Well when Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote this TASHAN-E-ISHQ didn’t exist. She has described love in one of the purest form. To love someone only for the sake of love, not for certain trait or quality but just for LOVE’S sake!! This is because to love someone without any particular reason is actually what u call love. If we love someone for a particular reason….then it’s not love but a DEAL! May be harsh…but this is the truth.
We may say “we love him coz of his smile…this …that…etc.” so basically we don’t love that person but his traits.

For girls considering SID….we love his looks, his smile, his famous one eyebrow lifting expression and of course his acting….we summarize these and say that we love sid…but that doesn’t change the fact. It remains the same….that we love his qualities and not him. Because love is more intense , more deep, beyond all these.
So coming to the point as to why I was blabbering so much about love. We all feel that TEI has the most romantic couple TWINJ, but have you ever wondered that their romance is not out of any physical attraction..but a result of mutual understanding.

If we think from the beginning we will realise that although both twinkle and kunj were hot, beautiful and handsome (respectively) none of them bothered to get attracted towards one another. Instead they chose to fight. Yeah I know that they hated each other…but you only think being a girl if u have such a hot hubby wont u eye him?? (if i were at her place I would surely have done…lol!!) but on a serious note neither of them were attracted. Its only after certain time when their relation evolved and they began to share a comfort zone love bloomed.
Frankly speaking I have never seen such a cute couple with khatti mitthi nok jhoks and lots of fun. All these days we have been waiting for love confession but yet I love their realization. This phase of life when u realize ur feeling sis best I feel.

I loved the way they care for each other, love the way they look at each other, love the way they fight, love the way they pacify, love the way they are….. When twinkle gets irked and kunj tries to persuade her…..when kunj gets super angry and twinkle urges him ….everything seems so perfect. Their jealousy, their love, their passion had made me crazy. I have seen many serials but TEI is the one which made me write ff, TWINJ are the one who made me speechless.

I love twinkle’s innocence, kunj’s jokes but more than these i love their chemistry. I don’t know how it is to you people but for me TEI is a wondrous gift which I have got. And I think its the quality of love which is so well depicted that made so many people go gaga!! That unusual quality of love which leads to sacrifice makes a person change completely, and makes him live. That is what love is.

Love is eternal,,,may the memories of our TWINJ be eternal….have a nice day…nd stay blessed.

Credit to: tara


  1. Ruchi

    Awsum,fantastic,mindblowing… U made me speechless…
    I agree with each nd every word that u
    hav written… Tei is gift for all of us (twinj fans/tei fans)…

  2. Woooow lm speechless Tara and you are really good at writing and describing tei is really a gift for all us and it is really the best show ever seen in zeetv

  3. sonal

    Tara… how sweet of you……
    You write so well
    You.are brilliant writter…each and every word which you have written made me speechless…….I don’t have words to express my luv towards you ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Thankewwww for the update
    Loads of luv to you. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Rashi verma

    Very well written Tara…..I am posting this on my fan account of Tashan e ishq….I all give u the credit…

    • tara

      oh thats relly sweet of u rashi…btw is it in INSTAGRAM??
      then i can’t see…anyways u plzzz inform me if the fans liked it..hehe 😉

  5. chandra

    fav tara . but i dont know much about love . but i came to know here . thanx . but in the case of twinj , i agree with u .

  6. Sanam

    Tara ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    U all writers have got me into an big trouble!!!!!
    I used to read the ff’s since long as an silent reader
    But then the way u guys write made me comment
    I had a lot to tell initially but now
    Speechless! !! Finding for words!!
    Then I thought to express it in terms of songs
    But now I guess even comments will take an level higher ie in terms of stories !!! Lol
    Whatever all that I wanna say is u all r blessed !!! Love u all loads ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    • tara

      nd i think u r blessed to write wondrous comments…lol!! no but as u said ever1 writes so well…nd u tooo dear..

  7. Aliza

    really tara u left me 2 speechless…..m also a very big fan of twinj/tei :):):):):*:*:*……….m also I wanted 2 post an ff bt how 2 do it.. if u or ne1 else cld help me out……..plzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………plzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..:(:(

    • tara

      thanks aliza…go to the homepage..u will find “submit ur article” click there and fill the details…

  8. Sanam

    Tara to change ur dp u need to have an account in

  9. gopika

    OMG :0 ………….
    what a..
    nice ,good ,excellent ,awesome , brilliant , marvellous, fantastic, super, stupendous, fabulous, outstanding, mind blowing, delightful, great, extraordinary, wonderful, fantabulous…………..writing yaar………

    loved ur writing and u soooo much…

    may god bless u to achieve great heights ………..

  10. purba

    hey tara . what about ur another two ffs ?? please update . i m waiting . plzzzzzz . u wont recognize me . as i m a silent reader . but u know my elder sis i mean cousin . chandra di

    • ohk..i see…i recognised the symbol…bt dear i dont write 2 ffs..just one…nd i have posted one yesterday only..plzz check it..

  11. loveleen

    u know wat m still smiling n my cheeks r still paining…u r vry crct n well said we dont love sid….i actually admire him a lot….n ya tei is unique n diff frm others no drama only love…n yeah i ll nvr evr frgt tei as a gained alot of frnz lyk u fr it whom i hav nvr met bt feel vry blessed to get them (thru fb our page..)… i had nvr thot that a serial wud give me so much….feeling vry blessed…??????? thnx tei…..

  12. Simi

    Hi Tara dear . I really agree on every point except tat I really love sid as man brother, I know ull laugh on dis but I swear I do admire his looks n everything but I love him as a brother I swear I m simply saying to deny ur fact ,pls don get me wrong ha . n BT twinj as u said I really like those same things which u r saying but I love one more thing BT twinj tat is tat they both know tat they love each other. M mean twinkle knows tat kunj loves her n he to knows that twinkle loves him . n they r not confessing their love I toh have no problem with this. Coz without saying anything they jus know each others feelings. Love twinj . very well written Tara dearie . love u 🙂 ( sry for such long comments but I don’t know what happens to me , when I start writing thn I can’t stop only) sry again dear . love ya ??

  13. Aastha

    Its nt neccesary to confess luv as bcauz u can feel it and in TEI just happening the sam……

  14. Aakanksha

    Woooowww tara its just awesome….so beautifully written yaar….idk how u manage to write so well…u r an incredible writer…may god bless u and may u fulfill all ur dreams in life…I luv u and u are my fav writer dear

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