My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 13


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Recap: devakshi’s dance…decision to stay away from each other…bose family to shift in delhi…entry of new character neil thakur

Dev reaches the office and waits for sona…as she has the contract papers…sona is in search of a new house….she meets a person
Person: mam…u can see the house…I think u will definitely like it…its best for family..
Sona: yeah the house is amazing…lets discuss the rent
They discuss the rent….she assures him that she will be shifting there in a couple of days…the person leaves
She calls bejoy
Sona: baba…I have found a house
Bejoy: so soon..well done beta
Sona: yes baba…I kept my u have to reach delhi as soon as possible
Bejoy: sure beta…we will come soon
Sona: I am waiting for u
Bejoy: beta…r u in the office
Sona: no baba…I have to reach office now…there is an important meeting..bye
Bejoy: bye and all the best
Sona: thnq u
Bejoy : love u too beta
Sona cuts the call
Sona sees the time and is in a hurry to reach the office…she crosses the road…a car is about to hit her but the driver suddenly stops the car
The man in the car gets out…he is neil
Neil: hey miss…r u okay?
Sona: yes…am sorry I was in hurry
Neil: its ok…but be careful while on the road…take care
Sona: thnq…bye
Neil: (in his mind)…what a girl!!! Hope we will meet again
She leaves and reaches the office and enters into the cabin but finds dev standing
She slips and falls over him…they share an eyelock…dev stares her and is lost in her eyes..she gets up
Sona: sorry mr.dixit…
Dev: where r the papers?
Sona: here are the papers..sorry for being late
Dev: its ok
Dev leaves and sona also comes out of the cabin…suddenly she hurts her hand while coming out of the cabin
Sona: (in pain) aahh!!!
Dev is about to come to her but neil suddenly comes there and massages her hand
Dev is shocked…sona too
Neil: is it paining?
Sona: u here?
Dev(in his mind) she knows this person?
Neil: first tell me is it paining?
Sona: no..i am ok
She removes her hand
Sona: what r u doing here?
Neil: I am neil thakur…md of thakur communications…but u here?
Sona: ohh am sorry..i am sonakshi bose
Neil: the sonakshi bose?? Hey am ur fan..can u give me autograph?
Sona: autograph?? But y?
Neil: yaar u r soo talented…the way u grabbed the contract was mind blowing..i became ur fan miss.sona
Dev (in his mind) : cant he address her as sonakshi bose or miss.bose as I do
Sona: thnq so much…
Just then raghuwar comes there
Raghuwar: welcome neil…welcome to r u
Neil: I am gud sir…thnq for ur warm welcome
Raghuwar: I think u have already met sonakshi
Neil: yes sir she is very sweet
Dev (in his mind) : he is doing too much
Sona smiles
Raghuwar: yes…meet my son
Neil: dixit…right?
Dev: hii mr.thakur
Neil: u look handsome man
Dev gives a fake smile
Raghuwar: hey come lets discuss about the contract
Neil: sure sir..lets go
He goes with raghuwar and suddenly comes back to sona
Neil: we will meet later
Sona nods
Dev gets irked and stares sona angrily and moves from there
Sona gives a confused look…she moves to her cabin
Dev: I hate this guy…he spoke to miss.bose as if he knows her..and she too was smiling while speaking to him…she never spoke to me like this..huh!!!
Sona is in her cabin…she gets a phone call asking to reach conference room for meeting..she reaches the conference room and finds neil and dev sitting on opposite sides…she thinks to sit beside dev,..but neil gestures her to sit beside him so she sits beside neil…dev is irked..
Dev gives his reports…he gets appreciation and sona is asked to give presentation…sona gives her presentation and neil adores her while dev gets angry seeing neil
She finishes her presentation..neil gets up and congratulates turns his face and raghuwar observes this..
After the meeting all come out of the conference room and leave for lunch…varun reaches office …he is late becoz he was given some other work..he finishes that work and reaches office..he goes to meet dev
Varun: hii bhaiyya!!…how is mr.neil thakur…how was the meeting
Dev: (in angry tone) I don’t want to talk about that neil thakur…u better ask miss.bose about him…she will answer u
Varun is surprised..he leaves the cabin ..and goes to raghuwar to know the reason for dev’s anger
Varun: gud noon sir
Raghuwar: how was the meeting varun..and meet mr.neil thakur!!
Varun: yes sir…hii mr.thakur…nice to meet u
Neil: hii!!! Varun dixit right?
Varun: yeah…
Neil: I must say..u brothers look really handsome huh?
Varun: u r handsome too!!!
Neil gets a call and leaves from there
Raghuwar: so varun, are the clients happy?
Varun: clients r happy..but bhaiyya is not? Y sir?? Is everything alright?
Raghuwar: for dev everything’s not well..
Varun: y sir? When I asked him about neil..he was irked…but y?
Raghuwar smiles
Varun: sir?
Raghuwar: jealous!!!
Varun: jealous?? Y?
Raghuwar: neil’s closeness with sona is bothering dev
Varun: seriously?? Is that true
