My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 16


Hii guys…its me dimple back with next episode…thnq so much for ur support…really happy guys…..
Recap: Dev decides to be frndly with sona…neil gets jealous and suspicious about dev and sona after the fight..sona asks varun to drop Elena home
So here the episode starts
Dev sits in the car
Sona: (In her mind) mr.dixit said that he cant see me in pain and will kill that person who hurts me…oh my god I cant believe this..
She hears car horn and sits in the car…dev drives the car and sona finds the blood oozing out of dev’s hand…
Sona: stop mr.dixit

Dev: why…what happened?
Sona: give ur hand
Dev: y?
Sona: no more questions..give ur hand
Dev forwards his hand…sona ties her hand kerchief to stop bleeding
Dev: its ok ms.bose..
Sona: no its not ok…u r strange mr.dixit…cant u take care of urself…its ok..u saved me…but u got hurt too..
Dev: ms.bose..mard ko dard nahi hotha
Sona: ohh really wait then
She presses the wound
Dev: ouch..!!! what was that ms.bose?
Sona: insaanon ko dard hotha hai

They both smile
Sona: I am sorry mr.dixit
Dev: y? u need not be sorry…that was not ur fault…it happened accidentally..and don’t make it a scene…its just a small wound which will heal in a few days…u r fine?
Sona: yes
Dev: that’s what matters
Sona: thanq very much mr.dixit,…u always help me whenever I am in a problem…thnq
Dev: we r being very formal…we r frnds ms.bose…and frnds always help each other…and don’t even dare to say thanq or sorry…I didn’t do such great thing that u r making me a hero
Sona: for me …u r a hero…and I mean it..thnq very much
Dev: plz…anything but not sorry or thanq
Sona: sure?
Dev: yes

Sona: ok lets go to hospital
Dev: seriously ms.bose? for such a small wound?
Sona: no excuses mr.dixit…u just said anything but not sorry or thanq…so this is my order
Dev: ok ok…no one can win an argument with u ms.bose
They smile and go to a hospital…the doctor ties a bandage…and gives some medicines
Dev: ms.bose…medicines too for this wound?
Sona: mr.dixit..these are pain killers…so relax
Dev: ok ms.bose…lets go…I will drop u home
Sona: no mr.dixit u go home…I have to go to office
Dev: office? Ok I will also come

Sona: no…u have to take rest…and I have called driver too…he is near the car…u can go now…call me when u reach home..ok?
Dev: ok bye
Sona: bye…take care
Dev leaves and sona is waiting for an auto…suddenly neil comes there
Neil: sona?
Sona: mr.thakur…u here?
Neil: yes …I think u r going to the office?
Sona: yes mr.thakur
Neil: ok come I will drop u
Sona: thnq mr.thakur
She gets in

Neil: is dev ok?
Sona: yeah…we went to the hospital…doc prescribed some medicines…and seriously sometimes mr.dixit behaves as a child
Neil: oh…where is he?
Sona: I ordered him to take rest at home
Neil: u r just frnds? Right?
Sona: yes…but y?
Neil: sona ;let me ask u something
Sona: sure
Neil: what if I say that dev and u love each other?
Sona: what rubbish…we r frnds…that’s it
Neil: r u sure?
Sona: yes…but y r u asking all this?
Neil: (stops the car) because I feel jealous of that dev…whenever u smile with him..i feel like killing him…I hate dev..and I love u
Sona is shocked

Sona: what?
Neil: yes sona…plz don’t say no
Sona: see mr.thakur…I have many dreams…and secondly plz don’t ever speak in this way about dev…how can someone hate him…he is very good person…jealousy? What was that…I am not ur property for ur kind information
Neil: I am sorry sona
Sona: no I am sorry…how can u just think of it…be careful when u talk anything regarding mr.dixit…did u get that?
Neil: yes I got it…u too love him sona
Sona: just stop this nonsense…I don’t love him…I respect him…
Neil is in shock while sona gets out of the car and leaves
Neil: I knew it sona…I wanted to see that love in ur eyes…that’s y I said that I hate dev…whatever it might be…though u call it respect but I am sure its love…neil…first love gave a lot of pain…its ok…
Neil leaves to the office
Sona is walking on the road thinking about neil’s words
Sona: I will not spare that neil if once again he speaks any nonsense about mr.dixit…he might be MD of a company…so sad..he doesn’t know the goodness of mr.dixit
She stops an auto and goes to home
Here Elena is standing outside the college after finishing her last exam…varun comes to her
Varun: hii Elena
Elena: ohh hiii…u here?

Varun: yes…sona sent me to pick u and drop home
Elena: oh am sorry…y did she trouble u?
Varun: trouble?? Not at all
Elena: u must have left all the work in the office just because of me..right?
Varun: its ok Elena…now stop..lets have coffee together
Elena: ok
They go to a coffee shop
Varun: so Elena? What next
Elena: actually I have no plans
Varun: no plans means what marriage?
Elena: no yaar…I was just thinking to take rest for a few days…u know this studies and all is very boring
Varun: boring?
Elena: yes…I like to enjoy my life..i want to that thing which gives satisfaction..
Varun: like what?
Elena: see I love dancing…I always wanted to become a choreographer..but what to do…dad said first I had to go with studies..
Varun: really…u love dancing?
Elena: yes
Varun: so cant u start a dance school??
Elena: yes nice idea…but dad?
Varun: convince him…assure him that u will be happy with ur decision…every father feels happy when their children are happy…right?
Elena: thnq so much varun…u r such a special frnd…

Varun: ok ok..thank me later..first finish ur coffee
Elena: oh sure
They have some light moments
Elena: ok ok lets go…otherwise sona will again shout at me
Varun: ok sure come lets go
They leave
Here sona is at home…thinking about something…she calls dev
Sona: hello mr.dixit?
Dev: yes ms.bose?
Sona: how is ur wound? Is that paining?…take the medicines on time…and plz take rest
Dev: ms.bose..let me speak
Sona: sure

Dev: so ms.bose..i have taken my medicines…I was just doing little exercise so that the wound will be healing soon
Sona: gud..ok bye…c u at office tomorrow
She cuts the call…the screen freezes at their faces

Precap: neil meets dev and informs that he is leaving india and will never return again…dev is shocked

How was the epi guys? Plz cmnt

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  1. Asmita...

    As usual it is mind blowing….. i can just imagine what if dev says “mard ko dard nahi hota” and sona presses his wound…. superb…. hahahaha

    1. Dimple


  2. Simplesweety1

    loved it ! but bohot bura laga neil ke liye ..

    1. Dimple

      thanq…agar neil sacrifice nahi kartha tho devakshi ka kya hotha??

  3. Sumaiya Sumi

    As usual no words. U just kneeled it. Like the way neil try to explain sona how much she n dev both love each other. N the care both take 4 each other. Love it

    1. Dimple

      thnq so much..

  4. Awesomeeeeeeee

  5. Nice episode.


    1. Dimple

      haha…thnq so much

  7. Sree_deeksha

    Nyc one … loved it.. but poor Neil yaar…..

    1. Dimple


  8. Bhoomi

    Fantastic…. Sona cant hear a word against dev?…. This is love ??

    1. Dimple


  9. Amazing epi as usual……

    1. Dimple

      thnq so much

  10. 4nshika

    gr8 one ! 🙂

  11. Angel20


  12. Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    just loved it eagerly Waiting for next

    1. Dimple

      Thnq so much

  13. Awesome

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