My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 11


Hiiii…dis is dimple allias Akanksha ..back with next episode….thnq for ur support..

Recap: dev and sona become frnds …sona is surprised with dev’s sweet behavior..varun asks dev to invite Elena keeps his promise

The episode starts with sona attending a phone call
Sona: yes sir…the papers are ready..and u r warmly invited to our success party dis evening
Client: ok young lady..c u in the party
Sona: yes sir
Sona cuts the call and checks the time
Sona: omg…its 5…I have to hurry up and get ready for the party
She calls someone but no one responses…she comes out of the cabin and is shocked to see the office one in the office
Sona: where are the staff members?? Am I alone?
She hears someone’s voice
Dev: no miss.bose…we r alone
Sona: what is happening mr.dixit?
Dev: everyone left the office early for evening party!!! U were I thought I must wait for u
Sona: u were waiting for me?
Dev: yes
Sona: oh my god mr.dixit…many shocks since 24 hours…I cant believe dis…r u ok?
Dev: stop teasing me miss.bose
Sona: ok ok…lets go..i am already late
Dev: ok..i will drop u
Sona: no mr.dixit…thnq…I will go by myself
Dev: firstly no thnq no sorry in friendship…secondly I said that I will drop u so I will drop u
Sona: ok

Dev and sona sit in the car…dev comes closer to her suddenly and sona is shocked…he moves even more closer and helps her tie the seat belt…they share an intense eyelock…suddenly dev’s phone rings and they break the eyelock…
Varun: bhaiyya!! Where r u?
Dev: I will reach home soon…don’t worry..
Varun: come soon bhaiyya
Dev: ok
He cuts the call…sona is in thoughts
Sona: ( in her mind)..what? he was just helping u..u thought something else??? No sona…stop thinking rubbish….but y my heartbeat was becoming fast as he came closer to me? What is happening??
Dev: miss.bose? r u there?
Sona: yes mr.dixit
Dev: we reached…where r u lost?
Sona: oh am sorry…bye…thanq…c u in the party
Dev: bye
Dev leaves…and reaches home

Ishwari: beta…where were u?..go get ready soon
Dev: maa I went to drop miss bose home
Nikki: ohho…so that’s y u r late..gud..
Dev: nikki!!!!
Ishwari: nikki…u r u teasing him?
Nikki: ssorry ma…sorry bhaiyya
Dev leaves then varun comes
Dev: ohhoo…looking smart..huh??
Varun: thnks bhaiyya
Dev: hmm!! Ok I have to get ready soon…clients will be coming
Varun: ok bhaiyya
Dev gets ready and looks very handsome
Ishwari: wah!!! Very nice…u r looking very gud beta…
Nikki: bhaiyya….all the girls will only stare u today…damn cute
Varun: what bhaiyya? Competition?
Dev: thnq but trust me varun u r looking much gud
Varun: thnq bhaiyya
Nikki: then me?
Dev: u r princess nikki
Nikki: thnq so much bhaiyya
Dev: ok but where is papa?
Ishwari: he is looking at arrangements…u can go and help him
Dev: sure maa
Dev goes to help
Meanwhile sona is searching for a dress to wear
Sona: oh noo Elena…dis dress is torn…what should I wear now?
Elena: select any of my dresses
Sona: noo…ur dresses are not of my kind
Elena: what do u mean..huh?
Sona: I mean those dresses only suit u are pretty,chubby,sweet..
Elena: oh madam,…just stop it..let me see
Sona: ok

