My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 14


Hiii….guys here is the next episode….

Recap: neil’s closeness with sona bothers dev…varun helps Elena to reach home….sona senses something between varun and Elena

Varun comes home and is fully drenched in rain
Ishwari: what is dis?? U were in the car right? How did u get drenched in rain
Varun: maa…I was just helping Elena to reach home
Ishwari: Elena? Sona’s frnd?
Varun: yes maa
Ishwari: ok ok…take this towel…come soon for dinner
Varun: ok maa
Ishwari: call dev too
Varun: where is he?
Ishwari: in his room…don’t know whats wrong with him!!! He looked tired
Varun: may be I know…
He goes to dev’s room…dev is standing near the window….he is thinking about something
Varun: bhaiyya….r u ok?
Dev: oh varun…yeah am fine…why?
Varun: u look upset bhaiyya!!
Dev: no not at all…I am just tired …that’s it
Varun: bhaiyya..atleast don’t lie to me…I know u well
Dev: um…actually
Varun: bhaiyya…open up…may be I can solve ur problem!!!
Dev: neil..i hate that guy
Varun: (in his mind)obviously..he is coming in between u and sonakshi
Dev: that neil always roams around miss.bose
Varun: so what bhaiyya
Dev: nothing…I just want to say that he is just working with us..thats all…he need not become frnd with miss.bose…I mean she is very frndly with him…miss.bose and I are also frnds..but we never do in that way..i mean..
Varun: bhaiyya…what is bothering u? and u said u and miss.bose are frnds…but I didn’t see u atleast speaking to her today?? Frndship doesn’t mean just helping..u have to spend some time with her…u have to share ur thoughts
Dev: but that neil is always busy in talking with Ms.bose…
Varun: u can try at least bhaiyya!!!
Dev: ok…tomorrow I will behave normally as a frnd
Varun: gud bhaiyya..come lets have dinner
They go for dinner
Here neil is thinking about something
Neil: sona…how pretty..u look beautiful…and when u smile my heart just skips a beat…I always want to be with u…is this love?…ohh my god…I am in love…I love u sona…but do u love me?
Here sona is thinking about dev
Sona: what happened to u mr.dixit?…u were gud when u used to smile…now..u just look angry young man…mr.obhodro…

She remembers all the incidents when she met dev first time…their fights…their dance…the day when dev forwarded his hand for frndship…she smiles
Sona: what was that??…u were smiling sona?? go and sleep…
At dinner table…varun starts sneezing continuously..all get worried
Ishwari: see…now cold?…before helping others just think of urself too
Raghuwar: help??
Nikki: yes..he helped Elena di..he helped her by dropping her home
Dev: ohh very helpful varun..
Varun shies..
Varun: bhaiyya!!
Ishwari: what helpful…don’t u drop sona home when she is in trouble?
Varun: wow maa…very gud…now bhaiyya..whats ur answer
Dev: ms.bose?
Varun: yes ms.bose
Nikki: bhaiyya..she has a very beautiful name…she is ur frnd too…u can call her sonakshi
Ishwari: yes nikki is right
Dev: maa…actually ms.attitude is the right name for her…
Raghuwar: dev…she is very sweet…don’t call her ms.attitude
Dev: ok sorry papa
All smile
Raghuwar: ok tomorrow u, sona and neil will be going to factory…neil just wants to visit the factory once
Dev: ok papa…as u wish
All go to their rooms for rest

Raghuwar and ishwari are in their room…raghuwar explains the incident which took place in the office
Ishwari: so that’s y dev was in a bad mood
Raghuwar: yes…
Ishwari: y that neil is troubling my son?…i will talk to him…what does he think of himself??
Raghuwar: relax ishwari…he is just helping dev
Ishwari: helping dev? I didn’t get u!!!
Raghuwar: yes…dev is feeling jealous…that means he has some feelings for sona…he will realize his love for sona only through neil
Ishwari: but..!!!
Raghuwar: let us see what happens!!!
IShwari: u r very interested In their love story…
They smile
Next day…dev gets ready for the office…he smiles
Dev: today no fighting with ms.bose…
He bids bye and Leaves for the office
Here sona is ready to leave for office…she gets a call…its neil
Neil: hey sona…where r u?
Sona: am on the way…I will be there in 15 min
Neil: ok bye
Sona: bye
Sona reaches office…dev is waiting for sona to greet her but neil comes and greets sona first…dev calmly moves from there..sona notices dev
Neil: gud morning sona
Sona: gud morning mr.thakur
Neil: I was waiting for u
Sona: y?
Neil: just like that…come lets have some coffee
Sona: I am sorry mr.thakur…I have little work…we will have coffee later
She leaves and goes towards dev’s cabin

Here neil is upset and dev is angry
Dev: not again…this neil always spoils my day…I wanted to greet ms.bose first but…only a matter of few days…then he will leave india
Sona knocks the door
Dev: yes come in
Sona: gud morning mr.dixit
Dev: gud morning ms.bose
Sona: actually sir said that we have to go with mr.thakur to the factory
Dev: yes sure…lets go
Sona: now??
Dev: ok after lunch
Sona: ok..
Dev: ms.bose…coffee?
Sona: sure
They have coffee and have a good time..neil is sad as she said no to him and now having coffee with dev
Sona comes out of the cabin and moves towards her cabin…she finds varun seeing his phone with a smile
Varun: hmm!!
Sona: mr.varun dixit? Whose picture is that?
Varun: Elena
He says unknowingly…then realizes what he said just and finds sona there
Sona: I knew it…u were staring Elena?
Varun: no no…my frnd’s name is also Elena
Sona: ohh gud…I thought u were talking about my frnd Elena…its ok…if it was my frnd I would have helped u
Varun: help? What help
Sona: leave that…it’s not my frnd Elena
Varun: sonakshi!!! I am sorry…she is ur frnd Elena
Sona: awww…u love her?
Varun: yes
Sona: when? I mean how did u realize that u love her?
Varun: love at first sight sonakshi…
He tells how they met first and how he fell in love with her and smiles
Sona: wow!!! U r smiling?
Varun: yaar sonakshi!! Plz help me…she thinks that we r just frnds
Sona: yes…I know
Varun: do something
Sona: ok let me think about it…and u…continue staring her picture
She smiles and leaves…dev watches all this and smiles too
The episode ends on devakshi’s faces

Precap: neil dev sona in a restaurant…someone comments on sona and dev fights with them..neil and sona watch

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