LOVE, FAMILY, TRUST – Chapter 15


[everyone has arrived accept anika and with each passing moment shivaay was getting restless but finally anika arrived and he couldn’t take eyes off her she was wearing a punjabi patiyala suit with bright pink top and bright yellow bottom and neatly folded and pinned to her one shoulder dupatta with golden lace and antique finished golden jhumkas she had braided her hair to one side and some flick to opposite side of braid and small bindi between her eyebrows as simple as she was she was second to none harsh noticed her and goes to her]
Anika:[harsh offers her juice and have glass in his hand she takes it and realizes that even he is having juice]you don’t drink?
Harsh:[he looks at juice glass and says]unfortunately i do but you know what?today your beauty is so intoxicating that i thought i will do with juice[he smile and looks at her]
Anika:[she says in investigative tone]are flirting with me?[harsh nods in yes]well that’s an honest answer for a boy who is flirt
Harsh:[they both laugh]no but jokes and flirting apart you really are looking gorgeous
Anika:[she thanks him and says]well but i thought someone told me that i would look breathtaking but now since you don’t think so then it’s fine
Gauri:[she comes there with raghav and join two of them]di you are looking breathtaking and so beautiful[she looks at harsh and he raises his one eyebrow as if saying “i told you so”]
Raghav:[he was standing beside harsh]anika i must say you have a bit of a fashion sense apart from business sense[anika glared at him but was disturbed by Vishwas’s{maan’s father}voice he gave a small speech about starting a wedding rituals with this jashan and wish maan and geet luck for their journey to come and asked everyone to enjoy shivaay who was looking at anika continuously was also disturbed by Vishwas’s voice]

[everyone was busy talking with friends family and raghav harsh felt this isn’t how they party]
Raghav:[looking around harsh was standing beside him]this feels more like a chat room than party hall
Harsh:[he said looking at the dj]don’t worry it will become one soon[he goes to dj and tell him to play a song of dj’s choice and asks him that after crowds get attracted turn punjabi dhol music on dj plays gore mukhde pe zulfa chaava as song starts]
[harsh goes drags anika in centre and starts lip syncing with song as well as dances]
{dots represents music}
Harsh:……….Chitaa Jeya Roop Soniye
Ki Lewe Tu Mol Soniye
Main Jado Jado Tennu Takiya
Te Dil Jaave Dol Soniye
Gore Mukhde Pe, Gore Mukhde Pe
Gore Mukhde Pe Zulfaan Di Chaavan
Haaye Main Mar Jaavan Soniye
………Gore Mukhde Pe Zulfaan Di Chaavan
Haay Main Mar Jaavan Soniye………….

[anika at first was surprised but after that she started lip syncing with female part as well as dancing]
Anika:……….Ho Kehti Hain Meri Sakhiyaan…
Munde Hounde Ne Rasiyaan
Kehti Hain Meri Sakhiyaan
Munde Hounde Ne Rasiyaan
Malai Makhan Che Batiyan Sohneya
Jeh Tu Vi Munde Nikla Chor
Todi Mere Dil Di Dor
Teh Main Javanga Kis Ore Soneya
[harsh continues what he started]
harsh:Chor Nahi Haan Main Dildaar Azamaale
Ik Vaari Karle Tu Iqraar
Kabhi Chhodenge Na Tumhe Rab Di Kasam
Hum Karenge Itta Tumhe Pyaar
Chhaiyan Mein Tu Dhoop Soniye
Ki Lewe Tu Mol Soniye
Main Jado Jado Tennu Takiya
Te Dil Jaave Dol Soniye
Gore Mukhde Pe, Gore Mukhde Pe
Gore Mukhde Pe Zulfaan Di Chaavan
Haay Main Mar Jaavan Soniye…….

