LOVE, FAMILY, TRUST – Chapter 20

[omkara and gauri were sitting together at table near window and chatting omkara thought to ask gauri about her parents as she trusted him now and look to omkara as her best friend he thought she might tell him]
Omkara:[looking at gauri with a bit fear and hope to get answer]gauri you never talk about your parents?how did they died?[gauri was silent for about five minutes and continuously staring outside the window]
Gauri:[she had thin layer of tear formed but she managed to control it and said looking at omkara]om don’t get me wrong i know that there are no secrets between us but trust me if those chapters of my and my family’s life opens up again then it won’t just cost our friendship but also our family’s friendship and i don’t want that i have to leave now patients must be waiting[she left from there without looking back]
Omkara:[to himself]what happened twenty years back that would create differences in our families[he goes in deep thoughts which are disturbed by a ring on his phone]
[shivaay was cleaning shelf but he was looking at anika one thing he loved about his job he can always stay near anika]
Anika:[she was busy working on her laptop and asked shivaay]shivaay hand me file of production sheets[shivaay absent mindedly hands her a file which was wrong one when looks at file’s name she looks at shivaay who was looking at her as if he saw her for first time]shivaay[no response she shouts] SHIVAAY[he looks at her thinking what did he do wrong]are you an educated illiterate
Shivaay:what?[he takes a step forward]what did you said anika?
Anika:[she gets up from her place with file in her hand and scolds shivaay]did you forgot your manners shivaay i am your boss so how should you address me[she looks at shivaay for answer shivaay mummers something she looks at him sharply and says]i couldn’t hear you say it out loud
Shivaay:[he looks down and says]sorry ma’am it won’t happen again
Anika:[she hands shivaay file and says]i asked you for the file of production sheets[shivaay looks at file reads the name]
Shivaay:[he looks at anika and says]sorry ma’am[anika turns back to go back to her desk while she turns her hairs which were open touches shivaay’s face and that brought a huge smile on his face which was ready to face any tantrums anika throws at him]
[priyanka stands at the door and see raghav in deep thought she knocks on the door]
Raghav:[he looks up and sees priyanka and says]come in ms.oberoi
Priyanka:[she enters and stands across table in front of raghav and says]sir is something bothering you
Raghav:[looks at her and sees concerns for himself in her eyes]have seat please[priyanka looks at him confused]please[she sits]okay just for few moments can we talk as friends[she nods in yes a smile appears on raghav’s face]well i’ll be pretty direct would you like to have dinner with me
Priyanka:but we have dinner together daily at your house
Raghav:[he looks down and again looks up and says]no i meant just both of us any restaurant you pick
Priyanka;[she looks at him for while and then asks]but why?
Raghav:[he thinks for words to explain]look i know it’s odd and crazy but sometimes when i look at you and talk to you directly or indirectly i feel my all problems clearing up so consider this as a small thankyou
Priyanka:[she thinks for a while and says]okay i will,korum restaurant
Raghav:[he smiles wide and says]i will meet you at 7:30 your house okay[priyanka nods in yes]
Priyanka:[keeps some files on table and says]now since you’re free until 7:30 just make sure you review this by 5.00 because i need to hand it to agastya sir by tomorrow morning
Raghav:[he takes files and says]i’ll do it but please don’t wear your assistant mask even at dinner please[she smiles and leaves and raghav continues his work]
[omkara shivaay were stand and about to enter the gate just then rudra from behind hold them by shoulder]
Shivaay:[he and omkara turn back]rudra what are you doing here
Rudra:[he pulls his hands down and says]i am spying on both of you i heard you talking to the jailer on the phone why do you want meet ranveer
Omkara:[he interrupts rudra and looks at shivaay and says]shivaay i think we should take him in or else meeting time will pass and we won’t get to meet again soon[shivaay nods in yes and looks at rudra]
Shivaay:come let’s go
[shivaay,omkara and rudra were standing across a partition which separated prisoner and visitor warden brought ranveer and stood in corner of room on ranveer’s side]
Ranveer:[he smirks and says]so what do i owe this visit for
Shivaay:[he takes a step forward and says]let’s make this quick all we want is to know why you wanted to take revenge from priyanka
Ranveer:[he smiles and says]but i didn’t wanted to take any revenge from her
Omkara:[he says in little bit high tone]then why did you played with her life
Ranveer:[he looks away and then again looks at them]because i wanted to hurt your father and the things that affected tej singh oberoi was his power-money and his daughter it’s pretty clear that if i married his daughter i could have got control on both of his weakness
Shivaay:[he gets irritated and asks]but why did you wanted to hurt badepapa?what has he ever done to you
Ranveer:[he says shivaay in taunting tone]you call yourself a businessman you act as if you have been born to rule oberoi empire but you didn’t thought it necessary to look at history of empire which you rule
Omkara:[looked at shivaay and rudra and then again at ranveer]stop talking in riddles ranveer tell all clearly about it
Ranveer:[he takes a step forward in shivaay’s direction and says]the truth is mr.shivaay singh oberoi the empire you and your badepapa rule was built on blood of 20 factory workers and their owner and my father worked in that factory i watch my mother die due to shock of losing her husband your papa and badepapa made me orphan and many more like me but everyone thought that it was technical error but i knew that it wasn’t because i knew the owner well enough,he had maintenance crew to check upon everything and by the time i found out person behind all of it the case was closed so i decided that tej singh oberoi and his brother have to pay for what they did by hook or by crook
Shivaay:[he took moment to absorb all of it]there must be some misunderstanding
Ranveer:[he looks at shivaay with tears in his eyes]no shivaay if you want proof you can find it in my bank locker all proof against your badepapa and papa
Omkara:[he takes a step forward and says]if you had proof then why didn’t you acted before
Ranveer:[he giggles and says]who was gonna believe my word against your father’s[omkara couldn’t answer]no one but most interesting thing is you know the factory owners well[warden says time up and takes ranveer away]
Omkara:[it was difficult for all three brothers to digest what ranveer said but omkara broke silence]i think we should check his bank locker tomorrow first thing in morning
Shivaay[he turns looks at both of his brothers and says]no not tomorrow morning we will do it now because i know this isn’t true [all three of them leave from there omkara and tries to explain shivaay that they can do it tomorrow and rudra was to shock to even speak but he supported shivaay]

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