My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 15


Hiii guys…thnq so much for ur support…I am happy that u liked all the jealousy this is the next episode
Recap : dev decides to be frndly with sona…neil is in love with sona….sona promises to help varun to confess his love..sona,dev and neil decide to go to factory

Its lunch time
Sona: ohh no…its lunch time…I have to call mr.dixit as we have to reach factory soon
Dev: no need to call ms.bose…I am already here
Sona: ok I will call mr.thakur
Dev: no u will not
Sona: y?
Dev: I will call him
He makes a phone call to neil
Neil: hello?
Dev: yes mr.neil thakur…I have called to remind u that we decided to visit factory today
Neil: sure…I will be waiting at the parking area
Dev: ok
Dev cuts the call..both dev and sona walk towards parking area
Dev: ms.bose…thnq
Sona: y?
Dev: u promised varun that u will be helping him
Sona: its ok mr.dixit…varun is nice guy..elena is lucky
Dev: what about u ms.bose?
Sona: what?
Dev: I mean u r single right?
Sona: mr.dixit??
Dev: ok I am sorry..that was a personal question
Sona: its ok…actually I have many dreams to fulfill…so no time for all these
Dev: ok
Sona: mr.dixit..u r single far as I know!!!
Dev: yes ms.bose!!! I don’t believe in all these!! I mean love and all…does it happen…is that real?
Sona: yes of course…do u love ur brother??
Dev: yes…

Sona: just now u said that u don’t believe in love?
Dev: ms.bose..u r clever…
Sona: whenever u care for a person without expecting anything then that is love…actually the one who doesn’t believe in love first falls in love!!…so all the best mr.dixit
Dev: how will someone know that he/she are in love?
Sona: that u can ask varun…he is love right?..i am still single and never experienced that feeling…I hope I will find my love soon
Dev: yes ms.bose…u will find him soon
Sona: ok lets make a promise
Dev: promise?
Sona: yes…whenever u realize that u r in love..u will first tell me..and I will tell u..ok?
Dev: seriously?
Sona: oh common mr.dixit..promise me
Dev: ok ms.bose
He keeps his hand on sona’s hand..they smile seeing each other and do not notice that they reached parking area…neil who is standing there watches them and feels bad…he coughs and devakshi come into senses
Neil: lets go
Dev: sure
Neil takes his car and is about to ask sona to sit with him…but sona doesn’t notice neil and sits with dev in another car…they leave
Dev: so ms.bose we will have lunch at a restaurant
Sona: ok mr.dixit
Here neil is upset seeing dev and sona together
Neil: does sona love dev?…no…it cant be true…but I saw them…they were lost in each other…dev is also in love with sona….i must find out
They reach the factory…varun is already present there
Sona: hey varun?
Varun: so late huh?
Dev: we were busy in some work…and how is the work going on?…is everything ok?
Varun: yes bhaiyya..everything is come with me…I will show u the main office
Neil: sure

Neil and varun leave while dev and sona meet the manager
Manager: gud noon sir..gud noon mam
Dev: gud noon…sorry…we came here on lunch time…
Manager: its ok sir…its ur factory u can come anytime
Dev: ok u go and have lunch and ask other workers too to have lunch
Manager: no sir…its ok we will have lunch later
Dev: no..we will manage here…u can go
Manager: thnq very much sir
Manager leaves
Sona: u sent him..?
Dev: ms.bose…they all work almost for 10 hrs without complaining…since 17 yrs this staff and manager are working with us …we can do at least some small things so that they feel happy…they r like family members…so I thought that we will manage today so that they can have their lunch on time…have u seen that spark on his face when he said thanq…that spark gives a lot of satisfaction to me…papa always says that a person must never be respected because of his designation…he must be respected for the work he does
Sona is lost in dev’s words
Dev: ms.bose? what happened?
Sona: nothing mr.dixit
Dev’s phone rings and he goes to attend the call
Sona: I am sorry mr.dixit..i have always troubled u…u r so nice…u have such a good heart
Dev neil and varun come
Varun: so mr.thakur…r u satisfied?
Neil: yes…so giving the contract to u was not at all bad decision…u deserve it
Dev: thnq so much…
Sona: ok lets have lunch then
Varun: u people enjoy..i have some work here
Neil: ok
Dev and neil leave but sona talks to varun
Varun: what?

Sona: actually u r busy..but will u do me a favor?
Varun: tell me
Sona: elena will finish her last exam at 4…will u drop her home? If u don’t mind?
Varun: sure
Sona: I knew it…and try to confess ur love today
Varun: thanq so much sonakshi
He hugs her
Sona: what was that/
Varun: I am sorry
Sona(laughs) : that’s ok…be on time..bye
Dev and neil wait for sona…sona comes,…they leave for restaurant
At restaurant
Dev sona neil select a table and sona gets a call
Sona comes out to attend the call
Bejoy: sona beta…r u busy?
Sona: no baba…any problem?
Bejoy: no bets…we will be reaching delhi at 10 tomorrow morning
Sona: ok baba…I will be on time
Bejoy: ok beta…bye…I will speak to u later
Sona: bye baba
She cuts the call…she is about to go but some guys comment on her
Guy 1: ohh beautiful…where r u going?
Guy 2: with whom were u talking?
Guy 3: boy frnd?
Guy 1: give ur number babes

Sona comes to them and slaps guy 1
Sona: how dare u huh? Don’t u know how to speak with ladies?
Guy 2: hello madam? U did wrong…u slapped my frnd right? Now see what I will do
Saying this he grabs her hand and twists…sona shouts in pain…dev hears that and hurriedly comes there…he fights with that guys…neil comes there and is shocked
Dev was beating them angrily and sona was standing like a statue
The guys run away and dev comes to sona
Dev: r u okay ms.bose?
He checks her hand
Sona: I am okay but see ur hand its bleeding..
Dev gets hurt while beating that guys…sona notices the wound and ties her hand kerchief to his hand
Sona: mr.dixit? who said to fight with them…see how ur hand is bleeding…u always act like child
Dev (angrily) : ms.bose? they were misbehaving with u…I cant see anyone speaking to u in that way…I will just kill that person who will hurt u understand?
Sona is shocked..neil is shocked leaves the place and sits in the car…
Sona: I am sorry mr.thakur
Neil: no sona..u need not be sorry..its ok..u take dev to the hospital…i will go by myself
Sona: r u sure?
Neil: its ok sona…dev is in pain
Sona: ok bye
Sona and dev leave
Neil: its clear that they both love each other
The episode ends at their faces

Precap: neil tells sona that he loves her…sona is shocked

How was the epi guys plz cmnt…I need ur support

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  12. awesome fantastic marvelous mindblowing
    what else should i say i m speech less with the fight scene
    i hope the devakshi confession would be there soon
    post the nxt part asap

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