Love, faith & destiny of swalak ( two shot ) part-1


Hey friends it’s your pari again here . may be you remember me I’m the writer of because I love you ( a real story vs fate ). Friends I want to write a story on swalak so plz read it & it was only of two parts so plz support me.
Let’s start it

Swara & laksh were collage friends. Both share a very good bonding. Both were of same class also. One day swara was returning from college alone. Because thatday both swalak had a fight. But in the mid way swara was teased by some goons. She was really scared. But for her surprise at that time lucky comes there & saved her. But after that swara started laughing because lucky told her that he didn’t came with her today & forever. But he was following her to outside because he was very much concerned about swaras safety although both had a fight. So he was following her. Then they returned to their house. After completion of their studies swara became a doctor & lucky takes their family business. But both of them were always in touch with each other in these years. One day swara came to knw that both of their family were planning to do their marriage. After many time both agreed. But some days before marriage luckys fiance run with her boyfriend which left him heartbroken because he had started loving that girl. But he &his family came to swaras marriage. But after swara enters &sits in the mandap suddenly the lights were off. To her surprise a projector was started where some pics of lucky &swara were shown where both of them were hugging. But the groom family called it off left the place by telling that they didn’t want a daughter in law who is charecter less. After their departure swara started crying.

They heared that people are gussiping about swaras future like who will be mariying like a charecter less girl. Both swalak try to make understand their family that it was someone’s trap. Then lucky came forward & told that he will marry swara here itself .And their marriage was completed. After bidai swara went to luckys house. Both swara & lucky were silent none of them speak a single word. Then swara start crying because she also loves her fiance. Then lucky came near her & tells her that he wants to say sorry because with out her concent he married her. Swara tells him that no need to say sorry because sheunderstands that he saved her by marrying her. Again start crying. She tells him that what happened only in last few days their life completely changed. Then lucky told her to stop crying. Then he tells her that she was drama queen na so she was crying he understands it. Then swara stops crying. He tells her that like her an angry bird crying doesn’t suits. Hearing this two words swara started to beat lucky with the pillow. And they started running in the whole room. After sometime both realised that they messed up the room completely. Then looking each other face both started laughing. And swara thanks him because lucky knew that if he calls her by these two words swara started laughing &forget all her pain. So lucky tells her that she was a doctor but all her medicine are with him only. So he used those medicine on their correct time. Then both slept.

Next morning swara getup early to make her first brakfast on her in laws. But she doesn’t know anything about cooking. So she call lucky in the early morning. After trying all the method swara sprayed a glass of water in his face. Then he woke up with a scream. Then swara tells him that he has to help her in cooking because she doesn’t know anything. But lucky told her that he will nt help her. So swara started crying like a little baby so atlast lucky told her to stop her drama because he understood as she was drama queen. Then he told her to come with him quickly because their parents can return anytime from the temple. After reaching the kitchen swara simply sit on the chair & started eating the fruits. When lucky ask her to pass the salt bottle or other things she simply makes a sad face seeing which lucky himself bring that bottle or things &complete the cooking. After serving the breakfast all the elders gave their blessing to swara as the food was very tasty. Then lucky &swara both leave the house to their respective works swara tells him thanks.

Days passed somehow. Both were helping each other in their work. And one day evening both went to attend a birthday party of luckys friend. On the venue all are come for a couple dance. Both were dancing very well like they feel it while dancing .They were very close to each other at that time. Then all starts to clap for them then they came to present. But both of them were silent while returning from that party. Both were trying to figure it out what exactly happen at that moment. Then they slept with out talking each other because both couldn’t have courage to face each other. Then they slept.

After some days both were went for shopping. Bichara lucky was holding all the bags. Then both enters the saree centre. There they met with swaras fiance and he tells them that oh then he married swara. Because after his rejection no one else would marrying her. Then he tells them that it was him who taped swara & the photos were edited by him only. All the planning were of him as he wanted to break the marriage. So he made her a charecter less girl. Hearing this lucky started beating him .He tells him that if he wants to break the marriage only once he can tell swara about it then they can make some plans but instead of that he used swara. Swara tells them to stop fighting. But lucky continously beating him . After not getting any plan to stop it Swara herself came between them. Because of that swara get injured. And lucky stops fighting & other people take away both of them .Then after getting first aid both came back to home . Swara started dressing him & scolding him that what was the need to fighting with him. But lucky told her that he didn’t want to fight but can’t keep quiet if anyone raise question on her or insult her. Then after taking medicine both slept.

After some days swara went to her parents house but both of them were missed each other badly. Then both of them realised that both loved each other alot. Then they decide to propose each other when she returns from her parents home.

Precap -in hospital swara get a video which left her shocked &when she came to that hotel she saw lucky &his fiance ( who left him ) in one of the room. Seeing swara lucky also get shocked.

Guys I will update next part only after seeing your response. So plzzzzzzzzzzzz coment &tell me if it was okay or if you feel it was boring then tell me frankly I will stop writing it. But plzzzzzzzzzzzz coment

Credit to: pari

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    1. Thanks shreya I’ll update next part as soon as possible

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    1. Thanks Eva I really loved your all ff from swaraginiti ki kahani, I hate you too & samjhota both parts you are a very good writer.

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