Love, faith & destiny of swalak ( two shot ) part-2 (last)


Hi friends im back thanks all of you for your coment. I’m really happy to seeing your response. Thanks again for supporting me . and xxx I’ll write another ff of swalak but I can’t make it more long so sorry. I’ll be back with another swalak ff surely. And ihad reply everyone who coment ed.

So much talking na let’s start it

Both swara & lucky realised their love &both decided to confess each other. Both of them can’t wait it more long. So one day lucky calls swara & tells her to come back quickly. Swara ask him the reason so lucky tells her that he had a surprise for her . So if she want it then she had to come back asap. So swara tells him that she will return tomorrow itself as she was very much excited for the present. She tells him that tomorrow she had evening shift so she’ll be come back after finishing her shift. So both cut the phone. That night both cant sleep that night but finally they slept.

Next day morng lucky get up early . When he comes down his mother ask him about what is the matter what happened to him how come he get up early. He tells her that nothing happened he was very much happy as swara was returning home. His mother also gets happy. After that lucky left to office. Both were waiting for the evening only. Both ask their friends that why the time isn’t passing. But somehow evening arrived. Swara waits for her shift to be finished.
It’s around 7.15 pm she received a video message on her phone. When she saw it she left shocked. And she runs to that address.. When her friend ask the reason she tells her that it was an emergency so she has to left. And telling this she left. When she came to that place she ask the hotel receptionist about room no.123 . And she rushed there. When she opened the door she saw lucky with an another girl. He was sleeping with her.

Seeing that she was shocked. She shouted luckys name. Hearing swaras voice lucky getup but he has a very bad headache. When he opens his eyes he saw swara was crying miserably while standing in the door. And when he want to get up he hear an another crying voice but it was not true of swara. When he looks to a side he saw a girl was there who is crying sitting beside him. Then he started to remembering what happened? ? But he can’t. And he get up &when he came to swara & try to understand her that there is nothing happened like she was thinking. So the other girl whose name was jyoti she scream that what have you done sir . She was an employee in laksh office. Then laksh again try to make swara understand that he can’t remember anything but nothing wrong has happened. But swara tells him that acha then it was the surprise about which you’re talking yesterday. Really it was a very bad surprise for her. She tells him that she didn’t expect this from him& left the place. Lucky rushed behind her but he couldn’t get her. After searching many places also he couldn’t find her. Then he returned to his house. When he comes back he saw his whole family was standing in front of him.

And his father slapped him & he tells him that what had he done . Before doing this can’t he remembers about swara? ? When laksh tells him that he hadn’t did anything wrong. Then his father switch on the tv &shows him that how all the media are saying bad about him. Then laksh tells him that is swara return home he wants to talk her once . so his father tells him that she is in the room. So laksh rushed to the room. When he enter the room he saw swara was sitting in the soffa &crying alot. He comes to her & ask her that is she believe in the news or believe him. Swara getup &tells him that she believes him because the person who couldn’t bear his best friend insult &to save her respect he married her . like that person can’t never try to ruin any girls respect. She believes him. Hearing this laksh hugged her by telling her that he was very much relived hearing from her that she trust him . Then swara ask him about what happened exactly. So lucky tells her that around 6.45 pm he received a call that swara meets an accident. So he rushed there. But jyoti wants to come with him she tells him that he need someone’s help. So she also came with him. But when he reached near the hotel he & jyoti started to search for her but he can’t find her . And after sometime jyoti offered him water. And when he drinks that water he has a very bad head & he can’t remember anything after that. And he wake up after hearing swaras voice.but he asked her how she reached there.

So swara tells him that she got a video where one man he was hiding his face completely he ask her to go to that hotel & tells her that when she reached there she’ll came to know about her husbands real face. S she came there. Then both of them came downstairs & swara tells family that the it was someone’s trap. Then both went to police station & tells inspector about all what happened. So inspector was ready to help them. When police started to search for jyoti they couldn’t get her. And she runs away. After that all the people want to get lucky arrested. And his office was also get closed by the workers. But in the tough time swara always stood beside him & gives him courage. Then after one month jyoti was arrested from nearest state. And when she was questioned she tells that it was vickys plan. Vicky was the competitor of laksh. From childhood both were studied in same school. But he was always jealous of laksh. After that vicky was arrested. He confess that it was he who trapped him. Jyoti was his employee . He sent her to luckys office. He also loved swara but lucky married her also. So he wants to separate both of them so that after seeing all these swara would gave divorse to lucky & then he can get swara by marrying her & his revenge would be completed also. But swara slapped him hard & tells him that she always trusts lucky more than herself. No one could separate them. Then both came out of police station. Then the next day luckys office was also opened & all the media also said sorry to him. And all became normal again.

Next day night laksh took swara to outside. And he proposes swara & swara get teary eyed listening this. She stood there. So laksh told her thatplz yr give me reply quickly as his knees were paining. So swara hugged him tightly &tells him that she also loves him very much.
After that swara get pregnant &after nine month swara delivers a baby boy. And both stay happily after that.

Friends first destiny brings them together by braking their marriage. But the most important thing was that both trust each other. As both stood for another in each &every problem and their love win also. So friends i want to tell you that always have faith in your relationship may be with your friends or with your family members or your partner also. Life plays game always with you. But never let break your trust on anyone. And if something wrong happen always try to remain happy by forgetting it. I did a big mistake by not forgetting my first love. If you had read my first ff you knew about it(i had written my real life story in it ). I tried hard to get my first love. But fate has another wish. I get married to sidharth not to my love. I never loved him but he stands for me always. Now I understand it . so if something like mine happen with you then always try to forget the bitter past &try to move on.

I knw you will thought why I’m telling this to you. Actually i want to share my experience with you.

If I had bored you then I’m extremely sorry. And if you like it then plz coment by which i knew about your feelings. And If you like my story then plz let me knw ill write another story on swalak if all of you agreed. Plz coment friends.

Bye &always keep smiling.

Credit to: pari

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  1. Awesome di.It’s not boring at all.I loved it.

  2. It’s was awesome Pari….trust is very important in a relation….

    1. Thanks Eva yes trust is very much important in relation

  3. nice ending pari di..
    thanks … because u sed u will come back wid another 1 of swalak ff..

    1. Thanks again xxx for reading I’ll be back with a swalak ff asap

  4. Pari di….. it was awesome…. and i am waiting for next os….so plz update it fast….

    1. Yes shloka I’ll try to update a new os on swalak asap

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  6. awesome. i like this. and also post next swalak waiting.

    1. Thanks & ill try to update a new os

  7. Pari di which is the other ff…want to read it …

    1. Khushboo I’ll update tonight

      1. My real life story it was because I love you ( a real story vs fate )

  8. Really your every story touch my heart.

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