My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 12


Hiii guys….this is dimple…lets start the episode

Recap: sona and dev look very gud in the party and praise each other while dancing

Sona: mr.dixit…u actually look good while smiling…
Dev: hmm!!
Sona notices that dev is lost in her eyes…
Sona (in her mind) : no sona…stop all this..u r not here to dance with mr.dixit…u have to be in ur limits..focus only on ur career
She tries to go but dev holds her and does not let her go
Sona: mr.dixit leave me…I don’t want to dance…let me go
Dev: noo…I want to dance with u…I will not let u go
Sona:I work for ur company…that’s it…I am not here to u understand?
Dev does not speak a word and holds her even more tightly
Here varun and Elena dance with each other
Varun: Elena..u r looking very pretty today
Elena: thnq..hey see dev and sona…awww..they look cute right?
Varun: yes…like us!!
Elena: what did u say?
Varun: no nothing…they look gud with each other
Devakshi are lost in each other and suddenly music stops
Everybody clap for them…and they break the eyelock
Elena hugs sona..
Sona: what?
Elena: u both were looking too gud
Dev hears that and stares sona
Sona: stop it Elena..
Elena: ok ok
Raghuwar and ishwari watch all this
Ishwari: I wish they always be together
Raghuwar: hmm!!! But may be sona will not let dev come closer to her
Ishwari: y..?
Raghuwar: she feels that she is not right for dev…she already said that she is from a middle class family and wants to focus on career…so I think so
Ishwari: ohh yes..but I think dev will realize soon that he is in love with her
Raghuwar: may be
The clients meet sona..and dev also joins
Client: miss bose and Mr dixit…our boss is very much impressed with u..he will land tomorrow and will be here till the work gets completed…
Dev: thnq so much…we will definitely finish the work soon
Client: ok..we have to leave now..bye
Sona: bye
They leave..sona and dev stand with awkward silence…and finally dev breaks the silence
Dev: so miss.bose…we have to be ready with the contact papers
Sona: sure mr.dixit…I have to go now
Dev: ok let me drop u
Sona: its ok..i will go by myself
She says this and leaves…
Elena: ok..i think I have to go
Varun: y so early
Elena: what early…see the time
Varun: hmm!! Just for ten minutes
Elena: see sona is coming…we will meet later…now let me go
Varun: ok…bye
Elena: bye
Sona and Elena leave…elena turns back to see varun…they smile
The party is over…
Dev varun and all others sit in the hall
Nikki: see maa…these are the pictures that we clicked in the party..
Ishwari: very nice..
Varun: show me
Nikki: yes..bhaiyya..u also see
They see the pictures…they see sona’s pictures
Nikki: see maa…sona dee looks very cute in these pictures
Ishwari: yes..she looks gud…
Dev is lost
Ishwari: what happened dev?
Dev: maa I am tired I want to rest
IShwari: ok gud night’
Dev goes to his room and thinks about sona…he reminisces all the moments he spent with her in the party
Dev (in his mind) : y am I thinking about her…I must focus on my career….i have no time for all this…dev from tomorrow u will not shift ur focus on anything else…just concentrate on ur work
Here sona while sleeping thinks the same
Sona: from tomorrow no need to talk with mr.dixit unless u have any work…u know ur goal in life,..dont deviate from ur goal
They sleep
Next day..a flight lands…a tall handsome guy lands in white shirt and blue jeans…he is Neil Thakur…md of thakur communications…he answers a phone call
Neil: I will check in at sharp 10…fix my meeting with dixit communications at 12…where is my car?
Person on the other side: sir its waiting outside…good day sir
Neil: good day
Neil is a very hard working guy…he has done a lot in a very young age…he is good in nature and very cute
Here dev gets ready for the office and gets a call from the office
He gets to know that the meeting will be held at 12..and hurries for the office
Sona too wakes up and gets a call from her family
Asha: sona..we r reaching delhi in two days…we have decided to stay with u and Elena…
Sona: really maa…am so happy…but house?
Bijoy: beta u have to find a house in delhi…if u want I can help
Sona: no baba…I will do it…infact I will search for the house from now itself…
Asha: bye sona…we have to start packing now
Sona: bye maa…love u
Sona cuts the call…she informs Elena about it…both of them get happy…but Elena becomes sad as she is missing her parents..
Elena: yaar…maa and baba …am missing them a lot
Sona: aww…once u finish ur exams…u can meet them…and u r like my maa baba are ur maa baba too
Elena and sona hug each other
Later sona calls the office and informs them that she will be late…the comes to know that she has to attend a meeting at 12 and assures that she will reach the office by 12
The episode ends

Precap: neil and sona become frnds in first meet and this irks dev…stay tuned

Sooo…how was the epi guys?

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  1. Awwww……i think jealousy track is coming….n i love jealousy tracks…….whoa waiting for the next epi

  2. Dee(devaksha)

    I am just curious…it isn’t necessary to answer the question but…r u a not owl? Loving the couples devakshi and varena

  3. Sumaiya Sumi

    Awwwww so sweet Jealousy feelings
    It’s gonna be damn interesting
    Pls update next asap

  4. nice episode …vry hppy …plz update nxt epi as soon as pssble…..

  5. 4nshika

    cute <3

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  7. Nice episode. Waiting for the next.

  8. well done dimple very excited for the next episode
    as you have added the sweet jealousy track
    update asap

  9. awwww……just loved it & eagerly waiting for next epi

  10. Wowwwwwww.plz update ur epi asap i cant wait……amazing epi….

  11. Nice episode and waiting for the jealousy track

  12. Dimple

    Thnq guys for ur cmnts…yes the jealousy track is coming soon….i will post the episode as soon as possible

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