LOVE, FAMILY, TRUST – Chapter 16

[raghav was looking for shivaay servant says him that he is on terrace with his brothers agastya sees raghav passing by and calls him but raghav didn’t notice harsh and maan were following raghav so even agastya follows them to terrace on terrace shivaay, omkara, rudra were sitting on a bedstead raghav march to shivaay like he is going punch him black and blue]
Raghav:[seeing raghav coming to them all three brothers stood up raghav holds shivaay by collar of his kurta]you crossed your limits long back so why should hold mine[he made a fist of his free hand to punch shivaay and lifted his fist he hold raghav’s fist and removed raghav’s hand from shivaay’s collar raghav took step back]he has crossed his limits veerji he challenged harsh to make anika fall in love with harsh as well harsh did mistake to accept it he did mistake by proposing challenge[harsh takes step forward towards shivaay but agastya came in between both of them]
Agastya:[he kept hand on raghav’s shoulder and said]raghav what shivaay did was wrong but what you are doing now is not right either so stop overreacting and step back[everyone was surprised that even after listening to what raghav said agastya was not angry raghav looks at agastya and then shivaay and leaves from there in anger]harsh[he looks at harsh and says]if til tomorrow anika doesn’t knows about this and she doesn’t forgive you then consider it as warning to stay away from me and her got it[harsh nods yes in fear agastya then turns to face shivaay]
Shivaay:[he tries to defend himself]i can explain it[he didn’t find words to explain]

Agastya:[he stares at shivaay for while and says]i am envious of your luck shivaay[omkara and rudra looked confused]for first time we met you insulted my family but i couldn’t do more than slap as my mai is more important to me when your application came for my project contract i tried my best to find better proposal than yours but i couldn’t now when you have tried to hurt my sister play with her feelings i couldn’t even slap you because here you are an invited guest that to from groom’s side but trust me shivaay god forbid you do one more mistake i will forget my ethics and values and finish what i started by just slapping keep that in mind[he steps back to leave and turns and says]shivaay take it as a advice,forget that you ever even met anika[agastya leaves from their]
[raghav was going to his room straight coming from terrace maithili and vrinda saw him they follow him to his room]

[raghav was sitting on front edge of bed vrinda came in and asked him]
Vrinda:[she kept hand on raghav’s shoulder]raghav is everything fine why are you angry [raghav doesn’t even look up this makes vrinda worried and she looks at maithili]
Maithili:[she takes step forward and says]raghav if won’t tell us then how will we know
Agastya:[he enters thinking that he would talk to raghav but he sees maithili and mai and thinks that now he has to explain them both]mai maithili will talk to him you come with i’ll explain you[he kept his hand on vrinda’s shoulder and took her out of room]
Maithili:[he sits beside raghav]so you are angry with agastya[he looks at her]and that to so much you didn’t even look at him?
Raghav:[he keeps his on leg knee bend on bed and other one down and faces maithili] bhabhi do you think that i can be that angry with veerji i am not angry with him just because he took shivaay’s side instead of mine[he tells maithili about challenge and how agastya stopped him from punching shivaay]how could he do that i am his younger brother
Maithili:[she keeps hand on his cheeks and says]raghav your point of view is as anika’s brother but agastya’s point of view was of both geet and anika’s brother[raghav looks confused at maithili]think about if you had punch shivaay he would have got bruises and even his brother if they had tried to defend did you deny that
Raghav:[he says with attitude]i would have changed geography of his face

Maithili:[she gives small smile removes her hand from his cheek and keeps it on his hand and says]of course so when pinky aunty would have come to know who did that she would have created a scene and mama mami would have got embarrassed in front khurrana family and think about geet how would have she felt about it that why agastya stopped you from doing something wrong he didn’t took shivaay’s side he did what was right thing to do
Raghav:[he realizes his mistake]bhabhi you how do you makes it so easier to understand things i should have realized it earlier but instead you sitting here like a mother explaining to his five year kid that earth is sphere not round
Maithili:[she giggled and said]okay now i have made my grown up kid understand then shall i live to make my kids who are still kids sleep[raghav smiles and nods in yes]
[agastya and vrinda talk while walking in corridor and parallel to above scene]
Vrinda:[she asks agastya who taking vrinda to her room]agastya is there something going on that i should know
Agastya:[he looks at vrinda and says]nothing serious mai,raghav got angry on shivaay with some past issues and was about to punch him but i stopped him and it’s handled now so no need to worry
Mai:[she looks at her son and says]raghav is getting to distracted by past he needs something to look forward for some responsibilities[agastya looks down closing his eyes]
Agastya:[he looks back again at vrinda]mai raghav is not getting distracted it’s just that he doesn’t realises or consider consequences of his actions and the look forward part i know you meant by marriage but he is not ready for it till now and you know raghav being adjustable is not is his best quality how will he handle a relationship that is full of adjustments
Mai:[he looks away from agastya and says]he is not going to adjust his wife would have to sometimes i feel wonder that he is part of you all four siblings i mean look at you three you are sensible you all know what you do but he never even thinks

Agastya:[he smiles and looks down and says]mai he was raised that way he was never allowed take decision until he joined force that too was dada’s decision for him and don’t comparing him with us i,anika and gauri we have faced different childhoods than his and i didn’t wanted my younger brother to share the same one to me or my sisters[they reach at vrinda’s room door]okay now don’t stay up all night thinking about it just rest okay[he wishes her goodnight and leaves her
[harsh calls anika and asks her to meet on terrace and tells her about challenge]
Anika:[she was hell angry on harsh]so all this was just drama but it’s not your fault it’s shivaay’s bad habit that he talks rubbish when he is angry but he didn’t mean any of it he never thinks clear when anger take on his mind[she gives harsh a faint smile]
Harsh:[he looks at anika surprised and says]that means we’re still friends[anika nod in yes and wishes him goodnight and leaves from there harsh says to himself]anika you still love shivaay you are eager to go back to him but you don’t want to accept that truth but don’t worry i will make you accept that you still love shivaay and you want him back as much he wants you from yourself that is a promise from your true friend

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  1. Madhu.r

    Nice one

  2. awesome
    luved the whole episode today
    Harsh’s charecter is admirable
    but I dont support the thought that Anika needs to pushed towards Shivaay for the sake of love
    If it had been Shivaay’ ego hurt no one wud hav tried mending his relation wid Anika
    she shudnt forgiv Shivaay for for hurting her self respect

  3. sorry for not commenting on last update
    make shivaay beg for forgiveness

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear

  5. Nice

  6. very nice…..and yayyyyy i’m so happy harsh is going to help shivika realize again their love….thank you for the great epi

  7. Lauren

    Amazinggggg dr.. post nxt asap

  8. Alekhika20

    Nice update

  9. Madhuani

    But I don’t think that anika should be pushed towards shivaay for love sake.
    Instead he should be the one asking forgiveness from her n rectifying his mistakes which he had done due to his anger n ego.

  10. Amazinggg.,…. Shivaay shloud suffer 4 his did….

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