Raghuwar explains the whole incident to varun
Varun: ohh so that was the reason for bhaiyya’s anger…
Raghuwar: may be neil is the only source through which dev will realize his love for sona!!!
Varun: wow…too gud
Varun and raghuwar smile…later varun comes out of the cabin and dances
Varun: if bhaiyya realizes his feelings soon and marries then I will also tell about elena to maa and papa…yeyyyyy
Varun comes to dev
Varun: bhaiyya?? R u alright?
Dev: sorry varun…I was very rude…
Varun: bhaiyya its ok…I can understand
Dev: what??
Varun: nothing bhaiyya lets have lunch together
Dev: sure…
They have lunch together…sona is still doing some work in her cabin
Someone knocks the door
Neil: may I come in
Sona: u can come in and need not ask
Neil: sona? Busy with ur work
Sona: no..nothing like that sir
Neil: common sona…u can call me neil
Sona: no..u r md of thakur communications and I am an employee…so I have to call u sir
Neil: its ok…miss sona…u can address me with anything but not sir plzz
Neil: ok sona..hope u don’t mind me calling sona
Sona: no
They smile…dev passes by sona’s cabin and watches them smiling…he becomes upset and moves from there…
Varun also watches them and feels bad for dev
Varun: ohh god,..unite bhaiyya and sonakshi soon..i cant see bhaiyya like this
The day passes and sona is about to leave from office…it is raining heavily…sona is waiting for auto…but no auto is available…dev watches her…
Dev: where is that idiot neil? He left miss.bose and went away…why should I care..
He thinks to go away by ignoring sona but could not go…he comes to her and signals to sit in the car
Sona: its ok mr.dixit…I can manage
Dev: will u plz listen to me atleast once without any arguments?
Sona sits in the car
Dev and sona are quiet…sona receives a phone call…its neil
Neil: hey sona? Where r u?
Sona: oh mr.thakur…I am on the way to home
Dev is irked
Neil: ok be careful…its raining heavily
Sona: sure Mr.thakur
Neil: gud nyt
Sona: gud nyt
She cuts the call
Dev (in his mind) if he cares that much y didn’t he help her? Huh!! Show off
Sona: mr.dixit..we reached
Dev stops the car…sona gets out of the car and is about to say thanq but dev leaves angrily
Sona: what happened to mr.dixit…why is he behaving like a kid? Where is that person who danced in the party…not again…Mr.sweet transformed to mr.obhodro…
Sona goes in but does not find Elena…she calls her but Elena doesn’t take her call…sona is worried
Here Elena is standing on the road and waiting for an is heavily raining…
Elena: ohh no!!i am too late…sona might be worried…I must inform her…
She searches her phone but suddenly remembers that she forgot her phone at her frnd’s place(home)
Elena: poh my god!! What to do now?? No single auto…how will I reach home
Varun who is passing by finds Elena there and stops the car…he comes out
Varun”: Elena?
Elena: thank god….u came…plz give me ur phone…I have to call sona…she might be worried…can u drop me home
Varun: ohho first get into the car then I will give u the phone
Elena sits in the car…varun gives the phone…elena calls sona
Sona: hey varun…I am busy right now…plz don’t mind I will talk to u later ok?
Elena: ohh sona…its me Elena!!
Sona: u idiot,….where r u?…i am searching for u and cant u inform me while going…how irresponsible..say something stupid
Elena: ohho let me sorry sona…my frnd called me for group studies so I left…I thought that I will reach home soon…but I couldn’t…and I forgot my phone there itself
Sona: where r u? and where did u meet varun?
Elena: actually I was waiting for auto…but varun found me and will drop me home…I will reach within half an hour…u don’t worry ok?
Sona: ok…come soon and give the phone to varun
Elena gives the phone to varun
Sona: hey varun sorry for the trouble…thanq for helping her
Varun: hey that’s ok sonakshi…plz don’t say sorry and thanq…no problem she will reach home soon
Sona: thnq
Varun: bye
Sona: bye
Varun cuts the call…he finds Elena drying her hair and water droplets fall on him…he adores her…
Elena: what?
Varun smiles and says nothing
They reach home…varun says bye but Elena invites him for a coffee..he agrees
Sona: hey varun come in
Elena: sorry sona(holds her ears and makes a puppy face)
Varun watches her and smiles
Sona: its ok….(they hug each other)
Sona: Varun u sit here I will bring coffee…elena get the towel and give it to varun
They have coffee and sona observes varun staring Elena lovingly
Sona: (in her mind) so something something between varun and Elena…I have to find out)
Varun: ok sonakshi..elena…I have to leave now
Sona: thanq very much varun
Varun: anything for Elena…I mean u and Elena
Sona smiles and Elena accompanies varun to the gate
Varun: u and sona are really very good friends
Elena: we r like sisters
Varun: good ..ok bye we will meet next time,..gud nyt
Elena: bye
The episode ends

Precap: neil in love with sona…

Such a long episode guys,,hope u enjoy…plz cmnt ur views

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