Love is Everywhere (Intro and Promo)

Hi everyone……It’s my 2nd ff…….Hope you all will like this………So coming to our characters…..

Viplav Tripathi…….A happy go lucky guy and by profession a lawyer. He doesnot believe in love but interested in making girl friends. The main reason is that his parents were seperated even though they had a love marriage. He currently lives in India with his father.

Dhaani Mallik…….A sweet girl and she is a music student. She is just opposite to our hero. She believes strongly in love and is searching for her soulmate. Her role model is her parents. Now she lives in France with her father. Her mother died a year ago.

Rakesh Mallik……Father of Dhaani. He has a small business out there in France. Loves his daughter very much.

Avijit Mallik……Cousin and best friend of Dhaani. Their families are trying to get both married soon. But they both are unaware of this.

Pankaj…….Best friend of Viplav and is ready to do anything for him.

Other characters will be shown in the story later. So wait and read. So coming to our promo.

In France…..two couples are seen…..Dhaani looks at them and says wow how cute they are together? kaash mujhe bhi aisa koi mile……
Scene shifted to India…..Viplav comes and tells to two lovers…..yeh pyar vyar sab bakwas hai…..zindagi barbad kar degi….

Scene freezes with both their faces…..In bg this is Viplav and Dhaani. Aap logo ne inke pyaar ke baare main raai suni hogi….yeh dono aapas mein kaise takarayegi? kya in dono ki milan hogi? jaan ne ke liye padthe rehiye Love is Everywhere from me Lakshmi only on telly updates.

Guys comment…..And this is a adopted story from an Indian film. Any guesses?? agar aap logo ko patha hai toh batha di jiye….nahi toh main khud last epi mein bathaungi. and one thing also I never copy that story fully some changes are done…….

The story revolves around a girl living in France who falls in love with a boy coming from India. And how they fall in love with each other and how it will change the opinion about love of our hero etc..etc…And store in the mind that you have to wait a long time to see their union….

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  1. first of all you introduction is quite interesting. waiting to read the further episodes. and quite happy Dhaani is from France as I live there too ?? and i dont know why but i think I have guessed from which movie you have been inspired of. Isnt it a Tamil movie called “Engeyum Kadhal” by any chance? ?
    Anyways waiting for the next. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks shuruthy….oh so u r also frm france…..yep u guessed right….i love that movie very much….the pairs just wow….slightly made some changes in the story….hope u enjoy upcoming epis….by the way where is ur native??

      1. Sorry i could not guess as it was a tamil movie..

      2. no problem arshi di………iss liye main yeh ff likh raha hoon……thaaki yeh kahani bhi sabko patha chale……and no need to watch this film……and i must say this movie is really a heart touching one……….

      3. Yeah I am!
        Yaay ?? Just the music student living in France with her father… The rich who is quite playboy. ??
        Yeah I also love Jayam Ravi-Hansika a lot. Loved Romeo Juliet too…
        Oh alright let’s see what changes there will be. ?
        I was born in France also but my parents are Sri Lankan Tamil!

      4. yep shuruthy nice knowing u…….
        and me too love jayam ravi hansika a lot……like vidhani
        me too just saw that movie a few weeks back

  2. Nice intro Lakshmi. Dhani music student very interesting. Ohh viplav charming guy.keep it up. Post next episode soon?????

    1. Thanks latha….so tomorrow i will post the first epi….and yes it will be a different one

  3. Seems very interesting
    All the very best lakshmi..?
    I know you will amaze us with your ff??
    God bless you??

    1. haaan arshi di thanks……..main aap logo ko nirash nahi karungi

  4. Laxmi dear u have done wonders excited to know how our loving dhani would change adamant n anti ishq hero to a LOVER???

    1. thanks renu di……..iske liye aap ko thodi wait karna padega

  5. Wow interesting lakshmi. Me too love enkgeum kadhal… viplav and dhani in that movie … too excited to read.

    1. yep thanks porkodi…………u frm tamil nadu na? mee too love the jodis and the movie very much

  6. Wow Lakshmi very excited to read it, it’s very interesting, Viplav non believer and Dhaani strong believer of love!!

    1. yep maria thanks………….padthe raho

  7. Wow laxmi very interesting intro n start

    1. joyee thanks

  8. Vimi yaar!! Rocking Promo!! They way you presented I was actually visualizing, Viplav saying pyar vyar kuch nahi hota and accidentally remembered Viplav crushing ice cream of a couple after heart break in real IKRS! ?

    Anyways, very exciting story!! All the best! ??

    1. thanks areeb dear…… was not planned i thought in that sec and added it in this… too dislike that scene but we know our viplav’s stage very well……..keep reading
      BDW are u in fb?

      1. Yep will be following the story for sure! ?

        Hmm, vimi I’m there on fb. ?

      2. what’s ur name i mean full name

  9. very interesting story lakshmi ..and thanks for adding my name but surname galat diya ..mere surname se ‘C’ nikal diya aur Muslim bana diya …. hehehe πŸ˜› …. so Dhani is from a Muslim family and viplav is Hindu it will be an impossible love story ..because it is very tough to accept a Muslim girl in a Hindu society …good going agar Dhani Muslim hae to ae concept bhi dikhana πŸ™‚ … achcha rahega jyada ..

    1. first of all thanks aap mere invitation milte hi yahan aake pada……
      no no avi bhaiya…..i just thought ur name….i didn’t know that concept of “c”….so sorry main agla epi main badal doongi……and its not about a hindu-muslim love story……our both pairs are hindu….sorry again….saw ur name on fb and put that……so its Mallick , right?

      1. oh …sorry ..actually “Mallik” is Muslim surname and “Mallick” is a Hindu surname …..ak “c” ka fadak he sirf ..thik hae …all the best for your ff πŸ™‚

      2. oh …sorry ..actually “Mallik” is Muslim surname and “Mallick” is a Hindu surname …..ak “c” ka fadak he sirf ..thik hae …all the best for your ff πŸ™‚ ..and tum mujhse party mangi thi na ..but arshdeep ko mujhse bhi jyada marks mile to usse party mango pehle πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  10. Lakshmi…… you never disappoint me dear….supeb…
    intro aisa hai toh socho story kitni mind blowing hogi….keep going πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. thanks sujie di……keep reading…..yep

  11. welcome back laxmi. nice intro….real ikrs k current track se jyada all ff achche hai some ff didn’t read bt trying to read all ff.

    1. thanks nima……woh toh hai current track se jyada mujhe bhi ffs bohat pasand hai

  12. my previous comment which i post at 11:14am still moderating wat a joke ???

    1. haan mera bhi….i commented on 10 am but it was not posted till 12 pm

  13. gud one lakshmi

    1. Thanks swetha…keep reading

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