Hai guys! My name is meenu.And i am new to this ffs but i used to read almost all the ffs.Since i am new plzzzzzz do support me and encourage me so that i can write my ff with a peace mind.I know that i am not a good writer but still …………………..Its only becoz of u guys tat i am writing.
And dont feel bad to tell me if my storyline is bad.I will stop writing if it goes wrong.OKKKK
And also dont forget to comment below.

And here we start………….(character analysis)
SWARA GADODIYA:A cute sweet innocent funny mordern girl.Presently she is enjoying her collage life.and hav an elder sis-Ragini .Loves her family a lot and she loves her sis more than herself.And she is very very beautiful.
RAGINI GODODIYA:Same like Swara but she is a little matured.holds her hands with Swara 4 every cunning and naughty activities.She is also very very beautiful.and she is the most wanted model in India.She has choosen modelling as her career and is successful in tat.
SANSKAR MAHESWARI:A cute handsome guy in shot.Heartrobe of the collage.but hate books.He always want to enjoy his life to the core.and has an elder brother.Loves his family a lot .but he shares everytjing with his bhai.
LAKSH MAHESWARI:Same like sanskar.he is a fashion designer.A successful fashion designer.His favorite hobby is to travel around the world.

SHEKAR GADODIYA AND SHARMISTA :Father and mother of Swaragini.They are leading the most successful business couples.Love their childern alot.

DURGAPRASAD MASHESWARI AND ANNAPURNA:father and mothet of sanskar and laksh.Dp is a successful business man and ap is a their childern alot.

The other characters will be introduced withvthe story.

So heres an introduction.If u like it plzzzz support me and encourage me.Share ur views through the comments below.

Credit to: Meenu

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  1. nyz intro. according to pic i thought its ragsan ff. can tell the pair. if u can tell now no prob i’ll read and knows frm story. continue it

  2. Nice Cntnue…

    1. Thanku sindu rm aastha and s priys

  3. awesome story but make it ragsan

    1. I will try my best

  4. nyc pls post soon 🙂

    1. Thank u taiana

  5. isnt it ragsan

    1. RAGSAN?????????????!?????????

  6. Nice…the pic u sed it looks like a ragsan ff… I really hope it’s ragsan so plz can u tell us the pair

    1. But the pic was not choosen by me

  7. Good… regarding pairs make it ragsan plzzz…

    1. I will try my best

  8. So r u guys saying that it should be a RAGSAN FF???????????

    1. yes plzzzzzzz ragsan

  9. Yes i want ragsan ff……

  10. Ok i hav decided to go along with ragsan as well as swasan and raglak and swalak

    Confusing isnt it even me toooooooooooo

  11. I thought tat 3/4 of the fans were SWASAN

  12. I thought tat mostof the fans were SWASAN

    1. Plz ragsan plzzzzz…there are so many ffs of swasan…..plz make it ragsan….

  13. Meenu plz just do swalak and ragsan…don’t do swasan and raglak…plz plz plz it’s a humble request

  14. Ragsan plzzzz

    1. I will try my best

  15. I want ragsan swalak

    1. Ok and thank u 4 commenting

  16. Plzz ragsan nd swalak

    1. Ok and tq 4 commenting

  17. Pls I also want ragsan

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