My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 17


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Recap: dev and sona go to the hospital…sona sends dev home for rest….neil proposes sona…sona is shocked…she scolds neil as he talks rubbish about dev…varun and Elena meet at a coffee shop

The episode starts with sona attending a call
Bejoy: sona beta…we will reach delhi at 10..u plz send the new address soon
Sona: no papa…elena and I will be coming…all together we will go to the new home…we will be reaching the station on time
Bejoy: ok beta…c u soon
Sona: bye baba
She cuts the call
Dixit communications

Neil goes to office and meets raghuwar
Neil: mr.raghuwar dixit..i am totally satisfied with ur work…I am leaving india today…I will call u after reaching my office…gud bye
Raghuwar: so soon?
Neil: presence is bothering me…i came here for work and I have to leave
Raghuwar: as u wish..but can I ask u one thing?
Neil: sure
Raghuwar: did u face any problem because of my staff or me? U took this decision suddenly…so I wanted to know whether everything is alright?

Neil: no not at all…everything will be fine when I will leave…plz don’t ask anything further
Raghuwar: ok mr.neil…I hope our relation will not be effected
Neil: no…I am happy to work with u…can u give me ur address…actually I wanted to meet dev
Raghuwar: sure I will sms the address
Neil: thanq
Neil leaves while raghuwar is suspicious
Raghuwar: what happened to neil? He was so upset…I hope dev and sona have nothing to do with his decision
Varun and Elena are in the car

Varun: Elena? Lets go for shopping tomorrow…what do u say?
Elena: you have much time to spend with me..huh?
Varun (laughs) : yes…plz don’t say no…we will have fun
Elena: no girl disagrees with the idea of shopping…don’t worry I will be coming
Varun: thanq so much
Elena: ok ok…we reached…bye
Varun: bye..see u tomorrow at %…i will be waiting
Varun leaves…elena comes home and finds sona upset
Elena: hii sona…what happened? U look upset…u fought with mr.dixit right?
Sona: leave was ur exam?
Elena: shut up…answer me…is everything ok between u and dev?

Sona: yes everything is ok…but
Elena: tell me sona
Sona explains the whole incident to Elena

Elena: so u fought for mr.dixit…wow sona
Sona: shut up..that neil…I will kill him…how can he speak like that about mr.dixit….he has no right…u know mr.dixit is really a very gud can someone hate him
Elena: I cant believe this…u are angry because he spoke bad about dev…the person whom u hated the most…what heppend to u sona?
Sona: Elena…today I realized that mr.dixit is nice guy…he is very soft at heart
Elena: ohhoo…gud …so first he was mr.rude…then mr.sweet…then again mr.rude…then mr.nice
Sona: he was always mr.nice…I realized this fact today
Elena: he is a hero who fought with goons just for u

Sona: that’s enough…ok…maa, baba will be coming tomorrow…we have to be in time tomorrow
Elena: what about the new house?
Sona: oh noo!!! I forgot…come we have to go to that house…some preparations r to be done
Elena: see the time sona…its 7 already
Sona: we will come home soon..plz elena

Elena: ok ok..come let’s go
Sona and Elena leave
Meanwhile at dixit house
Dev is in his room
Dev: I have to say sorry to ms.bose…I never knew that she is very nice person…ms.bose has taken a lot of care…she really thinks that I am her good friend…I will never fight with u ms.bose
He reminisces all the fights with her..all the moments…he smiles
Ishwari comes to his room
Ishwari: dev…u r at home?

Dev: yes maa…ms.bose sent me home for this wound
Ishwari: oh my god…what happened dev…how did this happen..cant u take care of urself
Dev remembers that sona too scolded him in the same way and smiles
Ishwari: beta r u fine…u were smiling?
Dev: yes maa…don’t worry that’s a small wound
Ishwari: first tell me how did that happen
Dev is about to say but a maid comes there
Maid: sir…someone has come to meet u…he said that he is neil thakur and he wants to meet u now itself…
Dev: neil? Y did he come? Maa wait I will meet him
Ishwari: ok beta…I will bring coffee for both of u
Dev comes to meet neil who is standing at the entrance
Dev: mr.neil…plz come in…
Neil: sure dev…how is ur hand now?
Dev: its fine..there is a little pain…u here..any official work
Neil: actually my flight is at 9 pm …I am leaving india…I just wanted to meet u once
Dev: what? Suddenly?

Neil: everything was so sudden dev
Dev: I didn’t get u!!!
Neil: no nothing…take care of urself
Dev: ok mr.neil…we will meet soon
Neil: I hope..

Dev: is everything ok mr.neil?
Neil: yaar…I just want to say onething….i am sorry if I had ever hurt u…I will never forget the time I spent here…I will never return to this country
Dev: hey something is wrong…plz tell me
Neil: bye dev..take care of sona..i mean sonakshi…it was nice working with u
Dev: bye
Neil leaves…dev is in thoughts…ishwari comes there with coffee
Ishwari : areee where is he?…he left??/
Dev: yes maa…he said that he will never come to india…he was very upset…don’t know y…I have seen some pain in his eyes
IShwari: pain? Y?

Dev: I don’t know maa…he said to take care of ms.bose…
IShwari: take care of sona…?? Strange…something is wrong
Dev: yes…I think I must call ms.bose and ask her…may be she knows something about it
Ishwari: ok call her
Dev calls her..but she does not pick the phone

Varun comes home..he notices the wound on dev’s hand
Varun: bhaiyya?? What happened?
Dev: not again?? Everyone is bothered about this
Ishwari: we r bothered because we care for u…we love u and cannot see u in pain
Varun: yes bhaiyya
Dev (in his mind)that means ms.bose cares about me?
Ishwari: go varun..freshen up
Varun goes to his room and ishwari goes to the kitchen
Meanwhile Elena and sona r busy in decorating the house

Elena: are u satisfied?
Sona: I am so happy Elena…finally maa and baba will be with us
Elena: yeah now we need not eat that burnt more canteen food…only ghar ka khana
Sona( angrily): what do u mean by burnt food??
Elena: ok ok sorry…
Sona: its ok…come lets go
Sona takes her phone and finds a missed call from dev
Sona: mr.dixit called me?…oh no…I hope everything is fine
She call dev
Dev: hello ms.bose
Sona: mr.dixit r u fine?…is ur hand still paining…finish ur dinner soon and also take the tablets on time…I didn’t see ur call at that time…hello mr.dixit..r u there? speak something mr.dixit

Dev: oh hello madam…apply brake…u r not giving me chance to speak…let me speak
Sona: I am sorry…tell me
Dev: my hand is perfectly fine…yeah there is a little pain..i will have dinner soon
Sona: gud
Dev: actually I called u to ask something
Sona: what?

Dev: something about neil
Sona: want to talk about neil…I am sorry I will not speak to u
Dev: whats the matter?..i knew it..suddenly his decision to leave india shocked me
Sona: what? Neil is leaving india?
Dev explains the whole incident…sona is shocked

Precap: neil leaves india with sona’s memories…sona enjoys a day with her family…sweet moments of Elena and varun

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