LOVE, FAMILY, TRUST – Chapter 19

[omkara and rudra when entered rudra couldn’t stop laughing when shivaay asks him rudra hands omkara the letter from rajput office and controlling his laugh ask him to read]
Omkara:[he takes letter from rudra’s hands and reads it loud for shivaay and himself]mr.shivaay singh oberoi,we happy to inform you that you have been appointed as valet for ms.anika rajput you are expected to join your post by tomorrow following page gives you all the information about your work[omkara turn the page and read it silently and started laughing and asks]shivaay who ever offered you this job must have real guts[shivaay takes letter from omkara’s hand and starts reading second page list of work he has to do it was a numerical list 15 tasks as follows cleaning anika maam’s cabin,driving anika from her home to office, preparing and serving maam’s tea,driving ma’am for meetings,and the list goes on shivaay throws the letter omkara goes to pick it up and says]if bhabhi offered you this job then take it

[sahil came on terrace after leaving from dining table and after dinner was over agastya came on terrace to talk to him sahil was sitting on swing and looking down]
Agastya:[he came and sat beside sahil on the swing and started swinging slowly he looked at sahil and said]did you have any problem in school[sahil looks at agastya then he looks back again down]sahil if will not share your problem then how can we find a solution for it
Sahil:[still looking down says]some students at my school taunt me saying that i am an adopted child and i never make my parents happy[he says it with serious tone]

Agastya:[he takes out his phone and looks for some picture when he finds it he pulls sahil near him sahil doesn’t protest nor gets happy agastya puts his one arm around sahil with holding phone and then show picture to sahil]look at this pic[sahil looks at it,it was picture maithili on hospital bed holding ayush and agastya beside her,agastya slides the pic and there was another pic similar just maithili was holding anvi and 4 year old ayush was looking at his sister agastya turns one more pic it was pic the day sahil was officially adopted they took a family selfie with sahil in agastya and maithili bending on their knees and holding sahil by waist and agastya has his other arm around anvi and maithili has her other arm around ayush who was clicking the selfie agastya asks sahil]did i and maithili have same happiness in all three pics[sahil nods in yes]then how can you say that you don’t make us happy the day we adopted you we were as happy as ayush and anvi were born we may not have enjoyed your baby experiences but that’s why you have anika isn’t it she is like mother to you but now you have one more mother and a father to call your own and you know that it’s really feels great to be a parent even though that sometime means facing stubbornness or lots of stupid questions and a whole lot of mischieves these are different happy feelings among themselves and when do such thing it makes us happy you will understand it[he looks at agastya and cuts him in between with a smile]

Sahil:when i have my own kids,it’s so old dialogue at least you could have changed it
Agastya:[he smiles and ruffles sahil’s hair and says]we can’t because it’s a fact,let people think whatever they want because they are not gonna be with forever but we will there for you forever and now never be sad thinking that you can never make us happy[anvi and ayush comes there looking for sahil and heard last part]
Anvi:[asks bouncing her look from sahil to agastya]who is sad[no response but ayush says looking at both of them]
Ayush:[he smirks while he says]who ever maybe sad but there is one thing that can surely make us laugh[ayush and anvi goes near sahhil and starts tickling him he tries to protest while laughing and agastya smiles seeing them happy]

[shivaay storms into cabin without knocking anika gets startled but doesn’t show him]
Shivaay:[he throws letter on anika’s table]this is insult of my qualification and experience
Anika:[she pick up letter stood up and said]shivaay you don’t get to say that to me,the person you insulted publicly more than once and emotionally the times i can’t count if you don’t want the job then leave it i don’t care what you do[she walks toward the dustbin to throw the letter in it but shivaay stops her]

Shivaay:wait[he takes step towards anika and says]i will do this job
Anika:[she turns to shivaay]are you sure[shivaay nods in yes]great then get me a cup of tea[shivaay looks bit surprised and shocked]why are you looking at as if i asked you break mountain i just asked you to get me cup of tea[he nods in yes she goes on sit my her table shivaay was still there she shouts]MY TEA..NOW[and shivaay leaves to get a cup of tea after some time he gets back with a tray in his hand and serves anika tea she drinks it but spits it out she looks at shivaay with anger and shivaay was confused]is it tea or soft drink it’s not even lukewarm

Shivaay:[he cuts her in between]it’s not my fault cafeteria is five floors down and elevators have A/C
Anika:[she looks at shivaay with anger]firstly you do not cut your boss in between when she is talking you get that[shivaay was numb seeing her attitude she shouts]DID YOU GET IT[shivaay nods in yes]and secondly there are things called as teacup cover you could have used that[she continues her work and shivaay stands there she looks at him]why are you still here get me my cup of tea leave[shivaay walks towards door anika calls him he turn back to listen to his boss]it better be hot this time or else i will throw it on your face you get it[he nods in yes and leaves as shivaay leaves anika giggles]

[priyanka she came in cafeteria and notices shivaay there she walks near him]
Priyanka:[she keeps hand on his shoulder and asks]bhaiya what are you doing here and since when did you started having tea [shivaay looks at cup of tea and thinks of what he should answer]wait a minute[priyanka widens her eyes and asks]you are the new valet anika di has appointed[shivaay nods in yes and priyanka laughs]

Shivaay:[he asks priyanka lifting cup from counter]how do work here?
Priyanka:[she asks worker for water and answers shivaay]bhaiya everyone is here nice but you are special[shivaay rolls his eyes priyanka takes the bottle from worker and says]bhaiya if you want bhabhi back then trust me there is no better chance than this [she leaves from there]
Shivaay:[to himself]even i think same[and he leaves with teacup with cover on it]


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