[after this dj starts punjabi dhol music and harsh anika dargs everyone on the floor everyone except shivaay,tej and shakti shivaay was jealous tej and shakti were standing in corner hiding from rajputs]
[everyone dances for about hour and half after that some people go to have dinner some continues chats]
[agastya,maithili,anika,gauri,raghav,maan and geet were busy talking about days to follow harsh was missing from there and shivaay,priyanka,omkara and rudra were talking]
Shivaay:[they were talking shivaay notice priyanka looking at raghav he asks her]prinku are you fine[she nods in yes]prinku i will ask you something please tell me truth okay[she nods in yes]are you really happy with what happened i mean your divorce and you don’t want to stay with us?
Priyanka:[she keeps hand on shivaay’s hand and says]bhaiya it’s not that i don’t want to stay with you all it’s just that i want to be myself and make some meaning out of life even after joining college i never knew what would i do but after i met raghav it’s like my life took turn 180 never to be the same again doing this job i feel that i am doing something for myself and don’t worry ranveer was past of my life[she looks at rajput family youngsters and says]if they can grow up in their childhood itself then i think i am should grow up and learn to live independently[omkara looked at rajput youngsters and then back at priyanka]
Omkara:[he asked out of curiousity]priyanka did anika di or gauri ever told you what happened to their parents and how they got separated from their family
Rudra:[he said sarcastically]gauri di declined to share it with you[omkara gets angry]
Omkara:[he says in angry tone]rudra everything is not a joke if i would have asked her i might have lost her[shivaay found it as perfect opportunity make omkara realize that he loves gauri]
Shivaay:[he keeps hand on omkara’s shoulder and says]om relax he was just teasing you and he is right she made you promise not keep secrets then why didn’t she share it with you and why are afraid of losing her[omkara removes shivaay’s hand from his shoulder]
Omkara:[he says in quick response to shivaay]because i love her[omkara was himself shocked to believe what he just said
[priyanka thought to leave from their she thought that if her brothers ask her again about anika and gauri’s past she can’t lie to her brothers and goes stand alone in corner raghav sees this and goes to her]

Raghav:[he comes near her and says]what happened aren’t you enjoying the party?
Priyanka:[she looks around and says]there are no topic left to talk so i thought i could just stand in corner watching everything
Raghav:[he smiles and says]well you didn’t answer me that day how did i looked?
Priyanka:[she looks at him for while and says]well you looked good then and even now you look great
Raghav:[he feels little bit shy and says]well i knew that always[priyanka smiles and raghav stares at her while nandini drags priyanka with her and raghav says to himself]why was i shy she is not the first girl to praise me and i am not the shy guy kind,raghav control yourself [he again joins his siblings]
[vijay dadaji announces anika as jashan’s best personality everyone praises her and were leaving anika was trying to find harsh nobody knew where he was she at last finds him at terrace]
Anika:[she goes near him]i searched for everywhere and you’re here[he turns to face anika]i wanted to thank you[harsh get confused and asks for what]if it would not have been your suggestion to wear this dress maybe i wouldn’t have won competition so thankyou
Harsh:[he shakes her hand]congrats that’s great but then it wasn’t all me your personality is worth phrasing
Anika:[she smiles and says]harsh can i say something[he nods in yes]you must know that i am a long lost daughter who met her family just 2 years ago but something happened before i met them i had to leave my husband i got divorced and since then you would be the first person i am asking this are you willing to be my friend[she forwards her hand and he shakes it she says]thank you,you know since two years beside my family there was no one i ever really could trust but you are the person now i trust hope you won’t break it[with that she leaves from there and harsh stands there processing what she told]

[harsh thought to himself “harsh what are you doing she thinks me as friend trusts me and now if i break her trust she would never trust anyone i can’t play with her feelings just for stupid challenge how can i be so selfish that didn’t think of it before” he leaves from there he goes to maan and raghav talks them about the challenge and he asks him whether to tell anika or not just he didn’t mention shivaay’s name or the person who challenged him]
Raghav:[as soon as harsh finishes raghav looks at him with anger and says]you do realize that you are talking about someone’s feeling that you were playing with just for stupid challenge didn’t you and that to my sister
Harsh:[he keeps hand on raghav shoulder and says]raghav look i am really sorry for what i did i shouldn’t have done it and trust me first thing in the morning i am going to apologize her it was wrong of me that i took that stupid challenge and trust me if shivaay wouldn’t have dragged my family i would have never let the things go to that extent[and he realizes that he took shivaay’s name]
Raghav:[he removes harsh’s hand from his shoulders and says]it was shivaay singh oberoi wasn’t it[harsh remains silent thinking what to say]now mr.oberoi crossed his limits and he has to answer for that[saying this raghav leaves from there and maan and harsh tries to stop him but he didn’t listen a word]

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