LOVE, FAMILY, TRUST – Chapter 14

[11 days to go for challenge harsh tries to know anika]

[harsh comes in and notices geet,gauri,prinku and maithili busy in selecting dress or accessories for their selected dress,only he didn’t find anika there]
Geet:[harsh was looking around room and finally geet asks him]harsh,are you looking for someone
Harsh:[he thinks to ask first but thinks that if asked directly then it would create doubt so he denies]no,i was just passing by saw your room is really busy with[he looks on bed which was covered with traditional dress, accessories,etc]preparing for jashan{vijay,maan’s dadaji planned to kick start wedding traditions with a party which was in the evening}[he looks at geet and says]and also just wanted make sure you do not colour co-ordinate with maan
Priyanka:[she looks at him confused]what are you talking about if they are groom and bride they should be colour co-ordinated

Harsh:[he looks at priyanka]well the things is that it can happen in wedding tradition but today there is a small competition in jashan

Gauri:[she asked excitedly]you mean like fashion show
Harsh:[he thought a little bit and said]no not exactly it’s like who is gonna be the best personality in jashan[he looks at all three girls one by one and says]so it’s pretty obvious that clothes,colours and performances will be considered and i think maan should win it
Geet:[she keeps her hands on her waist and says]how mean so you don’t want me to win
Raghav:[agastya and raghav came in and raghav kept his hand on harsh’s shoulder and said]geet anyway after marriage you are gonna win every argument with maan just let him enjoy his last days of freedom
Agastya:[he says looking at raghav]well said raghav

Maithili:[she walks near agastya and says]so you want to say that you don’t have freedom since you married me[agastya was about to speak but maithili left from there in anger]
Raghav:[he looked at agastya and said]see even it got proved that you don’t have even freedom of speech
Agastya:[he looked at raghav and said in annoyed tone]shut up raghav[and he leaves behind maithili to say sorry and she forgive him,eventually]

Geet:[she comes near raghav and harsh makes them turn around and pushes them toward door]now you both should get out[she pushes them out of room and closes the door]
Harsh:[in mind “now whom will i ask where is anika,raghav”he looks at raghav who was about to leave but harsh stops him]raghav[he turn back]have seen anika around anywhere
Raghav:[he thinks for while and answers]last i saw her she was in function hall looking out for decorations[harsh thanks raghav and both left from there]

[anika was busy instructing workers once she was done she started sorting out long pieces of clothes shivaay was watching her from above floor he wanted to come down but he didn’t wanted to spoil her mood as she was doing what she loves to do,decorating but omkara and rudra offered her help she hesitated but accepted at last]
Anika:[she looks at omkara and says]om can you suggest me some colour combination you are artist you can get one easily
Omkara:[he looked at the hall and says]di but draping are already done and they are looking good why do want to replace them

Anika:[she said looking at entrance to hall and said]om,the drapings we put in all other places are sky blue and white but this hall is so big that they were not enough and now whatever a colours are left they just don’t seem to go with the sky blue combination[she kept her hands on waist and looked up in annoyance]
Harsh:[he overheard their conversation and said]can i say something[anika turned back and found harsh standing behind her rudra listening his voice got up from sofa he was sitting on and walks to omkara and keeps his hand around omkara’s shoulder]

Anika:[she looks at him for a while and says]speak up anyway i’m not having any ideas maybe yours will work
Harsh:[he walked to anika and asked her]why you want to put drapings at entrance?
Anika:[she puts her hand down from waist and says]what else can we do entrance has to be decorated
Harsh:[he puts his hands in front pockets of his jeans and says]there are other options lights,toran[anika cuts him in between]
Anika:[she takes a step forward and says]it’s not pooja it’s party so i can’t use toran and lights i already had installed more than enough lights we should not always think about decorations we should also give one thought to environment electricity costs nature pollution to us[harsh cuts her in between and says]

Harsh:okay i got the point and also idea[he goes near cardboard boxes that were torn from edges hence couldn’t be used he asked picking one up]what are these for
Rudra:[he said in childlike manner]harsh those are not useful they’re torn from edges they can’t be used and moreover we cannot hang those boxes as decoration[omkara gives him shut up rudra look and he gets quiet]
Harsh:[he put one cardboard box on nearby table says]rudra we are not going to hang boxes but they are big enough so that we can cut out outlined 50-30 cm big stars moons and glitter them and we can hang them[anika thinks for a while and then looks at entrance imagining how it would look and she said]