Elena finds a blue saree…
Elena: sona…see this
Sona: oh noo saree?
Elena: yes wear dis
Sona: is it ur marriage?
Elena: stop it sona…it will look gud
Sona: ok other option left with me
Sona wears the saree and looks very pretty
Elena: ohho..sona…u r looking damn pretty yaar…see here r ur matching earings
Sona: oh thanq…elena…go get ready soon
Elena also looks very pretty in a white anarkali…both the girls reach the venue…
Varun who is attending a call finds Elena nd gets mesmerized seeing her…he drops the comes there and gives the phone to varun
Dev: what? U dropped ur phone and standing like a statue
Varun does not say anything while dev turns back to see…he finds sona in a beautiful saree and stares her…suddenly he gets into senses
Dev: varun!!!!
Varun: yes bhiayya!! I am sorry
Dev: u were staring miss.bose? u said u love her frnd..right?..bad manners…stare only that girl whom u love
Varun: noo bhaiyya
Dev: what no? y were u staring miss.bose?
Varun: I was not staring sonakshi …see there…I was staring Elena..didn’t u see her? Y would I stare her?
Dev: what do u mean…miss.bose is also looking beautiful…anyone will get mesmerized with her beauty today?
Varun: bhaiyya…u too?
Dev: what? (he realizes what he said just now)
Varun: soo found miss.bose beautiful right?
Dev: umm..common papa is calling u
Varun: ok I will go..u stare miss.bose…(he says naughtily)
Dev goes to sona to wish her but suddenly the staff members come to her and they start gossiping
Dev leaves…elena takes selfies and finds varun with some of his frnds..she goes to him
Elena: hello mr.varun dixit?
Varun smiles and turns back…before he could say something…Elena interrupts
Elena:oh my god…u r looking handsome today…wow yaar…autograph plzzz
Varu gets happy…
Varun: not autograph…a selfie??
Elena: sure..hero!!!
They take a selfie….varun’s frnds leave them as Varun was enjoying elena’s company
Staff members finish their gossip and sona moves from there to find Elena…dev finds her and thinks to go and meet her but again ishwari and raghuwar meet sona
Ishwari: u r looking very beautiful today sona beta
Sona: thnq auntyji
Raghuwar: ur face always glows with ur talent…
Sona: thnq sir..sir did the clients reach the venue?
Raghuwar: noo…they are on the way
Sona and dev’s parents talk for longer time and dev leaves thinking he will meet sona later
The clients arrive and ask for sona…she speaks to them
Sona: (In her mind) where is mr.dixit?…wait sona..why r u bothered for him…don’t shift ur focus on Mr.dixit
She leaves from there…she finds nikki clicking some selfies..
Sona: have u seen mr.dixit?
Nikki: no dee…come lets click some selfies
Sona says no but she insists so sona agrees..they take too many selfies
Sona: ok nikki…plz when u find mr.dixit inform him that I want to meet him
Nikki: ok sona dee
Sona leaves…elena finds sona looking for someone
Elena: hey sona…I am here
Sona: so what?
Elena: u were searching for me right?
Sona: noo
Elena: then?
Sona: mr.dixit
Elena: ohh so u were looking for him…good
Sona: shut up Elena

Here dev comes to nikki…and asks for sona
Nikki: sona dee? Yes she too was asking for u
Dev: what? What did she say?
Nikki: relax desperate to meet sona dee? Huh?
Dev: shut up nikki..first tell me where is she?
Suddenly raghuwar calls both dev and sona
They go to raghuwar…
Raghuwar: iam very fortunate that I have such a supportive staff and employees…I would like to thank them whole heartedly…and most importantly my son dev and most talented employee sona
Dev and sona see each other and smile…varun comes there
Varun: to enjoy this party let us dance…start music
Music starts and everyone start dancing…
Varun asks Elena to dance with him she agrees and they too start dancing
Dev and sona are standing aside…dev comes to sona
Dev: miss.bose…come on
Sona: no mr.dixit…I am fine here
Dev doesn’t listen and takes her to dance floor
They both dance
Dev: miss.bose..u r looking pretty in this saree
Sona: thnq mr.dixit…u too r looking smart
The episode ends at their faces

Precap: new character’s entry…will this person help devakshi to realize their love?…stay tuned

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  1. awwwww….cute n lvly epi dimple well done ..but scary precap…

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  2. Awesome as always

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      thnq so much….

  3. Sumaiya Sumi

    Woooowwwwww suuuppperrrrr doooooppper episode I loved it ?

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    Awesome 🙂

  5. Angel20

    Wow, very nice episode!

  6. Hi Akanksha, ur ff is too good. Each day i wait for ur update. Nice plot. I am a silent reader but thought i should comment in ur ff for sure. Ff is interesting, Continue the same.

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      thnq so much…keep commenting…

  7. Very good dimple….
    loved it…
    post soon!

  8. Waiting waiting for next epi……uhhhhhh

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      haha i will post it soon

  9. supperrrrrrrrrrrr doooooooooooperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hit i just love it
    i would rate it as 7 stars
    but the prekap is scary
    end the suspence soon

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