LOVE, FAMILY, TRUST – Chapter 21


[priyanka and raghav were waiting for there order to arrive smooth music was playing in background from hotel’s live orchestra it was lavish hotel and as well as expensive so people were less mostly couples married or to be married]

Raghav:[he looks for waiter and says]this is taking so long
Priyanka:[she smiles and raghav looks at her]we order food not even a minute ago how would he serve it in a minute[raghav realizes his stupidity priyanka to pass the time ask him]well i never you knew that you play mouth organ and sing[raghav feels a bit shy as no one accept his family knows that he can sing]
Raghav:[he asks with trying to hide his shyness]and who told you that
Priyanka:[she looks at him and thinks for a while and says]just little bird without wings
Raghav:[he looks at priyanka sharply and says]by any chance this little bird of yours without wings is not anika,is she?[priyanka nods in yes]she is really gonna pay for this one
Priyanka:[she smiles and says]you said you brought me here to thank me then why don’t you sing me a song[raghav was shocked and surprised both at same time he tries to deny but priyanka makes puppy face and says]please[raghav having no choice gets up from his seat and goes near mike to sing he sings zindagi-uff teri adda song and after it finishes everyone claps for him and they continue with their dinner]

[shivaay,omkara and rudra saw prove and got to know that their fathers killed anika and gauri’s parents and were completely in shock about this revelation so they didn’t faced family directly came to shivaay’s room]
Rudra:[all three were sitting on edge of the bed drowned deep in thoughts rudra broke silence]i want to confront papa and chote papa about it now[he gets up saying this]
Shivaay:[he gets up]rudra calm down we can’t just walk in their room and ask them about this om explain him[he looks at omkara who was still in thoughts shivaay keeps his hands on omkara’s shoulder and says]om
Omkara:[omkara looks up]shivaay how am i gonna face gauri and how will you face anika bhabhi knowing that they are orphaned because of our fathers
Shivaay:[he sits beside omkara and says]om we don’t even know who in their family knows about this
Omkara:[he looks at shivaay with worry and says]gauri knew about this all time she sat in front of me had lunch with me but not even once in my wildest thoughts i could have thought that this will happen i should have been the last person she should be friend with and she never even talked about it
Shivaay:[he keeps his hand on omkara’s shoulder and said]om that is because she knew that whatever happened to her parents was not your fault and believe somewhere in her heart she loves you but doesn’t want to express it and there must be some reason they would have not arrested our fathers but our fathers did wrong and they have to pay for that

[priyanka comes in without knocking and close door behind her that was unusual for raghav as he never saw priyanka that tensed before he asked her]
Raghav:[he gets up from chair he was sitting on]priyanka are you alright?why are you so tensed[she ignores all his question goes to his laptop and browses for live news,news was spreading like fire that tej and shakti had killed nihaal rajput his wife and his brother along with 20 innocent people raghav understood priyanka’s reason for worry he was shocked]we should talk to veerji[they both left his cabin and went to agastya’s cabin]

Raghav:[when raghav entered agastya was already watching news raghav waits till agastya looks at him]how did this happen where in the world would anyone find prove against them
Agastya:[he closes laptop and and moves towards raghav and says]get old files from mathur ji and leave for oberoi mansion i will meet you there

[dadi,jhanvi,pinky where shocked seeing news which was hard for them to accept but after shivaay and omkara accused their fathers it hurted as well as shocked them tej and shakti confessed shivaay asked inspector to arrest tej and shakti but agastya stops them]
Agastya:[raghav and priyanka were standing behind agastya and entered in mansion behind him agastya handed inspector a file and said]inspector this is case files which states and prove that whatever happened twenty years go at rajput production factory was just due to technical errors and as far as the proves that shivaay gave i can assure you that they are fake but if you want you can authenticate them[he said looking at shivaay and omkara]now i guess you should leave[police inspector leaves]
Rudra:[he goes to agastya and says]why did you lied we all know truth and even you know it?
Agastya:[he looks at tej and shakti and says]they may have done wrong but their intentions were not to hurt anyone it’s true that they blew up factory but they never wanted to people die in it it was accident factory was supposed to be closed the day it blew up but my uncle needed to speed up production so he cancelled holiday
Omkara:[he says in anger]for god sake your father died in that factory
Raghav:[he goes towards omkara and says]it was his choice he chose to save my grandfather but he couldn’t save others omkara you are just seeing one side story and trying to make your opinion about it just try to see the other side
Shivaay:[he shouted]there is no other side
Agastya:[he looks at shivaay and says while walking towards him]i will tell you the other side your grandfather took back business from your papa and badepapa he asked them to built their own business and that wasn’t enough he asked them to pay concession of twenty families for 3 lakhs each by their own earned money and i must say which they did and when factory workers got to know about it your mother had a miscarriage but she was so attached to first child that your father had to ask kamini to help and when ranveer got know he chose to torture priyanka to hurt tej uncle[he made all this sound normal he looks at omkara and says]i think you know how is to live in guilt when you can’t even share it with anyone and your fathers did it for twenty years that to without drugs
Omkara:[in his eyes layer of tears formed]i did it because i really was guilty and they[pointing at tej and shakti]were not
Raghav:[he interrupts omkara]we know that they are because they did everything in our power to make sure that we get best in our life when started searching for anika and gauri information were passed on so easily to us without asking questions why do you think that happened they still employ a member from people of twenty families of that incident if we lost our parents then shakti uncle lost his child and tej uncle had seen his daughter in state that he would have never thought of i think they have repented enough[he leaves from there]
Agastya:[he looks at tej and shakti who were surprised that agastya knew everything about them agastya looks at them and says]even i can get information if i want[he was leaving but turns and looks at three brothers and says]if you think your fathers did wrong but at least they repented their mistakes look at yourself what have you done to repent your mistakes[and he leaves]


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