Anika:perfect[she turns at harsh and goes near him]thank you so much it’s really a brilliant idea[harsh smiles at her]
Harsh:[he takes anika’s and holds it in front of her eyes and says]the idea was around your hand i just showed it you that’s it[anika looks at her bracelet moon and stars were dangling from her bracelet she puts her hand down and looks at harsh for a while he says]i think i should help you just three hours are remaining for before function starts
Preet:[nandini and preet comes there with plates in there hand and says]but first have your lunch[she looks at anika and says]after breakfast you didn’t had anything so first lunch[she looks at omkara and rudra and said]and you both also have lunch with her[anika was about to say no but harsh speaks up first]

Harsh:[he takes a plate from preet and hands it to anika]anika you have your lunch first then you can continue i’ll start cutting shapes until you have your lunch okay[she smiles and takes plate from harsh’s hands and starts her lunch shivaay notices this all from upper floor and he thought “try all you can but anika can’t fall for you because she still loves me]
[by the time anika finished her lunch harsh had prepared crescent moons and stars so anika send om and rudra to get ready as just one and half hour were left and she and harsh looked after every arrangement for last time]

Anika:[once everything was done they started leaving anika saw time and said]phail gaya raita just and hour is remaining and i don’t even know what i’m going to wear for jashan i am really not good at choosing traditional wear and everybody must be busy with their own makeup and outfits what i am gonna do
Harsh:[he comes in front of anika and says]relax i will help you okay
Anika:[she keeps her hand on her waist and says]and what about you?
Harsh:[he says with smile]fortunately i don’t need more than half an hour to get ready so i can spare you half an hour[they both enter room there was nobody in room harsh said]it looks different from what you said

Anika:[she said while she entered room]preet mami was terrified geet has never even wore lehenga before ever it’s her first time,how would geet manage to get down stairs with wearing 10kg lehenga so she said she would get ready in any room on floor below
Harsh:[he didn’t completely listen to her he was looking at a dress that was on bed]anika come here[she came near he gave her dress and said]wear this one[anika holded dress with both hands a little high to get proper look]

Anika:[she put dress on bed and said]this isn’t mine it’s gauri dress and i have never wore this kind of dress before i usually wear long anarkali or sari but[he cuts her in between]
Harsh:[he took dress in his hands and says]will your sister feel bad if you wear it[she nods in no]okay then trust me this colour suits you and it’s perfect match for your personality trust me and anyway you said your choice of traditional is not good so you will wear this dress only[and he picked up earrings that were thrown on bed and asked her]are these yours[she said yes]perfect now you have perfect dress and earrings and you don’t need a neck piece so see it was that simple
Anika:[harsh was leaving anika calls him]harsh[he turns back she holds
dress at her shoulders]how will it look

Harsh:[he takes steps backwards to the door]trust me anika you will look breathtaking in that dress[with that he leaves anika to get ready]


Anika and Harsh should stay just friends
Harsh falls in love with Anika but Anika thinks him as friend
Harsh and Anika both fall in love with each other

They should get married to each other in odd circumstances[but they would just be friends at first and will fall in love afterwards]and make Shivaay realize that he lost anika
Harsh should make Anika realize that she still loves shivaay and help shivaay get anika back

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  1. Harsh should help in reuniting shivika

  2. Harsh should help in reuniting shivika???????

  3. Hey marriage must happen only once in life of a person… So let harsh realize that anika s heart is only for shivaay and none can take place… Harsh also must not fall for anika, he must make shivaay jealous and make him to realize the value of anika in his life… And however I need reunion of shivika… It’s just my thought… But u follow ur heart… BUT PLEASE DONT MAKE MARRIAGE A GAME… Awesome episode yaar.. Nice…

  4. Lauren

    Amazinggggg dii… I hope they juzz remain frnds… post nxt asap dr…

  5. Harsh should fall for Anika.. but Anika shouldn’t… Shivaay should get jealous

  6. Harsh helping Shivika to reunite!
    Awesome episode .

  7. Harsh should fall for Anika but Anika should not

  8. Alekhika20

    Nice update

  9. Nikita_jai29

    Nice one dear.. But don’t do ani har marriage

  10. Oh.. nooo….. Harshanika marriage must not be happened…..shadi hai koi khel nhi. Kl ek se ki.. naraz ho gaye aur dusre se kr li. Fir pehli shadi yaad aayi…..iske liye ekta kapoor hai….Aap brilliant writer ho aap kuch b karo achcha hai pr…. harshanika marriage… nooopsss…

  11. Fffan1234

    No Harsh Annika marriage. Both remain friends and Harsh unites Shivika

  12. I think last one is perfect…. They remain only frnd nd shivaay should be jealous to see them…. Nd harse help in unite shivika….

  13. Madhuani

    No anish marriage…
    Both be friends n harsh makes shivaay jealous but help in uniting them

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