My love-A fan Fiction Episode 1


thnq for ur support guys…am really very thankful to all of u
so let me start the episode
A voice is heard
Elena: Sona where are you? hurry up ..we r getting late
Sona:yes am ready…
A girl is shown with beautiful eyes applying kajal
Yes shez our sona…SONAKSHI BOSE
then a girl is shown who has a pretty smile
Shez elena
Elena: Sona have dis prasad..I know u will be selected..
Sona:Thanq Buddy..I too hope so
So sona is going for an interview to DIXIT COMMUNICATIONS
Sona and elena are childhood besties..despite their age difference of 2-3 years they share really a great bond…Their parents live in KolKota..both the girls have come to Delhi to build their career and live their dreams..They live as paying guests and are loved by the owners, an aged couple..
Sona has finally got a chance to show her talents through the interview..Elena has got admission in college and is pursuing MBA
Now coming to our hero’s intro
Raghuwar Dixit: So am leaving..Bye..see u at afternoon
Ishwari: Please reach quickly….u know dev is arriving today..
Raghuwar: Yes how can i be late..I will reach the airport on time…by the way wheres Varun?
A cute faced guy comes and starts calling
Varun: Maa, I am not going to office today
Ishwari:What happnd beta?
Varun: I am not feeling well I just want to take rest..
Ishwari holds his ears
Ishwari: Born artiste huh?? I know U r excited to meet Dev so u r making excuses..notty boy
Raghuwar: okay I will finish my work soon and reach on time
everyone bids bye
Raghuwar reaches the office
Sona reaches office
she waits for her chance (interview)
her fone rings and by seeing the call she gets happy
Sona: I was waiting for ur call
Bijoy:Ohh my dear I am sorry for being late…
Sona: Its ok baba..
Bijoy: hold on let me on the speaker
Bijoy,Aasha together say: all the best beta…
Sona: Thnq maa baba
someone calls Miss Sonakshi Bose
she says bye and cuts the call
she enters the cabin and greets everyone
she gives outstanding answers and impresses interviewers
Interviewer:Outstanding Miss Sonakshi..I must say u are very talented..U deserve dis job..but before that u have to meet Mr.Raghuwar Dixit
She trys to speak but is interrupted by someone..Mr.Raghuwar Dixit
Raghuwar: You Young lady u have impressed everyone here even me..I was in search of talented people like you..congratulations u r in…
Sona couldnt believe dis and freezes..
Raghuwar: Miss sonakshi..
Sona(comes to senses): huh..yes sir..thnq very much sir…
Raghuwar; thank ur parents who gave you such confidence and freedom to achieve ur dream
Ok now u r one of our employees.. so am inviting u to my house for a party dis evening
Sona: Party ??
Raghuwar: yes today my son is returning from London after his studies so we have arranged a p[arty to welcome him..u have to come..all the other staff are also can meet them at the party
Sona: Yes sir sure
Raghuwar: Ok u can go and join the company from tomorrow
Sona:Good day sir
sona leaves from there
Raghuwar: (in his mind) I must say she is just amazing..very a good person..
sona calls her parents and shares the news
Bijoy: I knew it sona..proud of u
Asha: Well done sona..god bless u
Sona:thnq maa baba ok bye i have to share the news with elena too or else she will kill me bye
Bijoy: Bye beta
sona calls elena
elena: congartulations sona…meet me near my college..we will have some coffee then we will discuss how to celebrate
sona: hold on..How did u get that..I mean how did u know that i have been selected
Elena: oh hello I am ur bestie ok..I know u and i was sure since morning that you will get this hurry up I am waiting
Sona: ok elena hold on am coming bye
elena: bye
Dixit Communtications
Employee: sir u said that Dev sir is arriving today so u have to reach the airport
Raghuwar:Ohh yes I must hurry..and u r invited too to the party c u at evening
Employee: yes sir
Raghuwar reaches the airport and finds his family waiting for DEV
A flight lands and a very handsome guy wearing Blue shirt and black Blazer comes and touches raghuwar’s feet
Yes hez our Hero DEV DIXIT

Precap: sona mistakenly calls dev waiter and both of them have an argument…first meeting is going to become a bitter experience or fate has written something else…stay tuned
soo guys this was my first episode..i need ur support..romance is about to start..

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