LOVE, FAMILY, TRUST – Chapter 13

Harsh Singh Saini,26:he is raghav and maan’s best friend all three of them attended same school in US so they are like brothers,know each other,harsh’s father is great businessman but harsh and his father,Vikram don’t get along well though they love each other just don’t accept it harsh is always angry on his father because he thinks that his father gives more importance to business than family which is not true so harsh decides to prove to his father that a good businessman can also give family time which his father didn’t gave him

[rajputs have already arrived rampura just half an hour before haveli is like big palace it is chrome in colour it has huge garden from three side and fountain in front]
Rudra:[as all oberoi’s were walking towards the main door]bhaiya they built this big haveli couldn’t they build one telecom tower here
Omkara:[he said as usual]shut up rudra
[they entered inside front hall of haveli and maan’s grandparents and parents were standing there waiting]
Sarita:[she stepped forward and hugged kalyani dadi]i am seeing you after so long didi
Dadi:[she released hug and said]congratulations for your grandson’s wedding
Sarita:[she looks at three brothers and says]look at these three they have grown so much
Jhanvi:[she asks maan’s mother nandini]how are you nandini and where’s maan[meanwhile tej and shakti are talking to maan’s father dadi is talking to her sister and three brothers are looking at the beauty of haveli and vijay dadaji left for some work]
Nandini:[she smiles at pinky and jhanvi and says]actually his best friend raghav arrived with his family just an half an hour go so he and geet went with them to gurudwara[she calls preet who was passing by preet comes near them and nandini introduces preet]she is bride’s mother preet[jhanvi and pinky congratulates her after that nandini asks servants to take everyone to their respective rooms shivaay,omkara and rudra were given one room to share as rooms were full of guests and other family members,rooms were spacious more than enough after vrinda came home shivaay got to know that maan’s best friend is raghav rajput and also geet is his cousin]


[vrinda was going towards jhanvi’s room to invite her for dinner but jhanvi met her halfway they were talking and leaving for dinner]
Jhanvi:[she asked vrinda while walking]kids didn’t return yet?
Vrinda:[she looked at her answered as well walking]they will return,after years they are visiting village let them enjoy their own experiences[jhanvi smiled shivaay heard this much as they passed by his room]
Shivaay:[to himself]i’m running out of patience just to see her how i’m gonna keep my patience when till she enters in my life again[rudra disturbed him asking him to join everybody for dinner]
[bride’s family member’s were in west wing and groom’s in east wing of haveli agastya and maithili came back earlier but anika,raghav,gauri,maan,geet,harsh didn’t return dining room was in west wing once everyone was done and coming out of dining hall they noticed that all youngster have returned and also noticed that harsh was carrying anika in her arms everyone was a bit shocked but shivaay received a high voltage shock seeing anika in someone else’s arms]
Agastya:[he step forward and asked]anika what happened to you?
Harsh:[he answered agastya’s question]bhaiya her leg got sprained while returning she couldn’t walk and it was nearby so i thought i could help[agastya looked at gauri and said]
Agastya:why are you still here take her to your room and aid it[gauri asked harsh to follow her and everybody left from there except shivaay omkara and rudra]
Omkara:[shivaay was still processing what he saw with his own eyes omkara snapped him out of his thoughts]shivaay are you alright?[he nodded in yes omkara said]don’t worry anika bhabhi is fine it’s just a sprain[shivaay smiled at him and all three left from there]

[anika,gauri and geet shared room as geet insisted geet asked priyanka also but sarita dadi said no as priyanka is only sister of maan though cousin but still she would do all the sister’s responsibilities in wedding anika was brought to the room and harsh put her down on bed gauri examined it]
Gauri:[she looked at anika and said]di it’s just a sprain it will be fine till morning you have your dinner in room okay
Anika:[he frowned and said]but i wanted to have dinner with all of you
Gauri:[she said closing her aid kit]but di it will hurt if you walk
Harsh:[he was standing on other side of bed and said]i can help again if you wish[anika looked at him]
Raghav:[he said as harsh finished]it’s good that you want help her harsh but you see that your hand can suffer if you lift her one more time[anika turned her face at raghav who was standing next to gauri]
Anika:[she said in anger]do want to say that i’m overweight
Raghav:[he smirked and said]well at least you accepted[anika threw a pillow at him]
Maan:[he hit raghav’s elbow with his own and said]raghav stop it you are not a kid anymore to fight and anika we all will have dinner here with you happy[anika was happy harsh quietly came to maan kept his hand around maan’s shoulder and said]
Harsh:geet what magic have done on this guy he has became sensible[everybody smiles and after a while have dinner and retired for their rooms]

[elders were having tea under shade except tej and shakti they hesitated to be in front of rajput family for long while and youngsters were playing cricket captains were anika and raghav in raghav’s team it was maithili,priyanka,maan,ayush and anika’s team was harsh,gauri,geet,agastya and sahil shivaay,omkara and rudra got up late so they were late to join them anika’s team was fielding and gauri was bowling shivaay was coming in garden with omkara rudra maithili hit the ball too far harsh and anika together ran to catch it harsh catch but falls and anika fall on him shivaay looking at this makes a fist and was about to confront harsh that he did it on purpose]
Omkara:[he holds shivaay back and says]shivaay where are you going
Rudra:[he looks at scene and anika was standing and offered harsh hand to stand up he says]bhaiya it was just incident and anyway we know that anika bhabhi will never fall for him [omkara gives rudra shut up rudra look and rudra understands]

[shivaay came up on terrace to cool his mind he was standing and looking at beautiful golden crop farms visible a little far from haveli while harsh enters and looks at shivaay he walks to him and stands beside him and says]
Harsh:[he looks at scenery and says]enjoying it[shivaay doesn’t answer he asks him]have you seen anika i wanted to[shivaay cuts him in between]
Shivaay:[he turns and looks at him]what’s your problem you are here to attend wedding then enjoy it why do you want to know where is anika why do you want to help her
Harsh:[he looks at shivaay with puzzled face and says]relax i was just asking so that
Shivaay:[cuts him again and says]so that you could flirt with her but just remember one thing if you even look at her then i would unleash wrath upon you[shivaay takes a step back and says] anyway she is not going to fall for a guy like you i know your uncle sanjeet{vikram’s younger brother who was a bad gambler}was drunk gambler who lost everything and then committed suicide{shivaay was saying it as he was angry on harsh but he didn’t meant to bad mouth his family}[shivaay turns to leave]
Harsh:[he gets angry as shivaay pointed at his family he stops shivaay]mr.oberoi you shouldn’t have brought my family in between and yes you were right i was asking for anika so that i could flirt with her you said she is not going to fall for me but what if she does
Shivaay:[he turns back and comes close to harsh and says]11 days[he says with attitude]you have eleven days you can do everything you want but anika won’t fall for you
Harsh:i accept it 11 days anika will fall in love with me and she will herself say it to me
Shivaay:good luck may the best man win[both leaves in opposite direction]


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