ur dinner…u can talk later
All smile

Raghuwar: dev… tomorrow sonakshi ..
Dev interrupts
Dev: papa.. ms.bose is on leave tomorrow…she said she will be spending time with her family
Raghuwar: ok fine…then will u manage tomorrow?
Dev: manage what papa?
Raghuwar: office work
Dev: yes papa
Raghuwar finishes his dinner and leaves,…ishwari follows raghuwar
Varun: wow..bhaiyya…u know every plan of sonakshi
Nikki: yes bhaiyya…whats going on?
Dev: varun nikki stop it…she call to know about my hand..and meanwhile she informed me that she will be on leave tomorrow…that’s it
Nikki: ohh caring and all huh?
Varun: yeah…I got to know that u became a hero and fought with some goons for sonakshi?
Nikki: what? Really?

Varun: yes…that is why he injured his hand
Nikki: offo bhaiyya…u fought for sona dee
Varun: yes…like a hero fights for heroine in the movies….right?
Dev: stop it…nikki…go and sleep..its too late
Nikki: ok hero..oops bhaiyya
She laughs and leaves
Dev: and u mr.varun…call mr.sharma…she is angry..right?
Varun: bhaiyya!!!

Dev: when will u confess ur love?
Varun: soon
Dev: all the best
Varun: thanq bhaiyya
He hugs dev and calls Elena
Sona and Elena are having dinner…elena’s phone rings
Elena: (in her mind) y is he calling now?… if sona sees this what will she think? Till now..none of my male friends called me at this hour..what should I do?
Sona: oh Elena? R u deaf? See ur phone is ringing…whats the time now…who is calling u at this hour?
Elena: she is my friend..tina
Sona: y is she calling now?

Elena: ahh…let me know
Varun: hello Elena…iam sorry..actually I was at dinner table…with family…u know about nikki…she will make an issue…r u there?
Elena: yes tina…I am listening
Varun: tina?? Hey I am varun
Elena: yes yes I know

Varun: ohh so I am tina? U r with sonakshi right?
Elena: yes..i am having dinner
Varun: so tina will be waiting for mr.sharma’s phone call…bye
Elena: (smiles) sure
Sona becomes suspicious
Sona: tina?? I didn’t hear that name from u
Elena: she is a new frnd
Sona: ohh why did she call?
Elena: actually she called to ask about maths problem

Sona: Elena?? Don’t lie
Elena: (tensed) y what happened?
Sona: becoz today was ur last exam…tina called u after the exams for maths problem??
Elena: haha no no…it was her sister’s problem
Sona: did u solve it?
Elena: noo
Sona: ok ok finish ur dinner and go to sleep…we have to do some arrangements for welcoming maa baba
Elena: sure
Sona leaves while Elena calls varun
Varun: mr.sharma? done with dinner?

Elena: yes tina
Varun: haha…tina huh?
Elena: actually no one will call me at this hour..i thought sona might misunderstand…so I had to do that drama
Varun: same here…we were having dinner when u called me…bhaiyya nikki maa papa were also present there
Elena: I can understand
Varun: hmm!! But y did u call me?
Elena: just like that…I wanted to talk to u…that’s it
Varun (happily) : really…in that case if u want I will be talking with u every second
Elena: really?
Varun: yes
Elena shies
Elena: ok ok bye gud nite varun
Varun: bye…I think u remember 5 pm shopping?

Elena: yes I do
Varun: bye gud nyt
Elena cuts the call…and goes to sleep…sona hears everything and smiles
Sona: so night talks huh?? Not bad…I hope varun and Elena confess their feelings to each other soon
The episode ends

Precap: sona spends time with the family but dev continuously call her as he misses her at office

The episode is really very long…hope u like it…plz cmnt

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