My Love-A Fan Fiction Episode 10


Hii guys…this is dimple back with another episode…actually guys my name is Akanksha..u can call me by my name…thnks a lot for ur support…here’s the next episode..

Recap: dev again shouts on sona…sona impresses dev with her work…varu tells a plan to dev to apologize to sona

Dev leaves the office early and sona is busy with her work in the office…she gets a call from Elena

Elena: sona…where r u?
Sona: in the office…don’t worry I will be there in a hour
Elena: come soon…
Sona: y? any problem?
Elena: someone is sending sorry notes with flowers…u will not believe…till now I collected 20 such notes
Sona: whoz that? Do u know that person..
Elena: I think I know him
Sona: who is he?
Elena: u come home..u willknow by urself
Saying this Elena cuts the call
Sona: (in her mind) whoz this crazy fellow? I have to leave now
Sona leaves the office hurriedly nd reaches home
She knocks the door and to her surprise she finds someone holding a bouguet…that person gives a note..

The note reads…
Congratulations miss.bose…and I am very sorry…I didn’t mean to hurt u…I know it was completely my fault..but believe me I am really very sorry..hope u will forgive me!!!
Sona could not believe this
Sona: mr.dixit?
Dev: sorry miss.bose( he gives the bouquet)
Sona: its ok
Dev: really?
Sona: yes..
Dev: thnq miss bose…so
Sona: so?
Dev forwards his hand for frndship
Dev: friends?
Sona is surprised..
Sona: is this dixit?
Dev: miss.bose!!!
Sona: ok ok friends
They both smile..elena watches all this
Dev: ok miss.bose..see u tomorrow in office..bye
Sona: bye
Dev leaves
Elena: sings..kya yahi pyar hai??
Sona: stop it Elena…he is just a friend..
Elena: mr rude is frnd now…after that boy frnd huh?
Sona: I wonder.. is he genuinely sorry?
Elena: what do u mean?
Sona: dixit…a person with much self respect made all this efforts just to say sorry…I cant believe this
Elena: that’s what I am saying…u r special to him…may be he loves u??
Sona: stop it Elena…
Elena: yes sona I have seen in his eyes…he was genuinely sorry
Sona: hmm!! Leave it…lets have dinner
Dev comes home
Dev: maa…I am hungry..lets have dinner
Ishwari: yes..freshen up…I will serve dinner
Dev goes to his room..and finds varun there
Dev: hii
Varun: offo bhaiyya…u look happy today? Whats the matter?
Dev: I apologized her and we r frnds now…now I am feeling better
Varun: feeling better…hmm!!!…i have never seen you smiling like this before…I didn’t even see u saying sorry to a girl…and I have never seen any girl as ur frnd…and I have never seen doing special arrangements just to say sorry that too to a girl…not bad..many changes
Dev: what do u mean?
Varun: I mean nothing…u think urself
Varun leaves while dev starts thinking
Dev: is varun right? Y was I feeling so bad when miss.bose ignored me? Y was I sad after shouting at her? Y did I put these efforts for a simple sorry…y was I feeling very happy after saying sorry…y did I forward hand for frndship? Y was I smiling without reason? Oh nooo…I will definitely become mad…ignore all this u r happy that u said sorry…be happy then…dis varun confuses me always…I mean y would I change?

He goes for dinner…at dinner table raghuwar praises sona and says how she grabbed that contract with her talent
Ishwari: yes she is good and talented
Raghuwar: tomorrow I have arranged a success party
Varun: wow papa success party
Nikki: is sona dee coming
Raghuwar: yes she will…dev will u do a small favor
Dev: sure papa..what is it
Raghuwar: u and sona be ready with contract papers…tomorrow the clients will be coming to the party…we will handover that papers tomorrow itself
Dev: sure papa
Raghuwar: by the way…r u both still fighting?
Dev: noo papa
Varun: noo papa…now they became good friends…right bhaiyya?
Dev gives an angry look…while all others smile
Ishwari: dev…u did not tell me that u nd sona have become friends?
Nikki: maa…bhaiyya..and friendship with a girl??..surprising right?
Dev: nikkii..stop it
All finish the dinner and leave
Raghuwar and ishwari are in their room
Raghuwar: I think sona is perfect for dev
Ishwari: yes I too think so…I have never seen dev so happy…( she watches dev talking and playing with varun and nikki)…
Raghuwar: u r right…I wish dev always keeps smiling like dis
IShwari: lets talk to sona and dev about dis
Raghuwar: noo…not now..let them realize that they r made for each other..let them know that they r inseparable…it will take time
Ishwari: I wish they realize this fact soon

Next morning
Dev gets ready for office and varun comes to him
Dev: gud morning
Varun: gud morning bhaiyya..
Dev: so tell me what do u want?
Varun: how do u know that I came here to ask something
Dev: I am ur brother..i know u very well
Varun: bhaiyya..there is a party this evening right? So sonakshi will be coming?
Dev: yes..miss.bose will be coming and I don’t think u came here just to ask that
Varun: actually bhaiyya..cant we invite Elena too
Dev: ohh so that’s the matter…don’t worry she will come
Varun: really bhaiyya…thnq so much
Dev: ok ok come fast to the office,..i am leaving now
Varun leaves
Dev: I knew it..i must talk to miss bose
Dev reaches the office…
Sona too comes to the office and is about to enter her cabin

Dev: gud morning miss bose
Sona: gud morning mr.dixit
Dev smiles while sona is surprised
Sona (in her mind) : mr.dixit was smiling…oh my god…he wished me…something is can mr.rude become mr.sweet?
Sona starts her work and calls for peon….but suddenly dev comes and knocks the door..she thinks that the person might be peon and asks for coffee
Sona: one coffee please?
Dev: miss.bose…not again..should I become a waiter??
Sona: oh noooo…I am sorry…this time too it was not my fault..i called for peon and u knocked the door…I thought it was him…am so sorry
Dev: miss.bose…its ok
Sona: huh? Sure?
Dev: u did not do that intentionally right?
Sona: noo that was just a mistake
Dev: then its fine
Sona: thnq mr. dixit
Dev: we r frnds right? So no sorry no thanq
Sona: is that u mr.dixit?
Dev: miss.bose!!!
Sona: ok…would u like to have coffee?
Dev: sure

Sona orders coffee
Dev: miss.bose…sir said to be ready with the contract file so I have come here to help u
Sona: oh that’s ok…I will do it myself
Dev: no miss.bose…let me help
Sona: ok,,mr.dixit…
They finish the work and its lunch time dev leaves for lunch but suddenly stops
Dev: miss.bose?
Sona: yes mr.dixit
Dev: u remember about today’s party?
Sona: yes
Dev: we warmly invite ur frnd Elena too
Sona: how do u know her?
Dev: umm..yesterday I saw her( he manages)
Sona: sure
Dev leaves and goes to varun
Dev: varun…am sorry yaar..i could not keep my promise
Varun becomes upset
Dev: I was kidding..cheer up…she will be coming
Varun: thnq bhaiyya…thnq so much
He hugs dev
The episode ends

Precap: Dev and sona dance together in the party..entry of new character…stay tuned…

So how was the epi guys…hope u will like it…

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